Monday, September 6, 2021

When Ladies Level Up.... You might be Called This

I hate to break it to you....but if you are really focused and intelligent and ambitious, you are going to attract a few negative labels. Not to get too detailed... but one name that is often directed at us ambitious ladies
is the "B" word....and yes it rhymes with ditch.

The other word you might be called if you are ambitious and intelligent is the 
a slang word for a lesbian...and it rhymes with "bike."

There's no need to get upset....just prepare yourself for when it happens. Maybe you will be lucky and it won't happen...but be prepared none the less. Those who hurl insults at you are not worthy of your attention. They do not deserve your tears or your compassion. Gather yourself together and move on.

If you stay focused on your goals, you must know that the girls who live the "status quo" are not going to be impressed with your ambition. They do not have any goals other than to tear you down from your journey. 

They are more concerned with trying to know you down so that they can feel better about themselves. They are consumed by gossip and have no love for God and no respect for the holy Scriptures.
Don't let them win....You must NEVER let them win. 

When and/or if you get called names in person or on social media, just keep going. Sometimes there is a spiritual backlash towards people when they level up. It's all a part of the journey. It is always a shock when someone of our own gender attacks one of our own when we level up. Remember girls..... it takes a lot of maturity to celebrate another's gal's success and congratulate them. We must all develop the ability to celebrate someone's achievements even when they are a level above us. It's called "paying it forward". The grace and delight that you show when congratulating others in their achievements will no doubt come back to bless you when it is your turn to shine. The ripple effects of staying positive and keeping a great attitude continue on into your future for many years. The joy and gratitude multiplies.

Sometimes it is worth a shout of "Hallelujah" when you are thrown a derogatory name or label, because it just might be a sign that you are arriving very soon at the next level up in your journey. 

Hallelujah! You are on the right path!!

Stay strong, stay focused, stay intelligent. Don't dumb down. Don't give up. Don't worry. Don't get flustered. 

Stay strong, stay on plan. Stay on path. Stay on positivity . Stay on your goals.

Peacefully productive,


Networth and Comparing Celebs

As soon as you hear the sound of the word  "million" you might be tempted to be think that someone's loaded. Nah.....think again.

According to Zolo   the average Toronto single family home is a cool 1 million Canadian bucks. That's nothing to sniff at...but at the same time, it is a helpful mathematical tool to help you wrap your head around net worth stats.

For example,  if you happen to watch any kind of reality tv, and you search up net worth estimates for some of the celebrities you might be surprised at the numbers.  Looks can be deceiving.

The reality real estate show "Selling Sunset" features lots of overdressed ladies whose net worth, for most of them is only 1-2 million. When you compare that to a Toronto home....that means most of them could only afford one home in Toronto without debt. And that doesn't include the financing of their supposedly lavish lifestyles.

For many of these reality shows, the glamour is funded by the producers of the show and therefore the clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, travel and even the cars and homes are funded by the show producers, with the express intent of making your jaw drop. Anyone can be featured in a fancy home and driving a fancy car.         It isn't rocket science.  These celebs personally juggle debt just like you might...but perhaps on a more epic scale. Letting the "show" pay for everything is par for the course....that's just how Hollywood works.

They get dolled up by professionals to make them look like billionaires....when they are just barely millionaires. Many of them are just getting started on their financial journey. 

A million dollar net worth is just not that impressive anymore.

With regard to high fashion clothes....remember that designers are usually quite delighted to loan or give their garments to celebrities in order to garner  "free" publicity for their labels. Celebrities love freebies too ")

 Enjoy the show....catch a few design or fashion ideas of your own, But don't ever believe for a minute that these celebs can afford such lavish luxury without the glitzy sham of the highly financed entertainment industry.  Entertainment is a business....a hard core industry that knows how to get eyeballs glued to the screen. It's just's eye candy with an end goal to make you a faithful fan.

Looking the not the same as "owning the part". One plus one still equals two....and sound financial management is still your best friend.

 Be well and prosper friends. 

 The world is your oyster.



Sunday, September 5, 2021

When My Dream is Fulfilled....

When my dream is fulfilled ....this is what it will look like.

I will have instructed more ladies how to trade online for income from the comfort of their home or at the park or wherever they happen to be. Why? 
Because  a woman should be able to create income from exactly where she is.

I want for any Mom at home with her kids to know confidently that yes, she can do this, and that not only is it possible to thrive as a trader, but to prosper extravagantly....not only to meet her own financial needs but the needs of her children as well.

I want to leave a legacy of empowerment for women all around the globe. I want  every woman to know that this "trading/investing" livelihood is a viable option for women, young and old. There is no glass ceiling in trading ...I am happy to report.

Your only limits are your own capacity for seeking knowledge, gobbling it up, and retaining it ....and then using it in the real world. Focus is power. Accurate knowledge will feed your power.

It is not my style to tell anyone how to live or what they should do with their lives. It is simply my desire to embody and teach those chunks of knowledge, strategy and inspiration which have allowed me to prosper as a trader/investor. To show to others that women need not cower in ignorance or conformity to some antiquated idea of what it means to be a woman or a wife or a mother.

Be blessed, my friends, with what you are putting your hand to. May your choices coincide with God's will for your life and your family.