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Friday, July 29, 2016

I just Don't Get It

There is a finite amount of oil in our earth's crust. Yes, folks may quibble about the actual volume....but there is a good consensus  that there is a REAL and DEFINITE measurable quantity of oil worldwide, which will eventually run out.

So, what I really don't get.....is even with all the haggling of OPEC and other oil producers, why hasn't the price of oil stocks bounced back?
Suncor,  (TSX:SU)    is still stuck at under $36 per common share as of today.....at $35.19 cdn.

Perhaps the stock market has become naively obsessed  with electric vehicles, without realizing that a significant chunk of our electrical grid is still powered by the oil and gas industry.

I've done a post or two about that before. Electric powered "anythings" are not necessarily green. It's all about what is used to create the electricity we will all be using.

As of 2014, 8.7% of Ontario's electrical grid is powered by the oil and gas industry. Yes, tis true.

For a break down of Ontario's Energy Mix....take a gander at this document:

Do you have some profound views about the lagging state of oil and gas stocks?

Eager for your feedback,
Thinkfully yours,

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An Honest Look at Insurance Companies

Just curious.....I've been hearing and reading about Life and Auto Insurance and I see there is a plethora of information about the "types of coverage" and "types of policies", but very little honest consumer reporting about how helpful and smooth certain insurance companies behave when it comes time to process a claim.

Such kind of "worst scenario" research is unpleasant to consider, but might be prudent for those who want a  REAL world honest appraisal of different insurance companies. Who really wants to think about what will happen if/when they pass? Who really wants to think about what will happen if one ever gets in a serious auto collision? Would we want our close family members to face a rude and unyielding insurance company that refuses to pay out? Or would we want them to deal with an insurance company that sets up so many
hoops to jump through that folks just give up before they resolve a payout dispute?

Most people know that insurance companies are the big money bag holders in the investment world. Anyone ignoring the power of Insurance Companies in terms of financial clout is foolish. The issue remains with the size. Everyone knows they carry a lot of weight and therefore are often intimidated into silence. They don't want to say anything publicly or "on the record" for fear that they will be sued by one of these mega wealthy Insurance giants.

So what's a gal to do? How did you make your insurance choices? Have you deliberately researched what  real live humans have experienced when they had to make a claim with a particular insurance company?
Was it easy to make the claim? Was it difficult? Was it done quickly or did it drag on for years?
Did they refuse to pay out based on some kind of unfathomable legal loophole?
Did you have to use an attorney to help you navigate and  understand the claim process?

Perhaps we need to rethink the whole "politically correct movement" which forbids polite folks from speaking candidly about religion, money or politics . Maybe it will empower more regular folks if we are MORE VOCAL  and more honest. Maybe we will all get a better deal and more reliable and predictable products and services from insurance companies if they realize that we will be holding them accountable and are willing to speak of our experiences. It is your money after all,....and if you don't care about your money.....who will?

Hashtag Consumer  Power ")

Thinkfully yours,

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Brilliant Substitute for Grass

Thinkfully yours, 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Peter Thiel -- Zero to One

I've begun delving into Peter Thiel's book "Zero to One".

Perhaps I will share more snippets as time goes on, but for t'day I'd just like to share one unique
chunkette from pages 23-24

"But in 2012, when the average airfare each way was 178, the airlines made only 37 cents per passenger trip. Compare them to Google, which creates less value but captures far more. Google brought in $50 billion in 2012 (versus $160 billion for the airlines), but it kept 21% of those revenues as profits---more than 100 times the airline industry's profit margin that year."

And then permit me to quote one more unique sentence from the first paragraph of page 23

"Creating value is not enough---you also need to capture some of the value you create."

This brief glimpse into some of the profound entrepreneurial truths that this book explores, will compel me to read further.

I feel, as a creative person myself, that creating is my "home base" but marketing and promoting those creative works, are still largely an unknown country....a mystical industry that will require untold years of further study and focus to master. Must an artist always figure out how to market and advertise her own work? Or can she focus 100% of her efforts on creating and outsource the "tedius" marketing aspects? If an artist outsources the marketing and advertising of her work, will she capture more value than if she tries to master the marketing and advertising herself? Or will she be spreading herself too thin and diluting her creative focus?

I think of famous artists such as Vangogh or Davinci, and how their works now fetch millions or billions of dollars per original painted canvas......now so many years after the original artist's passing.
Is it possible that now artists, or entrepreneurs will be able to reap in the same lifetime 
 some of the value that their works have created?

Is it going to become easier, in our Information Age, to be able to
"Capture Value" in a shorter time frame?

I look forward to your thoughts and comments as always,

Thinkfully yours,

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Factual Helps for Depression

Similar to Tim Ferriss' Uber search for

empirical evidence to help him "mitigate"( to use his word) the depression he has experienced at times in his life.

I want to begin a list of what has helped me upon occasion deal with the same.....
It is in no way, a recommendation and should not be misconstrued as medical advice of any kind.
Disclaimer: This post is shared for conversational purposes and the author and publisher of this blog does not take any kind of legal liability for any reaction or understanding of the contents of this blog post.

1/drinking water
2/ putting my glasses on ...funny how that actually makes a difference.
3/ listening to my fave positive speakers via youtube video, CD's or Podcasts or other audio downloads/files.
4/ intellectual gains....such as listening to a Fay Dowker physics seminar, or strolling in my fave trendy bookstore....checking out the latest issue of Success or a gander at a book completely beyond me, but wonderfully compelling. Better yet,  jotting down the titles of the books that compel my vision so that later I can source out cheaper options to find those same titles for free or next to nothing.
5/Taking a dose of St.John's Wort ( a natural herbal supplement available in many health food stores or department store health sections)( seek Medical permission before using and during use.)
6/ sunshine....just enough to light up your eyes, but not too much as to risk sun damage to your eyes or your skin.
7/ Taking one baby step towards any of my written goals....any micro tiny step will do.
As Tony Robbins says succinctly...that "Happiness is progress."
You are alive and YOU HAVE GOALS. You are moving forward. Even the most miniscule step towards fulfilling any of your written goals will bring light to your eyes and a subtle grin to your stride.
9/ walking....five minutes....anywhere.....and my kooky habit of trying to mark my trail with something
environmentally cool, something I can tie onto a tree I pass by or a fence I jump over...without worrying that it might damage that tree. The markers remind my soul by leaving a visual reminder that I have ventured out into unknown lands.

Hoping this wee list may bring light to someone's heavy heart ..or perhaps a giggle... You are not alone, and we all have moments of sadness sometimes. I encourage you to call your licensed medical practitioner and listen to their advice in your journey back to joyous living.


Friday, July 1, 2016

When Your Writing Sucks...Do this?

Bloggers, self publishers, DIY writers....we all have that moment once
in a while when we've reviewed our creative writings and thought
"Oh my...oh my (wringing hands).....my writing really sucks".

What you do at that moment is crucial.


1/ Run and Hide: Quit writing....pull your self pub ebooks off of the net, and close down all your blogs.
Stop paying those hosting fees and let your website get pulled down.


2/ Stop and Breathe for a moment....and slowly keep writing..In fact...DON"T EVER STOP .!
Admit to yourself that you are on a learning curve and on this curve you are going to force yourself to
 KEEP your LESS THAN perfect work alive on the net....while you learn and keep growing. Keep those scrappy self published titles alive on line. Keep your blogs open....worts and all. Keep that tacky youtube channel open.
Then....after you have caught your breath and survived your own ruthless quality check.......................................................
 start writing again the very next day.

Which Choice you make is yours.....but if you choose that first option....please don't cry to me in 20 years that you wished you hadn't given up so soon. Your breakthrough moment may be just round the bend.

Not all of us will have award winning blogs, or be able to quit our day jobs to pursue a full time
youtube career....but ALL of us, can keep writing and sharing what God has given to us.
Your impressions of life, your reflection of life itself is raw and pure.

I'm going to end with a quote from the epic Tim Ferris:

"If you start out bad but are incrementally improving towards 

awesome, that’s totally fine. If you’re half-assing it and 

coasting, find something else you can whole-ass." 


We treasure your honesty. Write on my brother.....we hear you sister.