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Monday, January 28, 2013

Alternatives to Traditional Toothpaste

Hi Folks. today I wanted to mention just a few products that you can use on those days that you don't feel like using traditional toothpaste.

For example two options come to mind:

Salt: using plain table salt to clean your teeth is an oldfashioned idea for those who are trying to cleanse their teeth and mouth with a simple and chemical free option. Just dip your clean tooth brush into some water and then dip into a small mound of table salt and brush as usual. Then, to make a simple mouth wash, you can add hot water with 1 teaspoon of table salt and stir until the salt dissolves and the salt solution cools enough to the point that you can use this as a great mouth wash. Swish the salt water between all your teeth and around your whole mouth. Salt water also helps in cleansing any small bumps or lumps you may have on your gums, tongue or lips. Some health practitioners advise using salt water rinses when you are battling a sore throat. ( this should not replace obtaining proper medical care from a licensed medical practitioner.)

Baking Soda-- This is an old but good one too. Just wet your tooth brush and touch the bristles of the tooth brush directly into a small mound of Baking soda, then proceed to use it to clean your teeth the same way you normally would brush your teeth. Sure, it doesn't taste great, but the gentle grittiness of
baking soda is a great teeth scrubber and will bring about a beautiful shine. Just  be sure to rinse your mouth with clean water when you are done brushing to rinse away the taste and any residue.

So, the two above options you can use when you want to simplify your consumerist lifestyle, or when you want to get back to living without the use of harsh chemicals. Some people may use these options when they are trying to save money. Both table salt and baking soda are both cheaper options than buying regular priced tooth pastes. Both Baking Soda as well as table salt are usually available at most discount and dollar stores. Other people use these options just when they find that they have forgotten to pack toothpaste when they go camping or travelling.

Take good care of your teeth, so they can last a lifetime :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Folly of Catch and Release

If someone walked up to you, and said "Ma'am, I would like to give to you one million dollars." What would you do? Would you accept it? I hope you would.

That is why it frustrates me when I watch people practice this strange gov't mandated theory of fishing
called "Catch and Release".  What an absurd practice! Why would someone go to all the trouble and expense of buying a boat and bait and fishing gear and go to their favorite fishing spot only to reel in the fish of their dreams and then once they have the fish on the hook, they simply remove the hook and put the fish back into the lake. Then you have a beautiful fish swimming back into the lake with a big hole in its cheek.

Perhaps my dutch roots are showing once again, but permit me to go further. Do you know how many
people there are in your town who will go to bed hungry tonight? If you had the capacity to feed them all, would you? So, it stands to reason, that if God blesses your fishing line with the 'Catch of the day' that you would take that fish home and serve it up to as many friends, family or neighbors as would want it.
Don't you dare return a blessing that God sends your way! If you are not hungry, I am sure there are food banks or friends or soup kitchens that would be grateful for your prize catch.

The only time I understand the concept of "Catch and Release" is if the fish is too small and still hasn't reached a proper adult stage. Sure, send the baby fish back into the lake to enjoy her growth. Also, if you happen to catch a fish that is poisonous for some reason, then by all means, don't bring it home for supper.
But I really don't understand any other reason.

I watched a tv show about an adventurous fisherman in Thailand who caught monstrous fish one after the other. Sometimes the fish were so big that he needed up to three men to pick up that fish. But did he allow any of those workers to take home those beautiful fish to feed their families? No way. He practiced the absurd....pulled the hooks from their cheeks and returned them back to the water. Huh, how rude.
 How insensitive to put fish back into the river when there are hungry men on the river bank watching.    Catch and Release seems to me to be a sadistic ritual for sport fishermen who don't know the concept of feeding people. Perhaps if all sport fishermen were forced to eat, sell or donate all they caught there wouldn't be so many hungry humans.

I'd be delighted to hear your response, if you feel you can or should educate me further in this regard. Please don't send me some lengthy fishing policy. Use your own words. I know you can.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Garlic as an Appetite Suppressant

What are the benefits of consuming raw garlic? I have experienced one unusual benefit, which appears to be that of an appetite suppressant. How much did I consume? About 1-2 raw cloves chopped down to a size I could comfortably chew and swallow them with a cool drink.

If you have a great testimony or experience with raw garlic, please be encouraged to share your experience in the comment section. Your comments are an important dynamic in these discussions.

What are the benefits that you have experienced from consuming raw garlic? I have read some really incredible claims on the web from people who have experienced incredible recovery from tumors as well as other ailments. Garlic has been studied in laboratories as well, in order to bring some scientific credibility to
its use as a health enhancing supplement. I would encourage you to do your own research. Get some books out of your local bookstore or library, so you can see the great potential benefit of this humble food called garlic. Stephen Fulder has written extensively about the subject. Better yet, discuss it's use with a professional and licensed health care practitioner.
God bless.

Disclaimer: This blog and all its contents are intended for conversational purposes only and are not intended to replace proper medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner. All ideas discussed are intended for conversational and discussion purposes. This blog and it's owner are not liable for any ideas discussed or presented in this blog in its entirety.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Nature of Genius

To my readers, I would like to start a discussion about genius. What is your impression of what comprises genius? What is it? What do you consider to be a mark of genius?
Is it someone who instinctively understands how to construct peace between two radically opposed parties?
Is it someone who crafts formulas and theories of the expansion of the universe?
Is is someone who can learn a new language in less than 6 months?

If someone in your immediate family were a bona fide genius, how would you treat him or her?
Would you make special allowances for his or her absentmindedness? Would you "sponsor" their livelihood because you knew in your gut that they were going to do something great with their life?

How would you nurture that genius? If you had a choice as to influence who that genius spent time with, would you advise that person who to befrieind and who to ignore? Or would you do the opposite and give them extra freedom to discover their own best friends and healthy relationships? Would you strongly encourage the genius to attend a miriad of extra curricular classes?

I would love to hear your thoughts and input.
Peace Carla

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book Review on Garlic- Nature's Original Remedy

This is my book review of the book entitled "Garlic- Nature's Original Remedy " authored by Stephen Fulder   Ph.D. and John Blackwood. published by Healing Arts Press in 2000 and 1991 (original edition)

I think the word  "astounded" is the best word to describe how I feel after reading this book. It is absolutely amazing to me to see that a small under priced bulb of fresh garlic can be studied so thoroughly and have so many multiple health benefits.

What are some of the benefits of consuming raw uncooked garlic? This book describes the positive effects of raw garlic on conditions such as high blood pressure, tuberculosis, bacterial infections such as candidiasis, as well as high cholesterol. The use of garlic as a natural antibiotic is thoroughly discussed and compared scientifically to the use of traditional prescribed antibiotics.

The book also explores the folk lore behind the use of garlic and how different nations have snubbed their noses at garlic because of its notable pungent scent.
The authors calmly discuss how scientific studies have produced credible evidence of the positive effects of raw garlic on many many sick individuals who often find measurable positive results from taking raw garlic.

The best ways to consume garlic are also discussed as to their convenience factors, amounts and efficacy. The authors believe that raw garlic eaten fresh and chewed before swallowing releases the most potent and beneficial compounds. However they do also explore the benefits and drawbacks of consuming garlic oil in capsules and other garlic based tablets.

If you have any interest at all in improving your health and are looking for an informative exploration of all the dynamics of using garlic as a supplement, I highly recommend you try to find this book. It may be available at your local library or available to order online.
God bless and be well in 2013.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gluten Free at the Mandarin

And so my quest for all things gluten free led me to contact the Mandarin buffet restaurant head office in order to determine their perspective on the foods they offer at their buffet restaurants in Canada. I received a very friendly and helpful response which I will share with you below:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding our gluten free items. It is very difficult for me to answer your question as we do not have a detailed ingredient list available for our buffet items. There are many items that may contain gluten.
It may be helpful to let you know that we use canola oil when preparing most of our dishes. We also use corn starch in many of our soups and stir fries. Chicken base is also used in most of our hot buffet dishes and stir fries, and as far as I know, it is not gluten free. Our Garden Salad is prepared without dressing (You must select your own dressing for the salad), and our grilled items are marinated before they are cooked. Our Soy Sauce is not gluten free. Also, to my knowledge, our plain Steamed Rice and Peel and Eat Shrimp should not contain gluten.
We do have an à-la-carte menu available as an alternative to the buffet. Simply ask your hostess or server for our menu upon being seated. Our chefs may be willing to prepare a dish without chicken base or other ingredients containing gluten at your request. However, please be advised that it is almost impossible to say that any dish is gluten-free because there is a high risk of cross-contamination in our restaurants.
I hope that this information will help you, if you choose to dine at Mandarin. Thank you for contacting us with your question.

Mandarin Restaurant Franchise Corporation
8 Clipper Court, Brampton ON L6W 4T9
T 905-451-4100
F 905-456-3411
E info@mandarinrestaurant.com