Sunday, July 31, 2022

This is Why You are NOT Making Money Selling Covered Calls

Selling covered calls is a simple and ¨not so simple"option trading concept which 
option traders often begin with. It attracts people because of the appearance of juicy option premiums and yet often befuddles those who mistakenly believe it is an effortless way to gather ¨free" money.

So, I have compiled a simple list of reasons which causes failure for those who 
try to earn regular income from the practice of selling covered calls.

  1.  Taking profits before your position is closed. Option premiums may be hundreds of dollars falling into your account with the click of a few buttons. Resist the temptation to ¨count your chickens before they hatch¨ by waiting until your covered call position is closed or assigned before you consider the profit or loss to be realized. The Market is constantly changing. While this volatility is the best friend of an option trader, we must ALWAYS use patience and wait until positions are closed before we consider the gain/loss as REAL.
  2.  Selling covered calls on an underlying asset that is about to go through a reverse split. Don´t sell covered calls on underlying equities that you do not fully understand. A surprise, merger, a negative earnings report, or a shocking news report can cause an unexpected loss in your covered call position. Do your due diligence and research the companies before you bet your hard earning money on a covered call position.
  3.  Not choosing the most profitable strike price at which to sell the covered call at. Choosing strike prices is an art in my humble opinion. There are those who calculate complicated formulas to determine which strike price at which to sell a covered call at. However, I prefer the tried and true method of relying on many years of market experience.....reading they say.
  4.  Choosing low quality underlying equities upon which to sell covered calls. Although, people can and do, sell covered calls on lower quality stock, it is inherently more risky to do so. Risk can lure in option traders with juicy high option premiums. But it can be very painful to your wallet to pour good quality money into a low quality equity position just for a very temporary boost in option premium. KNOW your underlying assets....and choose wisely.
  5. Using margin debt to finance the selling of covered calls. The stock market can be volatile, and using debt to finance your covered call option trades can be tempting, and can sometimes be profitable. However, any usage of leverage (debt) must be done wisely and with the understanding of risk, reward and interest rates. Not all investors have the temperament to manage debt wisely. Those who have a ¨gambler´s mindset may not want to even entertain the idea of using debt to ¨play¨ options with.  Debt is a great tool in the hand of a master, but a deadly weapon in the hand of a fool.
Well, friends, that´s enough caution and warning for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Be blessed in your investing and trading.


Sunday, July 17, 2022

Unlimited Opportunities are All Around You

As I was driving along a road on the outskirts of town...the broad swaths of corn fields met with a golden blowing field of wheat. Heaven. These fields just seem to go on forever. I just want to run through them, 
with my pool shoes on, so no bugs will bite my toes. But alas, I restrained myself, so the farmers will not be angry with me.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. I posted this photo because the enormous fields and skies that seem to go on forever, remind me of one thing....UNLIMITED possibilities.

I have heard some pretty heart wrenching stories over my lifetime, of when folks were looking for a job and they just gave up. They stopped believing in themselves, in life, and in the opportunities all around them.

The more I reach out and see what is around me, on the internet and beyond, the more I see that there are UNLIMITED possibilities all around all of us. For those who make stuff.....content....or works of art, or songs, or wooden birdhouses, or financial plans.....I just want to help you understand that there are really unlimited platforms on which you can present WHATEVER it is that you make.

If you are a self publishes writer, I know of at least three free platforms upon which you can publish your own written manuscripts, at no cost, other than your time and creativity. The three that come to mind are
Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords and Draft 2 Digital. From what I understand, Smashwords is in the process of merging with Draft 2 Digital.

What are some other platforms that you can use to promote your artworks?
Kijiji, Craigslist, local art stores, local flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, museums that feature local artists, as well as the galleries located in bigger cities.

What about local tv stations? Would they allow you to do a short segment explaining how you make your particular art works? What about youtube videos? It is so easy to film yourself for a simple youtube video to explain how you do what you do best. 

There is facebook, facebook marketplace. There is Twitter. You can use these social media sites to promote your content. 

There are so many platforms that require no upfront fees in order to start uploading your works. Redbubble is a good place which photographers and graphic artists can bring their best works and designs  to be featured on ¨print on demand" merchandise. There are no financial costs to uploading your special designs to these type of websites.

Reading Seth Godin´s writings really encouraged me to understand that with the way that the world has become such a global village, that it is easier now than ever before to find the particular type of fans that would find your works valuable. You no longer need to appear to a mass audience. You can stay unique and just keep spreading your art works and ideas until your tribe finds you by osmosis.

It  really doesn´t matter how unusual you are. You don´t need to force yourself to fit in. You don´t need to change your artistic style, or way of content creation to try to keep up with the ¨Joneses.¨
You really can be yourself. Be proud of who you are as an individual creator. 

Believe that some day soon, you really will and CAN be PAID to be YOU!

May God´s unlimited blessings begin to reveal themselves to you this week!


Saturday, July 2, 2022

Countless Income Streams

Now might say...she's waaay too cocky. She's out of her league.
Nope..... increase is indeed unlimited. Abundance is unlimited.

It's all about your imagination...It's all about your positive mindset.

When you are a content creator....know that there will always be new multiple platforms upon which you may place your content. New publishers, both for the self published artist and the more traditional publishing houses. They are all growing and learning how to put more good work out into the cosmos. They are morphing to find more work....just like what you create. Someone right now is looking for you....for what you have just the right now to express and put into words, or inventions, or songs, or artworks.

The world needs you. I don't know any other way to say this. You were born into this generation because you have something that needs expression that this generation requires. You were born for a reason. Make it happen. And don't lose faith.

Just as some social media platforms have their time in the others will be invented and rise up to take their place. Your content can be boosted onto all these spreading platforms....There are only the limits that you place or "refuse" to place upon your content.

Yes, you can create content for one platform....or for 100 platforms.
And then there are the platforms that will hunt you down and pitch and beg you to be on their platform.

Stay original....observe copy right laws and don't allow discouragement to stop your creativity from flowing. Keep creating. Stay artistic. Use your words. Use your colors, use your music. Stay confident. Adapt....learn how to navigate new software as often as possible, or pay people to do this for you.

Believe in your work! Do you know you have quality content? Do you "make good art" as Neil Gaiman would say? Don't stop now....don't slow down.

Do whatever you need to do to get back on that horse and make some more cool stuff.