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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sometimes the EASY route IS the BETTER route.

Are you a glutton for punishment? Someone who is really hard on yourself?

Well, although it is super awesome to be a disciplined person, it is also important to know when to
take it down a notch, enjoy yourself and appreciate doing something at the EASY level instead of at the
"extra challenging" level.

Those who are striving to excel, and achieve extreme success, are accustomed to various levels of discomfort. They know that it takes moments of discomfort in order to condition your body, mind, and spirit
to a higher level. Therefore, sometimes unconsciously they come to expect life to always be difficult and strenuous. Then when something EASY and pleasant comes along, they may not really feel "permission" to participate in something "just for fun" that is simple and uncomplicated.

So today, although folks know me as being unusually intense, I just wanna say, that as much as I want you all to learn how to succeed and achieve incredible heights in life......I also really want to hear and see that you can laugh out loud and give yourself a break once in a while. I want to see you have fun and enjoy those moments of ease. Don't feel guilty when something good happens to you.

Enjoy it, treasure it and move on towards your goals.

Peaceful productivity.

Monday, January 26, 2015

"Scripting the First 60 Minutes"

It's Tim Ferriss who first mentioned this idea of scripting the first 60 minutes of your day.
The idea is to eliminate any decision making from those first early morning hours, in order to preserve your mental energy for those projects and plans that are more important and inspiring.

The concept of limiting the number of decisions you make in a day was introduced to me by a Christian teacher by the name of Mike Murdock. His extravagant salesmanship of his products as well as his aggressive fundraising has turned some folks off of his teachings, but so many of his "wisdom" teachings have profound and very helpful efficiency in helping ambitious people focus on what is most important.
If you can ignore the hype in his websites and books, you are bound to discover a few great treasures.

Anyway, back to my point. As a woman, I have never heard anyone encourage me to consciously limit the number of decisions I make in a day. No one had ever attached any great mental significance to "making decisions" about regular stuff like......where to get your hair done, what to wear or what to eat.

Therefore, it appears to be picking up steam, to simply eliminate the decision making processes from all of those type of routines. The intent is to save up your mental and emotional steam for those projects that have greater significance to your life goals.

The guy, Rob Rhinehart who invented the liquid meal replacement called "Soylent" is operating under the same intention. If you can add some valuable concentration power to your day by simply eliminating the need to worry about and/or prepare meals, you will have X number of hours in the day to focus on accomplishing your major objectives. I would tend to agree, that in my culture there is WAY too much time and attention spent on deciding what where and when to cook or have someone else prepare your meals. Yes, I believe in enjoying a great meal out with family or associates, in a pleasant restaurant upon occasion. But I'm talking about just your daily food fuel that you simply need to function fully throughout your day.

There's a rather irreverent  blog called Deliberatism.com from which I gleaned the idea of developing the "personal uniform". I must admit that I have not yet applied this concept, although it has enforced my realization that if I can set out the clothes I am going to wear for the next 3-5 days, it just provides a huge mental relief, as it is simply one less thing I have to think about in the morning.

How about where you get your hair done/ cut/ trimmed? As a gal, it's really tempting to be flighty in this area....as I am not sure why, but it seems to be a girly thing to simply hop from one hairstylist to another in search of the perfect do. How about you? Could you see yourself going to the same hairdresser for 6 months straight? Or even a full year? Or would that be simply too much commitment ??? Well, I'm sure you get the idea now.... about reducing the decisions about the "small stuff" as much as possible so that you can save your focus and energy and motivation for the Big Stuff.

Sending you productive peace today.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another Possible Reason for the Recent Low Low Gas Prices

Just thinking aloud once again....no need to overeact...in fact by about now you should be getting used to my random musings.

But ok, this is the first time, I have ever experienced a really radical low descent of publicly available gas prices. Therefore, it has been refreshing, as I mentioned some days ago, that market forces are actually directly affecting the end user prices for us "lowly" consumers. I had almost given up hope that market capitalism could ever actually work in our favor, but then BAM! a beautiful gift of low priced gas for Christmas was just what the doctor ordered.

Ok, so onto my point for today. We all know that the "green tech revolution" is building up steam worldwide. Some countries use so many sustainable and renewable energies that their dependence on fossil fuels has decreased by over 50% in the past 10 years. It is a revolution indeed.

But remember, my friends, that the world is not just run, on fuel, but on funding. Oil and gas money has propped up economies for so many decades that many of the "old rich" can not imagine relying on any other industry to continue to deliver them and their families wealth into their retirement years and beyond.

So, with the incredible monetary pressure of the oil and gas industry at stake, do you think perhaps that these low gas prices have orchestrated so that we won't jump ship on fossil fuels just yet?
Remember, when the price of gas was really high and seemed to climb another ten cents every couple of months, the sound of wind/solar/bio-desiel and other renewable energies started sounding really good, because frankly the pricing strategy of gas was getting to hard to swallow.

Sooooo, perhaps the oil and gas industry has orchestrated this massive "gas" discount sale, in order to convince the court of public opinion that ordinary fossil fuels are still the "only" preferable way to fuel our cars and heat our homes. Let me put it another blunt way......if you knew that fueling your car on regular gas would cost 10 times less than fueling it with bio-desiel, which would you choose?
Let's face it, most of us are still bargain hunters, but we do have good intentions. We want a green revolution, but only if it doesn't hurt our pocket books.

Any thoughts? Any comments? Do tell....

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Your Brain is an Organ ....he said.

So here I am quoting Tim Ferriss  yet again.
But the truth is that I search high and low for information that empowers me and my journey.
I pay a premium in life energy sifting through heap loads of lack luster mediocre non inspiring data, just crying for a mere morsel of wisdom. Therefore I don't care how far I have to run and dig and sift in order to find a fabulous diamond of use-able treasure to pass on to you precious souls, my readers.

Sometimes that treasure comes in just one simple sentence, not a whole book, not a video series, and not a three box set of high priced CD.s

So there I was listening to an older download of one of Tim Ferriss's blog's podcasts, and he
said this simple statement in such a way that I began to have a better understanding of what makes me tick.

He said "Your brain is an organ". and then he described in an answer to someone who had emailed him a question to answer on his podcast in which they asked
 "How do you get yourself out of a stagnant funk/poor low energetic unfocused state of being" ?  (paraphrased by me )

 Tim Ferriss responded by stating that because our brains are also organs, we need to consider that they will also function more energetically when responding to exercise. So his answer to his listener's question was ..."To get myself out of a funk or poor mental state, I simply do a short burst of physical activity, even as short as 10 minutes on a stationary bike or 500 meters on a rowing machine. Even just one short burst of exercise jump starts his brain and he gets his mojo back to allow him to  begin working on one of his stated goals in a better frame of mind.

His point was well taken. We far too often disenfranchise our minds from our body, as if our brains are not even organic. But our brains are certainly quite "human" and earthy and respond to exercise just the same as our leg muscles do. The response is powerful and it is most encouraging to realize that the impact can be felt in as short a time span as only 10 minutes.

Hopefully you get the impact of this revelation as I did. I tried it just today. Just 10 minutes on a stationary bike today and I'm typing up a storm today. Emotions are fleeting. AS Tony Robbins taught us....that YES we CAN change our state. We don't have to stay stuck. We can change our lot in life. We can change how we feel by what we do and by what we think and by what we say to ourselves.

So thank you once again, Dear Tim Ferriss for yet another nugget of good advice. God bless.

Peaceful productivity,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Keep Building the Mountain

Let's say you have a goal.....let's illustrate a few examples:

1/You are musically inclined and are going to master one special song and cut a demo CD for it with you and an accompanist.

2/ You have your eye on a certain investment that will cost X amount of dollars. You have done your research and you know the cost of it right to the penny.

3/ You've picked out the best knock-it-outta-the-park kinda outfit that you've always dreamed of wearing and know precisely where to buy it and precisely how much it will take for you to buy it without using debt.

Ok, so maybe you have a goal similar to one of the above.

Tonight I just wanted to talk about these "mountains"....these goals that let's just call them "mountains" for

You have your eye and heart set upon that top of the mountain. You have done your due dilligence and know exactly and precisely what it is going to take to get you to the top of this mountain.

But then, one day you realize that last week, you were able to cross 5 miles up that mountain path. You gained confidence, and you gained momentum. Then, all of a sudden, you discover that this week you can only take 5 measly steps up that mountain path. Your face is ashen and downcast....you feel like giving up. It's isn't so much fun  when you don't feel that speedy sense of momentum quickening your step.

But hold on just a minute....what has moved? Has the mountain moved? Nope. Has your ability to scale the mountain changed? Nope, you still have the same talents and resources.

Ok, so calm down a bit now. The only thing that has changed is the PACE of your ascent. Breathe in deep..
Stay focused. Life is not static, like a pacemaker. There is not just one constant speed at which we climb.
There may be days and whole months where we make lightening fast progress and we begin to convince ourselves that the whole journey is going to be this quick and easy. But then we wake up another month and reality hits and we know that we were too hasty to make assumptions.

Progress still moves forward, but in different days and weeks and months it may operate at differing speeds. We need to allow ourselves that flexibility to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are NOT giving up on our goals, just because our progress may be slower once in a while.

I think of someone who is determined to get out of consumer debt, or all debt. THere may be days when he/she is able to make thousands of dollars to pay off those debts. But there may also come days or weeks or even months when he/she is only able to make a $5 payment to paying off those debts. That is the time to be sure to not permit discouragement or distraction to have full sway. Slow progress is STILL PROGRESS!

Keep making those calls. Keep taking those tiny or large or slow or quick steps forward towards you writen goal. It  WILL come to pass if you don't give up.

Peace forward productivity.

Add a Shot of Nutrition to Your Coffee Cup

Wanting to take care of your health and still have those cups o java?
Well, just by making one small change as to how to sweeten your fave cafe...
simply do this....use honey instead of sugar or sweetener.

Honey is pretty much a miracle food....containing all kinds in cool ingredients. Any internet search will provide for you a prolific list of it's healing properties.

So, no need to feel guilty over that steaming cup o coffee tomorrow morning....just sweeten it with raw honey and know you're doing your body good.

Note that due to some of honey's natural properties, it is not safe to feed honey to children under the age of  one year old.



Disclaimer: This post is intended for conversation use only and is not intended as medical advice. All medical advice should be obtained from a licensed medical professional.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Target Took His Toys and Went Home

Not trying to be disrespectful....but really? Giving up so soon?
Target might have given one of our more "Canadian market savvy" business consultants a crack at it before they decided to jump ship. Another million or two would have been nothing compared to the extravagant cost of leaving town.

Well, since I'm giving my two cents, I might as well add a few nickels in as well.

In my humble opinion, Target didn't understand how frugal and picky we Canucks are. We work hard for our money and refuse to overspend on purchasing items that we can buy elsewhere for half the cost.
I'm going to let y'all in on a little Canadian secret..... We Canadians really know how to LOOK like a million bucks, but  we actually have probably spent under a $100 to look that way. Huh? Ok, maybe I am exaggerating.....but the predominantly female Canadian shoppers that Target had in their sights, are a pretty feisty brood of bargain hunters. You can't put up a huge "discount" store and then NOT DELIVER the deep discounts that we were expecting. We were really looking forward to some juicy bargains, but no matter where we looked.....we couldn't find them at Target.. Actually that's not entirely true. I did buy a large beautiful thick towel for only $6 there.....but that was pretty much it. The clothing and accessories were of the same quality as a typical discount department store, but the prices were much too high.
Anyway, gotta run.

If it was in my realm of influence to get Target to stay in Canada and convince them to readjust their strategy....I really would've given them a second chance...how 'bout you?

Peace and wisdom.

Success Can be Replicated

If you're tired of hearing self help blah blah blah,....I hear you...and I apologize for
sounding like one of "those" type of folks. But on the other hand....who cares? If you don't like it, or it feels like you're hearing nails scraping on chalkboard...just don't read on ")....

I continue to be inspired by those who teach other humans how to replicate success.

There used to be, and still is to a certain degree, a certain mystique that follows "successful" people.
It's like they possess some kind of secret that the rest of us haven't yet figured out.
Certainly, we might muse to ourselves,  they possess more intelligence, more fortitude or simply more "luck" in order to have achieved what they have achieved.

But I want to ask you.....have they really? I know so many wealthy people who are certainly not the sharpest tools in the shed. Were they born into money? Nope. But all of them possess this one simple trait...and that is simply that they "REFUSE to GIVE UP".

Successful people are obsessive in their focus, gathering their ability to concentrate on their chosen goal with 100% percent of their time and energy. They don't permit others to divide their time, their passion, or their
assets. They use EVERYTHING within their circle of influence to see to it that their goal or project succeeds.

They also know the value of good and accurate advice. They value good advice so highly that they are willing to travel almost ANYWHERE just to obtain better and more qualified advice.

It was Tony Robbins...(and yes, I know that I quote him a lot ")
who first brought to mainstream media, the idea that success can be broken down into digestible bits and replicated. Sure there were others before him, who studied success and wrote books about it.......powerful and studious men such as Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie. But it was Tony Robbins who brought it down to a level where the common man/woman could understand and tap into the process of achievement.
For many folks of my generation, Tony Robbins was one of the first "self help" leaders who they listened to in audio form, on wee cassette tapes wafting into their cars/homes.

If you want to get in a flow where you feel empowered, you need to surround yourself with folks
who believe in accomplishment. Don't permit others to dull down your enthusiasm.
Your passion and excitement of what you can accomplish is VITAL to maintaining momentum.

The bible in Proverbs 4:23 talks about "guarding your heart". I believe that this is such an ESSENTIAL strategy for success. If you surround yourself with people who don't believe in your gift and talents, pretty soon YOU won't believe in them either. I'm not suggesting that you have "yes" men/women around you night and day. But you must feed your heart, mind and spirit with an atmosphere
of  the following:
"CAN-DO" attitude
goal setting
love of knowledge
and that is just a tiny list to get ya rolling...
Guard your heart and mind and emotions my friends.
Be blessed and confident in the goals and plans that you have set into place.

Peace and productivity.

Monday, January 19, 2015

"Whatever you Focus On...."

Tony Robbins said in one of his 2014 seminars
"Whatever you focus on you're going to feel".

I would tend to agree with his statement. Those who choose to focus on bad news, always find more....
Those who deliberately choose an optimistic world view, always find those hidden beauties in life that many others miss. Choosing to believe that God loves you, directs your mind and heart and emotions to seek out those proofs in the world around you that confirm and illustrate His love for us.

Be conscious of what you have chosen to believe about life. It is most certainly possible to
retrain and re-program a sullied mind, so that it thinks in new ways.
People's minds can change, when they take the time to immerse themselves in experiences and listening to cd's and speeches etc, that focus on the positive and empowering aspects of modern life.

And in case, you're rolling your eyes just about now, thinking that I am just someone with rose colored glasses....think again. I'm a realist too. But I know that from many many years of experience that I myself can choose what to focus on, what to believe and this ultimately and very effectively determines what I accept and expect to occur in  my life.

I expect good things to happen in my life....a very long and gushing gurgling rapids to burst forth.
Why? Because I have fed my heart mind and soul with God's word as well as the empowering words of thoughtful and intelligent and successful people.

Peace, productivity and prosperity.

80.9 Just 10 points to go...

And it's going .....going....going....
Please make it to the 70's that's what I'm asking for this week.
Just a bit of gas in the 70's range for this week....Even 79.9999 cents per liter will do.

It will symbolize for me that the "Joie de Vivre" of the 70's is back to stay.

Even if just for one measly day....it is a symbolic gesture.....yes indeedy.
One that I will trumpet with great aplomb.

Hmmm ...I was thinking last week about approximately how often gas stations actually have their tanks refilled ...
Because the price they refill the gas stations' tanks would be one set price. So then it must be sheer
commercial appeal which manipulates the daily and intra-day price fluctuations.
In our region there is a local huddle of gas stations and Costco shines with it's ultra low pricing strategy. Therefore all the other stations around it, try to compete for the other customer base who can't be bothered to wait at the "members only:" gas kiosks at Costco.
Even the really low bargain basement gas stations are posting prices at par with Esso.

I must say friends, that it is so refreshing to see pure market forces at work. It had appeared to me that with all the corporate price manipulation that ordinary consumers were consistently getting the short end of the stick. Thank You God for showing us that market forces such as 48 dollar barrels of oil can actually be passed down to us......increasing our bottom line.
Now, if I could see market forces affect a lot of the other staples of modern day life, then it would truly be a new day in Canada. How about Taxi rides? Or the price of milk? Or Grade A beef?
Competition is good. Capitalism rocks the house sometimes.


Friday, January 16, 2015

81.3 How Low Can it Go?

Eighty One point Three cents per liter for unleaded gasoline at some gas stations in Ontario, Canada today.
What a blessing.
My question is....how low will it go?

My goal is simply to see it dip below 80 cents per liter. For some reason, it has significance for me to feel like the consumers are going to have fun again, like I did growing up in the 70's.

In the 70's many families could live uber comfortably with only one adult working, and still have money left over for a yearly vacations in another country. There was a certain "joie de vivre" that isn't as evident now as I felt it was back then.
How about you....would rock bottom gas prices bring about a better sense of well being for you and your family? Would it resurrect hope that the consumer might yet win again in this generation?

I'm pretty tired of hearing about some "NINJA" generation that has "no income, no job, no assets."
I wanna see my fellow countrymen having fun in the sun again, having faith that there will be more than enough to give their families a good life and the elderly a good retirement. The push for penny pinching, has been overdone.....enough already.

Time for a good ole fashioned "low gas priced sponsored middle class economic stimulus inspired" 
spending spree Canada ")

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sometimes Spelling Doesn't Matter Anymore

It pains me to write this, as I am a superb spelling geek, and you could throw a lot of good grammar in there too.

But there's a blog I enjoy reading every now and then, and truth be told, the blogger's spelling and grammar is completely atrocious. But the content is written straight from the author's heart, without undue editing, and if you're the type of reader who appreciates good ole fashioned HONEST stock market                          chit chat/commentary, then you'll want to check out my fellow Canadian blogger named Sunny.
Actually, Sunny never really posts her real name, but her blog is right out there in Montreal, hob- knobbing with all the latest spills and falls and booms in the Canadian Stock Market. You see, dear Sunny tells us all about her life's foibles and triumphs and we enjoy hearing her blunt descriptions of her journey.
For a female investor, she's a brave new voice")
Viva La Sunny!
Check it out



Yup, that is what caught my eye today.
Can you guess what this number means?
It's the canadian price in cents in some Ontario, Canada Gas Stations today
advertising the price per liter of unleaded regular gasoline.
Can you imagine?
These are tough times for the management of the oil & gas companies, but sweet times to be a plain ordinary consumer!!
What is the price of gas where you live?
If you have a different local currency just add the name of the currency with today's price.
It's great to get a grip on how the gas prices are doing locally.
By the way, this blog is enjoyed all around the globe, so don't be shy to post comments from outside of North America.
Have your say, friends.


Are they Going to Let the Consumer Win???

I am rather over-confident that a plethora of green energy technologies are soon going to explode upon our horizon here in North America as well as around the globe. There are already many countries that are quickly adapting their nations to utilizing solar, wind, wave, and thermal energy in a multitude of efficient strategies....

To be truthful, I have absolutely NO worries at all about the technology mankind needs to go beyond using fossil fuels for our own energy sources. In fact, I believe that the best green technology already exists.
And no I am not going to say which one I think it is or will be.
The question that will need to be addressed, is how it will be introduced into the modern marketplace and who will be allowed to win?

For example.... with today's deliciously low gas prices....today I only paid 86 point something cents per liter
for unleaded regular gasoline. This is in effect ALLOWING consumers to win for a change.

We praise the Lord for this wonderful breakthrough. Consumers have needed a cut in the daily cost of living for many years. WE finally got our Christmas present. Thank you OIL AND GAS industry!

But back to my topic. When the new greener and more sustainable energies come to the foreground and the national government is emotionally and financially ready to roll them out....who will they allow to win?
If wind energy becomes so efficient that we can power our homes on $5 per week, will they allow us to win in that way? Or will they over price the wind energy so as not to upset the lucrative apple cart that is the
"utility" industry?

You see, the stock market is proving to be quite tumultuous. Most investors are looking for a "sure thing".
Even Warren Buffet has been topping up on utility stocks, because, I would assume, they have a measure of stability because they are supported by taxes and local governments. But, I really wonder, will they ever permit real and pure MARKET forces to ultimately determine the price structure of these new green energies?

To the Powers that Be in Canada: Please consider letting the Canadian consumer win in this arena.
Let the Canadian consumers, who are overtaxed and overstressed, win in this new and upcoming green tech challenge. You can let foreign investors pay a higher price for our green energy....but please let us wonderful Canucks pay a juicy low price ok?

Ask and you shall receive ")

Monday, January 12, 2015

When You Have Too Much

Yes, I have seen it too often and experienced it too.... when one perceives that there is an uncomfortable level of "TOO much" it simply stifles the flow of hard core creativity.

For instance if someone has been sewing quilts using swatches of fabric from thrift stores, and has been happily creating quilts for friends and family for years, and all of a sudden some well intentioned donor gives her a gift card for an expensive fabric store. Does she automatically know what to do with all that extravagance? Nope not necessarily...unless her heart and mind were prepared in advance for the abundance.

It is noteworthy that how we are able to use materials and how we perceive their existence as either "simplicity" or "extravagance" really affects how well we are able to create with that particular medium.

Know how to draw? Prefer a $2 sketch pad from the dollar store? Or do you prefer a $50 set of stationary from a fine art shop?  I have discovered that I feel more free as an artist when I am not worried about the price of the raw materials I am using. That's why I love to use recycled or re-purposed materials in my art.
If they come from a low priced store that's all the better.

I even find sometimes that learning how to reduce your raw materials actually HELPS me to create MORE rather than less. It's ironic. I create MORE with LESS!

For example, have you ever opened a brand new box of pencil crayons and simply been overwhelmed by all the color choices?

But if you put most of them aside and force yourself to pick just 2 or 3 colors out of the box, you may find that you feel your creativity creep back into action again.

Never been afraid to minimize or REDUCE the number of choices when working with raw materials. Having FEWER choices forces you to make FEWER decisions and therefore you can focus more on what you are trying to say and create...

Is this making sense to you? Looking forward to reading your comments friends.
God bless your creativity.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

God can be trusted with Your Intelligence

It has not done Christianity a favor when folks affiliated with the christian church in North America have consciously or unconsciously advocated a lifestyle devoid of knowledge, calm peaceful decision making, and intelligence.

God has created us with a hunger for knowledge and wisdom. I don't know where some church people got the idea that God prefers those who live blindly by faith over those who think and ponder things over first before they make a decision about something in their lives.

God is not in a hurry. He is a God of Wisdom and Good Counsel.

Those who are encouraging you to rush into making a decision are usually trying to steal something from you...whether that be the control of your life and family or your wallet.

Be peaceful this sunday, my friends and colleagues. God is pleased with the knowledge that you have made an effort to learn. Don't let anyone bully your intellectually from within the church or outside of the church. And if a pastor or teacher trys to tell you something that doesn't pass the "thinking and pondering" test of a few good days, then bring it in prayer to your Heavenly Father in Heaven. He has the final say.....not your pastor.

It used to really upset me when I realized that pastors and preachers were human and actually made mistakes and errors in judgment. To admit that fact, just  made me feel like I had no floor beneath my feet.
But now I have Christ Jesus and His Word as my firm foundation......so that no matter what mankind or my circumstances dictate I can rest peacefully knowing His Word is my guide and that God is on the throne.

When you have the grace to go to a church service, please don't check your intellect at the door. Bring it with you and sift the words that are being spoken to you from the pulpit. Test them against your own wisdom and the words of Holy Scripture and retain only those things and teachings that pass through those two good filters.

God is all about wisdom. The book of Proverbs, which is located after Psalms in the bible, has a chapter fully dedicated to the search for wisdom. 
The New King James Version says it nicely in Proverbs 2:6,7a
For the Lord gives wisdom;
From His mouth come knowledge and understanding;He stores up sound wisdom for the upright;

Therefore from these words we come to affirm that God is firmly in favor of knowledge and wisdom, not a flaky emotion based decision making process.
Be rightly proud of the knowledge that you have gained.....and may God bless you with even more knowledge to add to the grand collection you already have.

Peace and security.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

3 Minute Microwave Pudding---Easy Peazy

I bet ya can't find an easier or more convenient way to make a fresh steaming bowl of thick
deliciously sweet custard pudding.

All you need is:
3 heaping teaspoons of custard powder : the kind you can buy in a bulk food store or from a can such                                                                        as Birds-Custard-Powder-
3 full teaspoons of white or turbinado sugar

1 microwave safe bowl of cold fresh milk .---any kind of milk will do....2% or homogenized

How to Make It:

Mix all of the above in the bowl that already has the cold milk in it, making sure to stir out all the lumps of the custard powder until the mixture is completely lump-free.
Then set your microwave for 3 minutes.
Put something under the bowl to catch any overflow or drips during microwave cooking.
Put the bowl in the microwave and start it up.
Then half way through the 3 minutes ....just pause the microwave and stir your pudding with a spoon, making sure to mix in any thickened bits of pudding into the more fluid parts of the pudding.
Then let the microwave finish the rest of the 3 minute cooking time.

Voila....a steaming bowl of fresh custard pudding....perfect for an evening snack or a college student's midnight feast while cramming for exams.
Enjoy ")

Monday, January 5, 2015

Yum... Breton Gluten Free Crackers from Walmart

Came across this precious brand of crackers labelled "NEW" in bright red letters.

Since, I'm currently gluten intolerant, I am always on the lookout for affordable gluten free snacks.

So Breton and Walmart have scored another brownie point in my book with this delish treat.

The particular box I bought at Walmart was called  "Breton Gluten Free--Original with Flax". The box even has a convincing looking blue seal of approval from the Canadian Celiac Association.
The only noticeable difference was when I noted that the boxes of crackers that contained wheat/gluten were longer and therefore had more crackers in them compared to the gluten free boxes which were being sold for the same price at 135 grams.

But I'll not complain about the shorter box, because the crackers were delightful, crispy and flaky and hearty all at once. If every gluten free adventure I have is as easy as this was, then I'm onto a good roll.

Peace and wellness in your gluten free quest.


Choosing a Pacesetter as Napoleon Hill taught

Napoleon Hill's teachings don't really have an expiry date. Most, if not all successful men and women in business today have at some point in their lives become students under Napoleon Hill's teaching. Some have just learned indirectly from him, because they are/were under the tutelage of a leader who had already absorbed his teachings.

Have you?

Napoleon Hill wrote that epic little book called "Think and Grow Rich". His advice comes across as both humble, astute, kind and progressive. His work was a precursor to the work of motivational "scientists" such as the Tony Robbins of our day.

So today I wanted to talk about Mr. Hill's recommendation that we each find a "pacesetter".
Maybe you're not familiar with the term. A "pacesetter" in Mr. Hill's lingo, is simply someone that is successful in a similar niche as to what you aspire to, whom you can use as a marker maker, so that you can use his/her success to gauge and pace your own progress toward your goal.

Let' say for example, that your goal is to have a passive income stream from real estate equalling no less than $2000 net profit per month by the time you are 55 years old. Would you look for a pacesetter who hates real estate but loves the stock market? Nope. You want to choose a pacesetter who is in the same zone as you are mentally and in terms of their goals and lifestyle. You would want to find someone who has already gathered a bit of steam in real estate and who you can access some of their expertise, either personally or through their written or video work. Ideally you want a pacesetter whose work you can monitor either through the net or through their published works. If you don't know what your pacesetter is up to, you won't know if you are keeping pace with him/her and the motivating factor will be lost.

The internet has expanded our opportunities in terms of how we access mentors. We don't necessarily have to know our mentors personally in order for them to have a powerful impact on our lives.

For example, Kenneth Copeland has a powerful christian ministry across the globe. The last I heard, his U.S. branch collected close to 150 million dollars in revenue in one year's time. (don't quote me on that, as I haven't double checked the numbers) The reason I mention this, is that most of his "partners" or supporters have not met Kenneth Copeland personally but yet they have given him a place in their lives as a relevant mentor. They read his books, his newsletters, his websites, his twitter feed, and listen to his teachings via CD or podcasts etc. Kenneth is mentoring millions of people without even having to leave his studio. Yes, he does travel a lot as well, but it is worth mentioning that the majority of the mentoring happens remotely via mass media outlets. These outlets are not accessible to "only" his  ministry "partners" as anyone can
buy or read his books or listen to his teachings on Youtube.

I want to encourage you, if perhaps you have felt that mentors are so very hard to find. I have felt that way very often, especially because there seems to be so few female mentors that I really admire enough to want to pick their brain. There is some legit value to a lil' bit o' healthy competition, even if it is only comparable in the virtual world. But I take comfort in knowing that I am living in a day and time in which I can have
unlimited access to a plethora of brilliant minds just because I happen to have an internet connection. If God blesses my journey to the point that I will eventually have a personal networking opportunity with any of my virtual mentors, then that will be another day of joy.. But a personal relationship with a mentor is no longer absolutely necessary.

 You need a pacesetter, so you have some friendly competition to motivate you and inspire you. You need a pacesetter so that you have someone with whom you can assess your own progress. For example, if Tom and Jane have acquired 50 new sales leads in one month, why do you only have 3? Pacesetters inspire action and confidence because they show you what is possible, what is do-able and what you can hope for. Choosing a good pacesetter will help you focus on whatever it is you really want.

Choose a pacesetter who matches your set of values. Make sure it is someone of high moral fiber.
Wishing your blessings and inspiration this afternoon. Peace.


Owning Your Words

Some of my readers are writers, some of them health and wellness seekers, and others are finance readers.
For the writers, I just wanted to mention, that it really does make a big difference where you decide to
"sow" your words. Just throwing your carefully crafted words anywhere and everywhere all over the internet ......just might not be the best strategy.

Yes, there are the typical ways that folks try to build up blog traffic, and one of those ways is by writing as many comments as possible on blogs that have similarly interested readers. The hope is that a reader will find your comment intriguing and therefore click on your blog link to seek out more of your brilliant words or just simply because they find you interesting as someone they want to get to know as a friend or mentor.

But I just wanted to mention, that if you are a real hard core "author" and each and every word that you write has been preplanned and crafted into an artisanal masterpiece, then you might want to be equally as discerning as to just where you plunk your hard work.

If you want to  really "own your words" then you might want to consider only the on line avenues which will allow you to do just that. Set up your very own personal author blog and don't share the writing ops with any one. You will be the sole creator/author/artist of your blog. It is your domain. You control it's contents, it's look , it's advertising and it's focus.

Another option is to set your heart to more Indie type of publishing using one of the various self publishing sites that are popular now such as Create Space, Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords or Lulu.
I have used all of those. Each has it's own unique vibe and efficiency..

I'm very conscious of what is under my control and what is under the control of others.
There are microblogging sites that I write for, and when I write for them, I am under no illusions and I realize that I am really selling them my work for micro-pennies on the dollar. I am not "Author Royalty" sitting on a stuffed leather chair at a glossy mahogany desk, permitted to spend months crafting just one sentence of genius. Simply put....I am a mini-content farm and  "My words" are bucks for them. It isn't personal....it's business. As long as my words earn them viewers, they will continue to seek out to buy my words.

Ok, get to the point Carla. I just want to say, that in your writing you are going to have to make choices. Many or most of these choices are going to have to do with control. Who will you allow to edit your words?
Who will be allowed to post your written work? Which sites will you grant permission to publish your work?

Marketing your written work is often not best done by the author him/herself. It takes an objective eye who understands the dynamics of marketing written material to know how and when and where to promote your work. They might have to tell you gently that your book covers really need help, and that your
work isn't compelling or trendy enough for mainstream media. Know your niche. Know what you like and what you are good at. Then pursue it full steam ahead, all the while knowing that ultimately it must be you and only you  who decides who gets your words and who will not be admitted into the "circle of trust" to take good care of your written babies.

May your work be blessed and prosper, even as you sow it like precious Non-GMO seed into the earth.

Peace and prosperity.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mommy Blog? Nah...I don't like that term

Well yes, for the record I  am a mom and yes I am a blogger too....but please don't categorize me as a "Mommy Blogger".... it just evokes an image that I just can't handle.
My focus is not on how to pick the right pillows for my couch , or how to get grape stains out of my kids' t-shirts. And no, I really don't care what brand of dishes I eat from, as long as they please ME. If they happen to be valuable, then great...but dishes are not my raison d'etre.

How 'bout you. Do you have a hobby that folks often misname or misunderstand?
Do you cringe when folks call you a "crafter" when you're really a serious artist?
Or you folks label your ability to fix anything mechanical...."tinkering" ?

Push comes to shove, we have to be content when we are accomplishing our own goals, no matter what others are saying or writing about it.

Peace and enjoyment this new fresh month of 2015.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Throw Some of your Earnings Into Tomorrow

Perhaps you are already so wise, as to have gotten a grip of this concept many years ago.
But although, I'm not always lightening fast quick on the uptake, I am incredibly persistent when I want to learn something. "Neva Geev Up" was coined for me.

Anywho, what I wanted to mention today, as it's the beautiful first day of this brand new year 2015.....is the idea to to:

Spread some of your efforts towards a certain point in time in the future.

How and why you may ask? Well, because it diffuses the delusion of only living "for today" and stirs up an expectancy for future blessings.

For example, if you run a blog or website, you can pre-write some of your post and post date them to appear one month or 3 months or three days from today. By that method you are not putting all your eggs in "today's" basket. You can Spread your blessings out over the long term.

Another example, would be putting some portion of your investments into something that won't pan out until at least 10 years from now. Instill some kind of preventive mechanism so that you won't be able to touch that investment until a decade from now. That gives you a Christmas present ten years from now to look forward to.

And now for the "Why".... Well, let me just say this....When folks go through hard times, sometimes they just
paint themselves into an inspirational corner, solely by living hand to mouth which feeds into a mindset of "living only for today". But that isn't a life affirming way to live. Living only for today encourages too much risky behavior and provides no nourishment for the years and decades to come.

Our life expectancy is a lot longer than it was for folks born 100 years ago. For someone my age, I was recently given a life expectancy estimate of around 88 years. That's  a pretty juicy long life.
Why would I want to burn all my candles while I am in my forties? Don't I want to save some blessings and energy for my fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and however many years God gives to me on this wonderful earth?

So I just want to encourage you as my human friends. Don't give up on your long term plans.
Plan and sow something into your future that you can look forward to.
Some folks even schedule couriers to mail a parcel to themselves or someone they love ....for way in advance, like one or two years from now. What a great idea! Preplanned blessings.

So much to look forward to.
God's best for you in 2015.