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Thursday, November 15, 2018

They're Not Homeless....Just Nomads

My city has a lot of homeless people.... they... I feel I shouldn't use that word "they" because
they are part of "us" of " we" that be.....here in my country...yes in my city.

I was musing last week about reframing the concept of homelessness.
Perhaps we may need to give up the traditional concept that "all" folks need a house in order to not be considered homeless. I mean....several ancient cultures were nomadic by nature and nobody dared call them homeless. They followed their livelihood...whether that was a gold rush or a herd of caribou or salmon run.

Maybe some folks are just not meant to set up a permanent residence. Maybe our government can set up ways that nomadic folks can still function with the benefits and credits that "housed" citizens have, and not be bound by the traditional strings of a permanent home address.

I had heard some years ago, that there was some kind of weekly welfare available to the "homeless" which folks could access even if they didn't have a regular housing situation. But I really don't know what the requirements were for that sort of income.

I notice that some of the nomadic folks who walk the streets of my city, are defiant and proud and  very precise about what they want from life.  They don't wanna sign any contracts....Now THAT I can relate to. They don't want to owe anybody. They also don't  trust the government....which also seems to work against them when they find that they need some special assistance that only the government is willing to provide. The levels of compassion amongst private citizens can change with the winds of trend...whereas the government is compelled by legislation to protect all citizens.

Many of the local nomads have a tight crew they run with. They know who they can trust even when they have no money. They know exactly where they can score free food without having to fake a "conversion" to some ideology. They know which shelters are safer than others. They know where
they can see a doctor.....no questions asked.

It seems to be bound up in our culture that folks need permanent housing to appear "legit" or even "respectable", But maybe that's just the real estate industry selling it's own hype. Is it perhaps that the "low or no cost" system that nomadic people observe just irks the folks that want to see us all paying more tax to big brother? Is it because we secretly resent those who manage to live more freely than we do?

Nomadic folks don't pay property taxes. Nobody collects property/income taxes from the man living under the bridge with the shopping cart. Nobody can charge rent to the young person sleeping on a public park bench.

But each and every one of these my nomadic countrymen/women was probably born in my country and has rights and privileges just like I do. They have a right to claim this land and all the ordained blessings of citizenship that we take for granted. Maybe it's time we stop punishing them with our contempt and give them some credit....for surviving the challenges they have faced and overcoming enough hardship to make it and survive through to another day.

Maybe we need a new virtual people group......"The Canadian Nomad."


Monday, November 5, 2018

Don't Feel Worthy of Shelf Space?

I was grocery shopping yet again....gazing through the mags filed neatly at eye level by the cash.
I usually make a beeline with my minds eye to People magazine...because that is pretty  much the only one that has earned my trust over the years. Yes, there are a few british ones that feature the royal family which migh also make my trusted list...but you get my  point.

Why would a large respectable nationwide grocery chain give prime shelf space right by the checkout to so many tabloids filled with lies? Not even white lies.....bold brash....
"not in a million years could they be true" kinda lies.

Why? Because someone is buying these lies....regularly and with vigor.
 Stores will sell whatever people will buy.

So, let me tell you, hope you're still with me....don't flip to another page.....
Don't you have something inherently more valuable and trustworthy than those trashy tabloids?
Do people trust you in a certain area of life because of your experience  because of your chutzpah?

Then, my friend....my tribe member, I want to encourage you to write. You deserve some good high quality shelf space.

If you can be truthful about any one small minute area of life, and help someone else across the globe understand that area just a wee bit better ....then YES you deserve shelf space. You deserve a piece of the internet pie.

You may not have the best grammar. You may not have the best tech saviiness, you may not know how to edit photos/videos in a Hollywood style crowd pleasing manner. But you are real and you are truthful . You have something important to share.

Just remember, my friends who blog and write and create stuff. Don't underestimate the value of what you bring to the table. Someone somewhere needs what you know. Someone somewhere wants to hear from you and be taught by you how to do or see or feel something different. Someone is waiting for you to step up and take up legit shelf space in their life. Make some noise my sister. Make some noise my brother.

If the tabloids can make billion dollar empires by selling lies, you for sure can earn some good coin selling something authentic.

In peaceful productivity and kindness,


P.S. Seth Godin was the guest speaker of Tim Ferris' podcast again recently....if you ever need some encouragment....his voice alone with do the trick.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I Recover from Noise Pollution Here

i was looking for a way to heal from exposure to noise pollution....
the noise pollution causes mental fog, and tires my sense of hearing.
This heaven on earth i discovered recently ....the photos of which I will attach below ......just so you can catch a glimpse of how you can use a gentle walk in God's creation... to heal yourself or your loved ones.

Fungus growing in creamy shades of white on dead fallen logs..
How can anyone not want to walk slowly through this golden canopy.........
sky high cedar grove
a Cedar grove is growing....high up to the sky.....us suburban folks are accustomed to cedar hedges.....but rarely have i ever glimpsed cedar trees growing quite this high.......

sometimes moss grows furry......
Kaffe Fasset would have loved to knit a design based on the pale blue lichens on this rock....

Can't  you picture a rabbit wanting to take a wee nap atop this mossy boulder?