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Jim Rohn: How to Solve Your Money Problems (Law of Attraction)

Tweet Jim Rohn's advice as per his speech recorded at url :https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=RoEzKW6axfw&list=PLT4kcjC379ht4a...

Monday, August 5, 2019

Jim Rohn: How to Solve Your Money Problems (Law of Attraction)

Jim Rohn's advice as per his speech recorded at

url :https://www.youtube.com


It isn't about a certain amount of money or a certain accomplishment...

it's a question: Are you using the full extent of your reach?

 These are some of the questions he asks his listeners....

How far should you go?

As far as you can.

How much should you learn?

As much as you can.

How many books should you read.

As many as you can.

How much should you earn.

As much as you can.

How much should you share?

As much as you can.

What should you accomplish?

As much as you can.

What a delightful human being....this Jim Rohn.

If I am not mistaken....this is the same Jim Rohn that was Tony Robbins mentor.

Peace out,


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 8 No Numbers

Not gonna share the numbers yet....perhaps I will further on in this journey.
I want my family and friends to be able to read this blog years from now and see and sense the transformation.

This isn't a small journey. It  is life transforming.

i could talk about the weight loss. It has begun.

But I also know in my gut, that it is the muscle formation that is far more important than some bragger pounds of fat lost.

They...the little grey men...tell me that muscles weigh more than fat.
But the vain woman in me still wants to feel lighter...to see those measured numbers
go far below what I have carried with me for a portion of these my precious middle age years.

For a woman....of any age,....one's weight can become an unhealthy obsession.
But for others it is simply a tool to measure something to do with one's health and with one's appearance.

When I watch videos about IRON MAN competitions, I see the brilliantly lean muscle mass. I hear reports of 2% body fat.
2% body fat????

I would like to walk around and feel what it feels like to have that kind of body fat composition.
To feel what its like to trip lightly up a hundred stairs, to go for a 5 k bike ride in a few fast min.
To feel the waist of the pants I wear to rest lightly on my hips, not clinging madly to a plus size.
To tap lightly on harder abdominals....and know they can easily carry my frame into my next years.

i have discovered with glee, that the local industrial section, with huge flat parking lots, is wonderfully vacant on sundays. I can cycle for chunks of time without having to battle potholes and traffic and  staring motorists. Thx God. This new discovery is going to be a blessing.


Monday, July 29, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 7....Sometimes Moderation Will Not Do!

There's something else I want to write about.
Unfortunately the pressing idea has just briefly escaped me.

Oh great. I remember now.

There's this notion of boot camp.
and then there's this notion of moderation.

I have often been persuaded into the "do all things in moderation" way of living. It appeared prudent and has the appearance or illusion of calm wisdom.

But this is what I have discovered so far this summer. Sometimes moderation will not do.

Sometimes only the EXTREME will do. A MASSIVE change. A BIG step.

I have always been a big fan of baby steps, of small consistent steps in moderation to accomplish one big goal.

But the problemo with moderation....is that it's kinda hum ho...kinda dull and kinda boring.

Moderation will get you places....like a turtle, slow and steady wins the race.

But EXTREME is a heck of a lot more fun .....AND it gets you there faster!

So voila, the notion of the EXTREME FAT FARM.....where extreme notions turn into BIG ACTIONS to get obese, or overweight folks like me to take a flying leap into a freezing cold lake and just start walking. Walking and walking and walking in the cold water.

This EXTREME notion of motion in the cold water has resulted in weight loss and muscle formation and rejuvenation of emotions and mentality.

It wasn't about making some mild and gentle daily strut around the block. It was about....I am sick and tire of this crap and I am going to make  a BIG CHANGE....and NO ONE and NOTHING is going to stop me.

I had in my mind this notion of a boot camp. Where folks run hot....run fast and furious like mad for
like 1 or 2 weeks straight and transform their bodies and mentalities so that they become fit for army service.

Well, life is sometime as challenging as army service. WE neeed to have the tools to perform the service that life demands.One BIG TOOL is our physical body.

It will either be able to carry you through to accomplish your goals or it will fail you and will wind up at some diet and exercise club with some stupid monthly payment and a "gentle plan" designed by some spandex king with a condescending disgust for "older" folks.

No thankyou.  I will design my own EXTREME FAT FARM....and it will knock that sucker out of the park.

with a practical  toothy grin,

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 6

Ok second post in one day. I wanted to fess us something.
These results I am getting are not only from lake walking.
A little bit of cycling has come into the picture.
Not oodles, but every now and then, my purty pink bike is doing it's  thing.

So there, it's off my chest.

Sometimes the lake walking has morphed into swimming.....sometimes not.

Sometimes the lake walking changes into a bike ride.

I am not talking IRON MAN levels yet....but hey  I have put no limits into what I am headed for.

This body was headed for middle age hell...and I just woke up one day and said....No. Not today, not me. NO!

and so I began with a giant blasted leap into a very chilly local lake and away I have gone.

Peace part 2,

Extreme Fat Farm 5

new beach today. new area to water walk/swim. High waves....very rocky lake bottom.
Turns out my MEC dry bag is more "water resistant, than water proof..."  because I see too many
water droplets when I unravel the folding top of the bag after swimming.

So I've invested in a waterproof small size clear cell phone bag from the same MEC. I must admit...I really just love going into that store....browsing the kayaks, the "instant meals on the run" for those who love sports and camping and adventure as much or more than I do".

The great Napoleon Hill, I think it was, talked about how "Thoughts are things" and that when you are often around people who think positively and with energetic prosperous ideas, that it affects you and how you yourself think and feel when you walk through an area. MEC has very  cool people working there, full of energy and great ideas. The customers too are like minded and understand the call of  the water.

Well, back to today's water walk. Since I  used a new area for water walking/swimming...I didn't have the same measured out area to "lap". So I just used the nearest buoys to walk/swim between.
The lake was very wavy today, so the going was slow. But I brought a trusty new floaty board with me today to help me battle the waves.

I presume that authentic lake swimmers would frown on the use of a floaty board, but alas, I don't really care. Lol.

Have you done anything wacky outside the box lately to help you reach some goals?

Sometimes, doing something extreme that other folks would call "odd" is just the ticket to the progress you are craving.

It's probably been about a month now  and I must say that......Jumping straight into a very cold lake was just the ticket for me.


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 4

The Lake was too warm today. How bizarre. How can it be that a great big lake like Lake Simcoe can actually become warm???

Perhaps there is a good side to this....that if I actually feel the water being too warm, that this might just mean that my body is becoming more acclimated, in a good way, to spending significant time in lake water.

Perhaps also, this is the first day I actually have a tiny bit of understanding what Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss struggle with, in seeking out very icy water for ice cold baths, to shock their systems regularly into higher performance mode.

I never thought I would understand the attraction to going into ice cold water. To me it was always something to run away from. But my experience this summer with the mental and physical rejuvenation I attribute to regular walks in the cool lake water, has changed my mind.

Do you have extreme ways you use to boost you into a high performance mode?
Do share.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on Netflix...by the names of "Kim Swims" and "The Iron Cowboy".

Extreme Fat Farm 3

Yes yes yes....you've noticed I am not politically correct when I talk about "fat-ness".
The reason being....that yes, I have been there and done that myself....live and in living color.

I have faced almost every obstacle that any other overweight human being has or is facing.

That's why I refuse to sugar coat it....for lack of a better word.

Here are some of the obstacles that are being overcome
as the Extreme Fat Farm Challenge continues with 
Epic Lake Walks.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post, as well as any other post in this blog is  intended for conversational purposes only, not for medical advice. Please always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner. Any exercise discussed in this blog post or any other post on this blog should be approved by your medical practitioner before undertaking. Use proper water safety and supervision
when in or near lake water at all times. Use a life jacket if recommended for your condition by your doctor and/or the lifeguards.

Obstacle: When humans are overweight or obese, there are usually blood sugar control issues that creep into the state of the body. These sugar issues can dramatically impact regular daily life and also the ability or willingness to participate in hard core exercise. When an obese person has trouble with his/her body regulating it's blood sugar levels, he/she may be extremely fearful of engaging in hard exercise because he/she may rightly fear the potential for a "low blood sugar crisis".
A low blood sugar episode can  trigger a fainting spell and a mental and emotional panic while he/she scrambles to supply to his/her body the blood sugar  boost it needs as quickly as possible.
I don't know the proper medically correct answer for this......but for me, it has worked in my favor simply to power through that fear and do the exercise anyway.....but in the gentleness of cool lake water, while trying to make sure I have a sweet snack on hand to boost the blood sugar after the hard core exercise is done....such as with a melted freezie on hand in my bag by the lake.

Obstacle: Worrying about appearances when you may have been hiding from showing your body in public for years....or at least for what seems like years.
Answer: Do it anyway. Despite what we may feel about our "imperfect" physiques.....it
really doesn't matter what any other human mutters or thinks about yours or my appearance. Let them point and stare .....let them take photos if they so choose. Be proud of your beautiful human body....no matter it's current state. God gave your body to you. Wear your body with pride. Chin up.

Lake walking can help you remold your physique to function the way you need it to ....in order to support your life's goals and dreams.

Obstacle: What to WEAR??? Nothing fits or the things that do fit are so costly.
Answer: Suck it up, buttercup. Don't ever allow your lack of fashionable fitness attire dictate whether you exercise or not. Wear whatever you have and if you have to wear your own tshirt and cut off pants into the lake to start your walks....then do so. Just make sure that you are always safe and
that your clothes are not weighing you down too much as you walk in the lake. Clothing such as tshirts and cloth shorts are still going to weigh much more when they get wet than if you wear an old bathing suit. My current fave "lake walking attire" is an old one piece bathing suit with a small tshirt over top for modesty sake. Note that it will be easier to walk in a bathing suit that is designed for being wet and functional than in any clothes made from regular fabrics.

Obstacle: People or perhaps YOU might think that walking instead of swimming in a lake in public is weird. Kinda like those folks who are "mall walkers" and strut in their joggers round and round the interior of a shopping mall before the stores open.

Answer: Well, the point is one of the BIGGEST obstacles ALL of us face whenever we try to move ahead is overcoming the fear of what other people or even ourselves may think of us if we do something that is a little out of the ordinary.

My question is this....Do you really want to waste your life being ordinary? Have you been able to accomplish you goals by doing what you think "looks cool"????
I rest my case.

Well, that's enough chit chat for now. Embrace your goals. Write them down. Speak them outloud to yourself and God six times a week. Be proud of your goals. You deserve to accomplish very  Interesting things. Your body was given to you by God to permit you to accomplish wonderful things.
Be encouraged today. Small Changes begin with little steps in a brand new direction.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on Netflix...by the names of "Kim Swims" and
 "The Iron Cowboy".

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 2

If the regular "watch your diet and exercise"theme song worked for most folks, all of us would be fit and trim as star athletes. We wouldn't be running around in oversized stretch pants and XXL tshirts.
We wouldn't be hiding from bathing suits and swimming pools and muttering about the folks who actually feel good about their bodies and have good energy.

But methinks that many of us, need an Extreme Jolt to get our bodies in motion again.

Jumping in the lake...yes literally.....provides that extreme jolt and then some. The cold wakes up, and
cleanses out the cosmic dust of the day. The natural aspects are just fun distractions from the sand that clings to everyone and everything.

The other day I saw a seagull fly with a live wiggling fish in it's beak ....the sideshow was the entourage of other gulls that came to poach his dinner.  I swoosh away the floating flying ants that dot the translucent green lake path. I try not to step on anything that doesn't look like sand.

So, what's the progress so far with the fat farm?

No weight loss yet. Like as in NONE.

I told you there were no guarantees.

But here's the good part, the good and noticeable improvements:

Accumulation of new muscle tone and noticeable firming of abdominal and leg muscle area. Skin is smoother as these muscles are being used in the water in a gentle and persistent transition. Starting to feel more "put together". Energy lasts longer throughout the day with fewer energy drops in late afternoon.What was 4 lengths is now 6 lengths of the buoyed off area. There is now Less morning stiffness of both leg and feet joints.

A "high" similar to what is called "runner's high" kicks in a few hours after the lake walks.
The positive mental and physical mega boost affects everything.....the ability to problem solve,
optimism towards life and one's own physical future. An ability to handle a little bit less sleep.

The lake drops our inner core temperature to a wonderful new low. It's like a huge RESET button is hit to the metabolism. The modern motivators Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss both are great fans
 of  dunking into freezing cold water. They loudly laud the positive effects of this temp "RESET".

Tim Ferris, if I am to understand his podcasts accurately, has installed an ice making machine in his home in order to be able to have icebaths whenever he needs that kind of "RESET". Tony Robbins jumps into very chilly water before he starts off his day to conduct one of his high powered motivational conferences.

Temperature jolts are  a new tool in my creative tool box. I  recall how being outside in winter weather often provided that jolt that created a positive mental stream, but I had really forgotten what it felt like to be in the lake and really enjoy myself. The husband calls me a mermaid.

Methinks he just might be right.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on Netflix...by the names of "Kim Swims" and "The Iron Cowboy".

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I Operate an Extreme Fat Farm

I operate an Extreme Fat Farm.

These are the excuses that float or don't. You decide.

Goal: To walk four lengths of the swimming area roped off by buoys in the local lake.

Excuse: It's too cold.

Answer: That's the point.

Excuse: I can't get there.

Answer: Uber, taxi, city bus, walk, push your car downhill until it starts and jump in.

Excuse: I don't have anything to wear. I haven't worn a bathing suit in years.

Answer: here's a scissors and bring a pair of your old jeans.

Excuse: I can't swim in cut offs.

Answer: We aren't swimming yet. Just walking in water. You can do that in cutoffs and an old tshirt.

Excuse: My legs are hairy and I don't have a razor to shave with.

Answer: the Fish don't mind.

Excuse: The Fish????!

Answer: They haven't bothered me yet.

Excuse: I don't have lake shoes.

Answer:Neither do most folks around here.

Excuse: But you don't guarantee weight loss.

Answer: That's correct.

Excuse: What if I catch a cold from being wet and cold so much?

Answer: You might.

Excuse: What will people think of me jumping in the lake with my clothes on.

Answer: Good entertainment.

The end....is sometimes the beginning.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on Netflix...by the names of "Kim Swims" and "The Iron Cowboy".

Monday, July 15, 2019

Look Out! Mom's In the Lake!

I said I would do it and I did it.

I began working on my water fitness goal.

Today was a perfect day...

So I toted along my water shoes (see photo on the left) and dry bag from MEC and my trusty sunglasses
and away I went to waddle through four lengths of the swimming area roped off in my lake..

Was I shy? Yup. Was I the only one to be walking the length back and forth....ugh..yuppers.

But if you can't stand alone to start achieving your own vital goals, who do you think is going to
want to listen to what you have to say?

When you're a kid you can get away with being needy. But when you're middle age....it's downright
disgraceful not to be able to do stuff on your own two feet.

And so, today was the first day I walked four lengths in a  row of the roped off swimming area of the lake. I don't actually know how many  meters or feet it is...but perhaps I will measure it some day...or ask someone.

What excuses do you have to overcome before you take a few steps to achieving your goals?

My biggest obstacle....was what do I do with  my wallet when I am in the water?
So MEC had the answer.
MEC has a great assortment of "dry bags" which are super lightweight and waterproof.
I've only used it once so far....but yet it did keep my stuff dry and was very easy to tote around while playing in the lake.

Do you have a goal you have been postponing because of one small excuse?
Write down what that small obstacle is. Pray to God to show you the answer.
He always knows.

In Peaceful productivity,

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Beware of Evidence Based on False Investment Assumptions

I have seen/read several "experts" or "pros" who quote
stats supporting the widespread use of  selling covered calls as a source of regular income who
keep quoting stats in a way that grinds me wrong.

When it comes to the stock market, pretty  much NOTHING is guaranteed.  Risk is something that can be "managed" but usually not entirely protected  against.

If you have an interest in options trading you may find this post  compelling.......if not you may want to skip ahead to another post.... Just sayin' ")

So, I just wanted to mention that when you look at a quote of a covered call premium that would potentially be paid to you if you sold a covered call at precisely that moment and had your bid honored and accepted and the order filled by your broker.... let's  call that "Premium X"

So....what I see happening is that "experts" who are hyping the advantages of selling covered calls for generating income are taking a brief premium quote and then blindly multiplying that to cover one year span of time, based on the FALSE assumption that this same scenario will exist identically on  a weekly or monthly basis ALL YEAR LONG. Then they face you with a toothpaste smile and say "See how high of a return you can earn just be repeating that pattern for one full year?" They try to entice you by showing you how, based on that one brief quote of "PremiumX" how you can double your money in 18-24months. But I want to ask you. Is that a fair assumption? Can you really take a random call option quote and multiply that by how many trading weeks/months are in the year and use that as a baseline income assumption?

Those kind of false assumptions do not take into account any kind of risk or volatility!!!

If you actually fall for that line of reasoning you are setting yourself up for huge potential losses.
Taking one random quote CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT be used a fair gauge of income generation from a covered call writing strategy. Covered Call writing can and may indeed bring in to your accounts a legitimate cash flow. But it depends on a multitude of very crucial factors.

Permit me to express some of these crucial factors:
1/ what is the current market climate for the underlying equity that you are attempting to write the covered call on ? Does that equity have an "up" season and a "down" season?
2/ Is there a consistent demand for options on that equity, or is the demand hard to predict?
3/ Companies sometimes go through extended years of negative  returns, which harshly impact any kind of positive uptrend in share pricing. How will your covered call writing be affected by a tanking stock price that  lasts more than a year?
4/ If the market for options dries up for a certain equity, are you willing to pivot and change your income strategy? Do you have enough funds to re-position and try options trading again, but with a new position on a different equity?
5/ Do you have an exit strategy if/when a trade takes an unexpected turn?
6/ What is the P/E ratio for the equity that you are writing covered calls on?
7/ Do you really understand the risks of trading options on really volatile equities with "unknown" fundamentals?
8/ Do you have other sources of income if/when you make an error of judgement? Even seasoned traders occasionally make a clerical error that can cause a loss in income. Seasoned traders know too well when their emotions have gotten the best of them and they know when it is time to walk away from trading for the rest of the day and start again on a new day.
9/ Do you have the wisdom to manage your positions on a regular basis? Selling options for consistent income requires managing your positions. One should not just "set it and forget it" if you want to protect your investments.

Markets ebb and flow. Prices of equities flow up and down and sideways. Sometimes they go bust.
Sometimes options prices are so volatile that even regular traders have a hard time following their movement and timing their trades in a consistently profitable pattern.

That  is why, it is not prudent or logical to  say that writing covered calls is Always a great idea based on the numbers gleaned from one random option premium plucked from one potential trade on one possible trading day.

There are a million different things that can affect your ability to get the price you want to collect for a covered call premium. There are also a million different  things that can happen to the underlying equity that you are writing your covered call on.

In some parts of life, blind optimism can be a great asset. Not so with financial matters. It always pays to be prepared for every possible scenario that can unfold in the markets and to be able to be flexible enough to adjust your strategy to take advantage of up markets, down markets, and sideways markets.

When something, especially in the financial world sounds too good to be true.....it just may be too good to be true. Don't just question the statistics that "experts" quote. Question how and when the statistics were collected. You can't just measure potential options trades based on one random happy sunny trading day. One also needs to prepare for those days when the clouds roll in and the profits are harder to find.

 Just take a closer look at what happened to most equity prices in the 2008 recession.  Big dips happen. Prices can take as many as 4 years or more to bounce back from a big dip. I am not trying to depress you. I am simply trying to suggest that we all need to prepare for the rainy seasons as well as for the days filled with sunshine.

In peaceful productivity,

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Protecting your Personal Power

This post may be a little bit "out there".
On that note,.....if you can't relate to it...then just keep moving along and perhaps pass it on to someone who can use it.

What I want to talk about today is how one can protect one's personal power.... specifically from a woman's perspective....because that is the only perspective I can reasonably speak from.

So,  over my lifetime,thus far, I have noticed a few habits and practices which I  perceive to help people stay focused and retain their personal power in order to achieve their personal goals.
Consider one on the list....or consider all.

1/ Not eating in front of strangers. Eating in public opens you up in a way that no other activity does.
When you are going for a walk,  and bring  along a snack....you may want to wait to nibble on your snacks only when you are out of eyeshot of others who may be walking by.

Eat with those you love. You trust them. They protect you and your goals.

2/ Covering your head..... As a woman, especially if I am out in public, i have found myself to stay more focused and covered and powerful if I cover my head with some kind of hat or scarf. This also applies to when attending worship services in public. I am not saying this idea is a "must" but that I have noticed that it does have a way of protecting my personal power.

3/ Covet and protect your own decision making power by doing something unexpected and completely originating from your own set of written goals, at least once a week. It may be something unusual like walking backward while carrying weights when you go pick up the mail at the community mail box....Or it may be something very ordinary, but still "you-ish" such as painting your front yard planter in bright red. These kind of activities tell the world that you are in charge of your own destiny and that you will never back down from accomplishing your own goals in your own way and in your own time.

4/ Be ok with standing alone with your goals. This is very key. Many of us live in situations or work in work atmospheres that are not conducive  or   encouraging toward our life's goals. It is IMPERATIVE that you keep yourself on track to acheive your own written goals....NO MATTER what it takes. Take  your written list of goals with you in your wallet or purse and recite them aloud on your way to work. Or record a verbal recording on your personal cell phone of you speaking your written list of goals out loud. Listen to your list discreetly whenever is reasonable throughout your work day. Perhaps you may even have to hide in the bathroom at work just to protect a brief 60 second chunk of time in order to listen to or speak out your written list of goals. Keep your list in a handy location that you can find easily all day and every day. Protect that  list. Laminate it if you wish. I am currently storing my list in a zip lock baggy in my purse. I recite my goals every day.

5/ Protect your ears from useless public "free" media that does not help you on your journey to accomplishing your goals. What do I mean by this "free" media?
Radio....time and space wasting . Why clutter up your commute with auditory trash? Why not deliberately choose what you listen to on your way to work or other appointents? You can take audio books or take your own recordings of your fave documentaries to listen to as you travel throughout your week days.
Hack your auditory zone. Fill it with libraries full of positivity and empowerment.

TV. Although many  TV Stations are not free, especially if you pay for a hefty cable or streaming TV web service, we still need to be reminded that when we watch TV, often we are allowing the TV station managers to choose the programming that will occupy potentially huge chunks of our leisure time. You CAN manage your time. It is God's greatest gift to you.

Well that is all for now. I pray that this post will give some clarity to your efforts to protect your own personal power.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

FANG Stocks

So if you like the stock market, you've probably heard about the stocks known
by the acronym: FANG
which represents, if i am correct....

Facebook  (FB)
Apple        (AAPL)
Netflix       (NFLX)
Google       (GOOG)(GOOGL)

What do you think of each item on that list?
One thought I had today, is that which would you describe as predominantly an "app"?
If I really reduce each stock down to it's bare bones, I think that yes, three of the above on the list
began their economic journey's as App-based companies.... yes, software based entities.

The only company on this list that is not known predominantly as an "app" is  the company
known as "Apple". (AAPL)
Apple's brand is associated with its hardware even more than it is known for it's software. It has a beautiful blend of both in it's unique  niche market. I find it amazing to note that as of today's market close, Apple's market cap was at $946.2 billion dollars. That's almost a trillion dollar valuation. Wow.
All four companies on FANG list have multi billion dollar market caps. Incredible chunks of the worldwide economy. It is not only Americans who have vested interest in these enormous economic powerhouses....as they are a global phenomenon.

Well that's all for now. I do so enjoy just thinking aloud with you.


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

White Noise Works for People Like Me

Other than an irritating ad at the start of the video.....I really do love this kind of white noise.

It is for my ears, what a "fidget" is for my hands.

I don't understand the science behind it. All i know is that my mind feels more peaceful, yet occupied and when I am listening with headphones to this white noise, I feel better able to focus on my task of choice.

What kind of audio really helps you achieve maximum output when your mind feels distracted for no reason?

Do tell,

Sunday, April 21, 2019

what Do I like?

I've officially reached middle age this year....and sorry I'm not gonna tell you just precisely what my age is. But with this season of life comes a need to clarify just who and what I am all about.
I have discovered that I like certain things and that also seems to deeply affect what kind of tv I watch.

I've noticed that I seem to always be attracted to big fish gleaning operations. I don't really much appreciate seeing folks catch fish for sport or even one at a time for eating.. No way....I like to watch fish being caught by the hundreds in nets or fish wheels. Sometimes I wish I was native so that I could legally use nets locally to catch fish in big numbers. A white chick like me can only legally catch fish with a rod. Sigh...

I like seeing people process huge quantities of fish...and string them up in smoke houses or drying racks. I think of the legendary Verna Oller, who was a kind of "undercover millionaire" stock market investor who made an hourly wage by filleting fish up to her 70s. ( for a glimpse of her story see :https://abcnews.go.com/WN/american-heart-secret-millionaire-helps-hometown-grave/story?id=10870876 )

   I just like seeing people store up food for the year ahead. I like seeing people being able to feed themselves or their pets with food they caught or trapped or canned. Many years ago, when I was newly married, we had an Italian neighbor who canned tomatoes in the summer. She would grind the tomatoes in a gadget in her garage. I was transfixed.

I love watching how Andy Bassich, from the show "Life Below Zero", even learned how to make his own bullets in order to lower the cost of hunting even further. He showed how he uses a gadget to fill the bullets and bend them into shape. Then he uses his homemade bullets as he hunts for dinner....for pennies.

So, I suppose it goes without saying that I adore the series now featured on Cottage Life channel
by the name of "Life Below Zero."

I like seeing people hunt down a moose or caribou that will feed their family for months. I even admire the somewhat gory task of how they clean and tan the hides ...the raw animal skins left over once they process the meat. The skins are used for clothing for vests, or blankets or rugs or for trading or earning cash on the side.
I like hearing people talk about how they love providing for their families. Humans take great pride in providing well for the needs of their loved ones. I love seeing how folks use the skills they learned from friends and family to hunt down nature's bounty and use that bounty to feed themselves without needing much for money for raw materials or supplies.

I love seeing people happy and productive and being social without a smart phone glued to their cheek. I love seeing people being patient and gentle ....taking the time, however long it may take to teach the ones they love a skill that can be passed onto the next generation.

For the very first time in my life, last year, I bought a fishing license. I caught one fish....in a whole year. Was it a bargain......nope....but it was worth every penny because I lived to tell the tail....fish tail that is.

What is it about catching a fish that so compels me? Is it a weird fear of hunger that makes me want to be able to catch dinner at a local dock? Is it my inner "coupon queen cheapskate" that feels I've won an award when I figure out how to find cheap or free food? Perhaps....but I've decided I shall not over analyze this zealotry.

It is a joy. Perhaps this year I shall buy myself a brand new fishing rod. Perhaps I will catch a shark....hmmm.... methinks that sharks don't inhabit Canadian lakes. But hey.....
a gal can dream.

Dream on kids, dream on.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I Am A Woman...I write covered calls

For those of you who are like...huh? Why does that matter that she is a woman and trades options? Well, I would vigorously retort....that You don't know where I live....and I don't mean about the technical location....I mean you don't know how women are boxed in mentally and emotionally in the social "norms" that we were raised with....in my province...in my generation.

It wasn't a "Can do" attitude....it was more of a "Can Don't" spirit. A spirit that said...."Well, yes, you are free to do and be whatever you want to be, but don't push it too far, and don't do the same things that men do....because that just won't do."

And so, when I say that I am an options trader I am speaking an earth moving life altering truth for myself.I am doing something that no other woman I know can do. Now that may speak volumes about the people I know, but it is what it is. I am open to stretching my circle to include more new and more fully developed people....people who encourage women to challenge dusty boundaries.

Now on to the subject of the day. I just want to mention a few things I am learning about
writing covered calls. Perhaps you are considering trading options and would enjoy just hearing someone chat about it.

Well, I am talking about a fairly basic "easy entry" starting point for folks who want to start trading options, called "Covered call writing".

When you "sell to open" a covered call, you are selling to another person or institution, the right, but not the obligation to buy 100 shares of your stock at a predetermined "strike" price for a period of time previously agreed upon. 100 shares equals one contract in the options world. You choose the "strike" price...which is the price at which you are willing to part with your shares. You choose the length of time that your "contract" is good for.....it can be as little as two days from now, or almost 2 years into the future. Whomever buys your covered call, has the right to buy your '1' contract for 100 shares at any point within that agreed upon time frame up until the end of the date of expiry. The person/institution who buys your call, will pay you a premium for securing that price for the shares and for the time frame that you will honor that price point. That premium that the buyer pays you either can be skimpy or it can be generous.

The cool part of selling to open covered calls is that you keep the premium you collect whether or not the covered call buyer actually "exercises" his/her/their right to purchases your shares. Somewhere I have read or heard ( but don't quote me on it) that 75% of all call options expire worthless, which would tend to suggest that just because you write a covered call, doesn't mean that you will  instantly have your call exercised and your shares sold. Call options are written as a type of "insurance" policy on securing stock prices. And  it must be noted too, that you can "cancel" your covered call option by
"buying to close" your covered call option. However, that process of buying back your call option
can be costly, especially if market conditions have propelled the stock's prices sky high.

Can anyone sell to open covered calls on the shares they own? Well, in my province, and in some brokerages, one needs to apply and get approved by the brokerage in order to be deemed "educated" enough to permit options trading on their brokerage accounts. You can check with your broker if you need their permission to trade options on your account.

So, to be fair, I am going to mention the ikky part of writing covered calls.
1/ If you don't cancel your covered call option by buying back (buying to close) your covered call
you can definitely have your shares called away. You may have owned those shares for decades and have a sentimental attachment to those shares. Therefore, if you are not willing to part with your shares, you should not write covered calls. There is ALWAYS the possibility that the call buyer will exercise his/her/their right to buy your shares at the agreed upon strike price. Therefore, you may not want to write covered calls on shares you own that you have a strong sentimental attachment to.

2/ You limit your upside gains. When you write covered calls, and the open market stock price rises astronomically on the shares you covered with a call, you will not be able to benefit from that price rise. With a covered call, you lock in your gains to be limited by the strike price you choose. That price may be near or far from the price you originally paid for those shares. Choose carefully your strike prices. Always be mindful of your original buy price.  You can "lock in " losses if you choose a strike price that is below what you originally paid for the shares.

3/ Some really cool equities do not offer options trading on them. Some of your fave stocks or reits may not give folks the opportunity to write calls on them....there is simply no options trading on them.

4/ Taxes. Be aware that options trading can have significant tax implications for you and your family. Be prepared, and know which trading accounts you can use in a tax advantaged manner to lower, limit, or prevent taxes being paid on the premiums you collect as well as the capital gains you may gain from if/when your stock is sold if a call is "assigned" (another word for when call options get exercised)

5/ Some options traders become oblivious to the risks of the underlying equity because they are enticed by juicy option premiums. But be aware that overly generous options pricing sometimes reflects high risks associated with overvalued 'speculative" stocks. These stocks may have juicy options premiums that tempt you to play their games, but they do not reveal the fundamentals which illustrate when a particular stock has poor earnings, loads of debt and an unstable financial future.
Do your diligence. When an options play seems too good to be true, it may actually reveal, upon closer scrutiny, a company that is more of a gamble, than a sound investment.

6/ Writing covered calls can incur quite hefty fees and commissions, especially if/when your call is assigned. Ask as many questions as you need to , of your broker, to find out precisely how much the fees and commissions are for writing covered calls. Use those fees as a gauge by which to help you choose which covered calls to sell. It is a cost of options trading that you always need to be mindful of.

7/ Youtube. Youtube has loads of videos available to describe in detail how to write covered calls and what to keep in mind as you  mine for profitable trades. Some brokerages offer video seminars to help you understand the process. Some brokerages also offer live seminars you can attend in person to learn more about options trading.You can also read about writing covered calls from business/investment authors such as the "Lazy Investor" Canadian Derek Foster or
"Rich Dad Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki.

Well that's all for now, I haven't described everything one needs to know about covered calls, but it's been fun explaining little bits and pieces of it. Be well and prosper.

Peacefully productive,

DISCLAIMER: This post is for discussion/conversation purposes only and is not intended as investment or financial advice. Do your due diligence and obtain qualified advice from professionals before investing. The writer/producer of this blog does not claim any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post in this blog.

Friday, March 29, 2019

A Favourite Hideout

Do you know what an "Osmow's " is?

It's one of my hideouts. Great belly busting food prepared on the spot....totally filling and

As I observe the similarities that humans have with one another...I notice that most of us are creatures of habit. We gravitate to the places and people that make us feel good and meet a basic need. That need might be food, but it can also be less obvious qualities....like a basic good vibe.

If I feel comfortable in a restaurant, it is not necessary to even speak to me at all throughout my stay. I can stay completely silent and even pay my bill in silence and walk away gently feeling completely fulfilled and rested.

Perhaps that is the sign of being an introvert, but alas I am not always an introvert. But much of the time I am. I thrive on quietness and stillness and abundance of time spent thinking and processing. I don't need a lot of entertainment. Life in all it's glory is entertaining enough.

Do you have a favorite hideout? A place that gives you good vibes and lets you put your guard down?

In peaceful contemplation,

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

He Loves Catching Fish

Lately when the mood takes me, I watch a certain fishing reality type show on Netflix about some
eastern side fishermen who make their living from the sea.
One of the older gentleman, as he was describing to the camera person how he felt about his occupation said simply and with much eagerness " I love to catch fish!".

That was the point. I think that the thrill of the hunt is what compels most success stories.

Robert Kiyosaki took a short real estate seminar that launched him into real life real estate investing when the seminar's teacher gave a challenge to his students....to go into the real world and go visit 100 potential investment properties. Many of the students gave up....they couldn't be bothered to
finish the challenge. But Robert Kiyosaki was one of the few to complete the challenge.

After completing the challenge, Robert completed his very first real estate purchase. He had paid his dues by listening humbly to his teacher and completed every single challenge the teacher offered to him. He is now a millionaire many times over. He stayed persistent and humble and teachable.
He still loves the thrill of the hunt for his next real estate purchase or compelling business deal.

People who succeed in investing in the stock market may study and read and learn for years before they take the plunge and try "fishing" for stock market wealth with real money. They are patient, they are persistent....and they always learn from their mistakes. Investors thrive on the thrill of hunting for their next big investment deal. They want to get in on a deal that will net them a big winfall.

Learning in the real world is not about avoiding making  any mistakes....its about becoming mature enough to learn something from those mistakes, and then getting up, dusting off your knees and trying again and again and again and again. It's about never giving up until you find what you have been hunting for for years.

Stay thirsty for the thrill of  the hunt!


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Two Sentences from Daymond John

Hi friends,

I just came across these two sentences in fine print on the cover of March/April 2018's copy of Inc. magazine... Permit me to quote verbatim:

"I didn't know anybody. I didn't have a famous last name, didn't have any access to capital, and didn't go to college. None of those held me back." Daymond John's own words.

Some statements just take my breath away.. this is one of them. Be encouraged my friends and colleagues across this beautiful globe. God has something that you can do. Start small, think big.\\

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What Price Will You Pay to Keep Learning?

The Cost to keep learning....can be the "easy" low cost way.....or the "high effort" or potentially
"high cost" method. Each way has it's benefits.

Easy methods are easier to maintain because they are convenient and  may not hurt your wallet. You may watch a few M.I.T videos on your home computer. You may borrow a few library books from your local public library.

But then again, you may find that that is not enough. You need more. You are hungry for more information and knowledge and opinions formed by experts and highly paid pros.
So, you decide to take another step. You start going to your local college or university library and hunting down the hard covers in the subject matter that you are obsessed with. You open your
slim wallet and fork over more money for a data plan that will allow you to watch/consume more classes online in between your home and work schedule. You finally find a way to purchase that high priced book you've been drooling over for so many months, by allowing a friend to buy for you a second hand copy online.

I am blessed in that I live in a small city in which it is free for residents
( as long as they can prove their residency) to use our local college library for free. So....books written on college level are free for me to borrow and I can also hide myself in the wonderful college library cubicles when I really want to hunker down and feed my mind and soul in silence and seclusion.

Well, let me get to the point. Perhaps you have come to a plateau in your learning curve. You still want to learn more, but you don't want to go through the hassle of applying for some night classes at college or university level. Just the thought of having to ask for transcripts from all the educational institutions that you have attended sends you into a panic attack.

So, you reach for something else. You remember a person you used to network with when you went to attend free seminars 10 years ago. Maybe you send him/her an email just summing up what is prohibiting you from moving forward. He/she emails you back with one gem or a referral....a name of a timely author that you can hunt down and consume all his/her writings. One step forward! Booyah!

You see, I don't want you to feel like you are alone. Your desire to move forward in your learning journey is a universal need. If our minds are not growing....we may feel hopeless, when we feel that we are not moving forward.

Tony Robbins defines success or happiness in one word: PROGRESS. He goes on to explain that we begin to experience joy whenever we take a concrete small step forward towards a prized goal. I would tend to concur with that opinion.

So, pardon my rambling...but I want to encourage you....that if you have kept rolling forward in your learning journey, then don't stop now. And maybe just maybe, if you feel so inclined, it may be the season to kick it up a notch. Spend a wee bit more on that learning journey. The books and classes and networking can stretch you mentally,emotionally and financially....but the cool part is that you don't know where it may lead you. There is a purpose for your hunger. There is a reason that  you still believe that you have more to give to others and to life. Trust that this journey will lead to something better. Don't give up now.


Saturday, February 2, 2019

Birkshire's Reach

As I drive around my little northern Ontario town...I see samples of Birshire Hathaway's reach....on so many blocks....it's awe inspiring to note.

On the one side of the street is a Benjamin Moore Paint Shop...on the other side is a Tim Hortons...
and a Dairy Queen.

Inside the nearby McDonalds restaurant as well as many other pit stops through my town, there are Coca Cola pop  fountains, either self serve or served by the seller....or Coke products sold in bottles or cans in grocery stores and convenience stores. Coca Cola has always had a big following in this neck of the woods.

Scattered across this wee city are HR Block tax prep offices, which have roused from their seasonal slumber with pencils sharpened and calculators loaded up with fresh Duracell batteries charged.

Then we go across town and there's a Burger King....poutine anyone?
 If you stroll across the parking lot, you might shop for the kids for a brand new Spalding basketball at our local Canadian Tire Store. You may roll on up the street and shop for Fruit of the Loom sport socks at our local Walmart. On the way back to your car you may run into a friend who invites you to her Pampered Chef home shopping party.

I am sure that when I delve into the minority holdings that Birkshire Hathaway possesses, it may become even more all consuming. I find it compelling how Birkshire's holdings cover so many different categories of consumer staples....and yes, in this town, poutine is definitely a staple!

Impressive and strategic and awe inspiring all at once.

Enjoy your investing journey. If you enjoy stock market-ish nonfiction research.....learning about someone like Warren Buffett is a good place to start. It is quite intriguing to study the formation and growth of his investing mastery.


P.S. if you like recommended reading lists....you may wanna start with
"Tap Dancing to Work" by Carol J. Loomis

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Making You Mad? Just might be the right choice...

When I was a teenager...I couldn't fathom even the most simplistic financial books. It wasn't that I couldn't have understood them with time and focus...it was just that I really couldn't care less about that subject matter. I had  many other fish to fry....and finance, economics or the stock market wasn't on the list. The calmness and patience required to read through a heavy economics hard cover sounded like death by a thousand pages.

Then 2o years or so passed by....marriage, children,  jobs, spirituality and philosophizing. I began to forage my way through simple books about the economy, personal finance and the stock market. I read authors who made me laugh. I also read authors who made me steaming mad. Yes, foot stompin....tear your hair out...pacing the floor kinda mad. It was the authors who made me mad who kept me learning....kept me problem solving until I made sure I understood the point that was being made. I may not have agreed with that writer, but at least I could say that I understand his/her line of thought.
Being understood....is a hugely vital human need. Writers need us to understand what they are trying to say....even if we don't agree with them.

I began to wonder about economic visionaries. I began to see so much untapped potential amongst my beloved Canadian populace. Folks who were highly intelligent, were not requiring anything significant of the blessed brains they had been given. Some folks I know well, with keen quick intellects allowed their minds to....begin to atrophy. When you don't have a challenge to rise up to meet, you begin to step back....to fall back to the lowest common denominator.....which for some....means beer, pizza and worrying about who is wearing what or driving what.
 Boring boring boring.

When you can do more with your life....why not do it? Why not try?

And so, because I at least had the confidence to acknowledge that God had given me a mind that deserved further development, I began to select books that pissed me off. I began to select books written on levels and layers way beyond my ken. I stopped beating myself up for dropping out of university. I began to watch online classes from M.I.T via Online courseware, just to see if my mind could swim in their leagues. I may have been doing the doggy paddle in those oceans of higher learning, but at least I was in the same body of water. I was a student again...with no tuition fees and no visits to a fussy registrars office. I became a happy clam again.

I write often about reading and it's importance in my life and in my self led educational journey. I like to post lists of my fave authors. I like to toot the horns of bloggers that I have come to trust over the years.

But rarely do I talk about how I pick the those authors. Sometimes I choose authors that make me so very frustrated....that seem to talk above and beyond me in such a tantalizing way that I simply must rise to the occasion and at least try for a good few weeks to figure  out  what all their fussing is about.  As Seth Godin would say....I try to get the joke.

Then, after a season of bad hair days , coffee spilled on overdue library books  and one too many coffee cups gathered around my computer...I rest. I am content. I actually got the joke. I rock.

How you craft your self led learning journey is one thousand percent up to you. It is not for me to tell any body else what they should be learning. That would defeat the point of calling it
SELF led learning.

SELF led learning....means to it's very essence, that you alone must choose. You will hunt and gather those epic books. You will scrape the dusty corners of the net for some forgotten genius who frustrates and inspires you, that you just can't get out of your mind. You will find that novel idea that was inspired by God to propel you forward....to your next step....to your destiny.

Don't give up on the journey because you don't hear anyone telling you what your next step should be...... The silence is indeed golden....  It is your empty room. Your blank page.
No need to be hasty. But do push forward. Push ahead.


The Fuss About the Consumer Price Index

I keep bumping into commentary about the inaccuracy of the way the Consumer Price Index ( CPI)
is calculated in our modern times. Apparently during President Obama's reign, it was not permitted to include the cost of food or the cost of gasoline in the calculations of the CPI....hence making the economy appear more "consumer friendly" than it actually was.
(see pg 163 of Second Chance, the book written by Robert Kiyosaki)

What is your take on this? Do you feel like the Consumer Price Index is a reliable metric by which to measure how our economy is doing and how it affects the "average" citizen?
Do you think it is measured differently in your country as compared to Canada or the USA?

If some of the commentaries are true, then the investments that use the CPI to help build hedges against inflation, are not going to do the trick for us that we think or hope they will.
I forget where I read this thought....but I read somewhere that the CPI formerly used "steak" purchases as a regular measure of the economy's ability to feed it's citizens, whereas now, they don't use "steak" as a measure, but rather use "ground beef".

But what is the actual truth. Is the literal cost of food that we pay today in our local grocery stores factored into our Canadian version of the CPI? Is the literal cost of food that we pay today in our local grocery stores factored into the American version of the CPI?

Some feel that equities are a better hedge against inflation than other investment vehicles. Others feel that they trust those "custom made" inflation protection investment products ( such as T.I.P.S) are the real deal and can be trusted to protect oneself from future inflation. What do you feel? What do you think? Which books or articles do you find most accurate in their discussion on the CPI?
I am all ears.

Peacefully thoughtful,

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Gluten Free At Chick-Fil-A

Big FAT Disclaimer....
This post is not to be taken as medical advice. All medical advice should be obtained from a licensed medical practitioner.  The links listed are current as of Jan 12 2019.
Food companies can change the ingredients of their product offerings whenever they choose.
This post is intended for conversational purposes only. Those with food allergies should consult their doctors for medical advice. This post is not intended as dietary advice or recommendations.
Those with food allergies need to do their own up to date inquiries with due diligence and caution.

Hi Folks! How has the new year started for you?

Well that was a pretty big disclaimer for such a little post. But then again, I do find it alarming that sometimes folks just blindly trust whatever they see written on a random internet article.
Anyway, for today I just wanted to post some links that are current as of Jan 12 2019 regarding the allergens present in Chick-Fil-A menu items. I kinda wish we had these kind of restaurants up here in Ontario....but hey...with their rapid growth across the USA perhaps we may be next on their list for expanding market share into the north!

This is their main website home page :

Their pdf link of food ingredients, current as of Jan 12 2019


From a quick gander at their list, I noticed that their hash browns, grilled nuggets and
Chick-Fil-A Waffle Potatoe Fries do not contain wheat as a listed ingredient. Also, it appears that their Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry Milk shakes also do not contain wheat as a listed ingredient.

However, note that they have many other menu items which do contain lots of wheat and gluten and so therefore the potential for cross contamination does exist.

If you wish to contact the company.... their contact information is listed on their website at this link:


Well, that's all for now. May God bless you with  a healthy 2019 as you enjoy His blessings and provision.

Peacefully productive,

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Warren Buffett - HBO Documentary HD #Advexon

There's something magical about a great biography....whether you read it in book form....

or watch it on the telly.

This moment which you can enjoy starts at precisely the timestamp 3:47 in this youtube video which captures an HBO documentary about Warren Buffet.

Why did I stop the vid at precisely that moment? Because whole books could be written about just that one moment in time. Mr. Buffet's success is based upon focus....his ability to focus, recall financial data at will and have financial discipline.

He knew off by heart, from memory, what the cost is to the penny for his

three lowest cost favorite McDonald breakfast items. He plans before he drives to work,, as to which

breakfast item he will purchase from McDonald's . He asks his wife, for one of three amounts precisely in cash: namely $2.61 for two sausages, or $2.95 for a sausage mcmuffin with egg and cheese, or $3.17 for a bacon and egg and cheese biscuit. I would assume that his wife is accustomed to counting out precise cash amounts to accommodate his spending routines. He likes routines, and seems to thrive on the repetition of low cost behaviors.

What can we observe remotely from that simple 5 minute routine?

1/ Mr. Buffett shops for the best prices for items he knows he will buy on a daily basis.

 ( if you want to read about the late Hetty Green's thrifty meal habits...you will see similarities)

2/ He didn't buy a drink with his food.

3. He doesn't tempt himself by keeping extra cash on hand. He asks his wife to hand him precisely what he needs to pay for the breakfast in cash in full, with no extra cash for extra spending.

4. It appears that he did not tip the drive through cashier.

5. Mr. Buffett, with all his wealth, is not too proud to eat fast food.

6. Mr. Buffett, with all his wealth, is not too proud to fetch his own food.

7. Mr. Buffett, is not too shy to purchase low cost items locally. He feels no need to impress others with his wealth by overspending on necessities like food.

8. He is kind to the McDonald's workers. He does not appear to think of himself as above other people.

9. Even in humor, Mr.Buffet connects the products he buys with "how the market is doing"...and knew what the stock market was doing even before breakfast.

10. Mr. Buffett described how...on days when he chooses a lower cost McDonald's item, such as two sausages, he says that he puts the two sausages together. That illustrates that he doesn't consider himself above adjusting something in order to utilize lower cost items. He'll go the extra mile to spend less.

I wonder, do you or I see similarities in his breakfast habits? Are we similarly frugal and repetitious and efficient and kind all at once? Do we see value in routines that allow us the mental brain room to focus on other more important matters?

Many great men and women have seen the need to simplify and build simple routines in order to manage their "cognitive load" ( borrowed that word from Seth Godin). Dr. Mike Murdock also writes extensively about using routines, such as always going to the same Barber, in order save mental and emotional "energy" to address the more important decisions of life. Steve Jobs, always wore similar clothing in order to preserve his mental and emotional juice for his more important creative and business projects.

Do you get any ideas or inspiration from Mr. Buffett's breakfast routine? Can you think of any ways in which you can lower the cost of one of your daily routines, and keep it in a simple circular loop of habit? Do you feel that this routine could help you to spend less money or curtail time wasted making decisions about trivial matters?

Do tell. Looking forward to your responses to this vid.

Peacefully productive,