Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Sometimes the Opposite is True

Years ago, when I started blogging, i would visit the sites of other bloggers...with the colorful links and bling...and i would feel so underwhelmed by what I was doing with "only" the written word.
Yes, I know, I do use links, and ads and yes, I do use Youtube videos as well to add to the playful mix....but most of my posts are usually just full of the written word.

Then I stumbled upon the living legend,  Mr. Seth Godin. I felt so encouraged in my heart by what he was saying. He was on the side of those who simply try to be authentic. He loved the written word and took great efforts to form his words in ways that were precise and tasteful and artistic all at once.

Seth spoke about how you don't need to be writing to the whole world....and that in fact, all you really need to earn a decent income from your passion, is simply to acquire 1000 true fans. Those 1000 true fans would become your "tribe"....and that tribe would potentially empower you to quit your dead end day job and allow you to do full time what you have done thus far only as a side hustle.

So, I just want to say thanks to Seth Godin for showing me that just being myself was still a worthwhile endeavor....even if my blog was a "plain Jane" compared to so much glitz and glamour all around me. Seth encouraged me to just keep writing...The beauty of it all, is that it turns out that the search engines prefer my "original content" rather than all those links and ads that fill so many blogs.

The writing has continued.

Thanks Seth,


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Time to Think? Heck ya....

If you don't have time to think.....what are you doing with your life?

I was listening again to James Allen's audio book "As a Man Thinketh" and I was so excited once again for those confirmations of what I have believed for years. I have blogged about this extensively as well. The point that Mr. Allen confirms again, is that it is so very very VERY                                     ( YES ALL CAPS!!!) important for human beings to have "thinking spaces".

What is a "thinking space" ? It is simply the space and time reserved on a regular basis solely for the purpose of "thinking time".

If we are not spending enough time to think....what are we doing? We are running around pell mell with our heads cut off like chickens after the chopping block. We are not living in any kind of sane or orderly fashion. When we refuse to spend time thinking we live more like animals than dignified humans.

I have only two minutes left to finish this post. But I want to encourage you today, to not only spend time today on eating and drinking and fixing your hair.....but to also spend just a few quiet moments alone in thought.
It is blessed.

Peace out,

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Designed to Make You Not Think?

We are all familiar with the dazzling lights that Vegas style casinos use to intoxicate and mezmorize
gamblers..... so that they lose count of what money they have or what they have bet and just want to keep playing....no matter what the personal cost is for their 'play" time.

But I wanted to mention a quick idea today. What things distract you in your "normal life" that prevent you from learning anything valuable?  Are the books too expensive? Are the best books that suit your interest too hard to find? Are your roommates noisy and your cat chews on your library books and now you owe them 10$ in book damage fees? Are your eyes too tired from staring at computers at work all day to read  or listen to anything of substance after a long day at work?
Does your your "significant" other demand all the energy you have left once your workplace has taken it's daily cut?

But I want to ask you. Where are you headed? Are you letting life lead you? Or are you leading your own life with your own goals?

People who read, people who carefully choose books or audio books or seminars based upon their life goals are moving forward....on their own terms. It's called self-led learning. No need to let anything or anyone or any circumstance get in the way between you and your ability to move toward your goal.

Just a thought....

Peace out,

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Lips of the righteous Feed Many..

Such an elegant and inspiring verse from scriptures:

"The lips of the righteous feed many:".... Psalm 10:21a kjv

Do you have someone in your life that puts a fire in your soul? Someone who inspires you to
move toward your dreams and propels you forward at lightening speed towards the accomplishment of your goals? If  you do....you are a truly blessed human being.

Words are not just words.....whether they are typed or spoken. Words can build you or words can break you. Some beautiful person who chooses to build you up with his or her words is worth more than silver or gold.

Tis a short post today..... peace out.

Bullish on life,

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Fame Does not Always Equal Great Wealth

I have noticed over the past year, with the rising fame of some "reality tv" folks, that even though many of these shows garner avid fans and followers and happily glean millions of views for the benefit of the networks that own the shows.....the stars who fuel the shows' success do not always earn very much for their fame.

If you are curious, do a few google searches of those who star in shows such as
"Life Below Zero"....you will be surprised by what you see.
The website may tout the $500,000 net worth of a star of this show, as if that is a large amount.
But that is a mere pittance compared the millions of dollars these shows earn from the hard work of these stars who expose their personal lives to the intrusion of cameras and camera crews for years.

I also think back to one of my wacky fave shows from several years ago, which was
TLC network's "Extreme Cheapskates". I recall one of the most compelling guest stars of that series, who was an American named Victoria Hunt. Her cheapskate antics garnered millions of views. However, I don't feel like she has been able to truly cash in from the fame of her popular episode which catapulted her to nationwide recognition. Perhaps she was uncomfortable with the attention?
But she sure was great with saving money. Perhaps she could have hired someone to help her more effectively monetize her new found fame.

Do you know of someone famous who wound up with less than a million in net worth? Did it surprise you, because you were a big fan and mistakenly thought that "star" was fabulously wealthy???

With the proliferation of the internet over the past decade, airing so many "home grown" net stars, there are untold millions of humans across the globe who have  millions of fans and viewers, but little cash to show for their hard work.

If you happen to get famous, be a smart cookie ....... hire a good agent, marketing manager, and at least sign a grrrrreat book deal ok???

In peaceful productivity,

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hill's Notion of Setting for Ideas

For those who have read, perhaps more than once, the legendary paperback
"Think and Grow Rich" by  Napoleon Hill, perhaps you recall him explaining the process of
"setting for ideas".

It is a profound respect for the process and value of simply being still, and solitary and thinking productively..

I have been enjoying my read of Edward O. Thorpe's book "A Man for All Markets"....which is available btw in both print and audio format.

One of Mr. Thorpe's remarkable discoveries when he began to conquer some gambling games successfully, was illustrated in this one statement of his:

"What intrigued me.....it was the possibility that merely by sitting in a room and thinking.....I could figure out how to win".    (found in Chapter 5: first page, of his book "A Man for All Markets".)

I want to ask you today. What incredible ideas could you create if you gave your mind the credit and space and time to work that it requires?

Perhaps you live and/or work in noisy places. Noise can clutter your thinking power, unless of  course it is predictable white noise which your mind may find comforting and conducive to concentration.

But if you find you are chronically distracted and unable to focus, you may need to carve out for yourself an authentic "thinking spot". It may be a picnic table isolated by the creek  or lakeside so that yu can look out on some moving water. Or perhaps you may find yourself able to think simply by downloading some white noise onto your smart phone so that you can listen to it, as you walk solemnly around the block.

Everyone is different. But we are all the same in that we are much more productive when we have access to the space and time and place that is conducive to thinking in solitude.

Be blessed, my smart friends and colleagues. You have unlimited potential.


Monday, November 11, 2019

On the Hunt to Audio-Ize

Over the years perhaps you have noticed that  I have a particular fondness for soaking in nonfiction books via audio recordings.

It has become a passion to hunt down the most cost effective format in which to locate an audio  version of my current book of obsession.

So today I went to go  see some computer nerds. I brought in my fave crisp new book,ready for them to magically transform into an audio format for me....only to be shocked by their retort. Perhaps the dude had just spent an all-nighter coding, because his reply was rather chalky.
He stated that it would cost  thousands of dollars for him to manually feed my book   into a scanner which would then be turned into a text file which would then be fed into a software that could transform text into a computerized voice file. He said the computerized voice would suck....why would anyone want to listen to that......and would most  likely contain errors from either the paper to text file conversion, or from the text to computerized voice conversion process.

He seemed  to be quite adamant that my request was not ideal....nor reasonable. What a waste of a treacherous drive up our slippery newly snow covered streets.

Sigh..... But alas,  i am not one to give up too easily! I considered briefly the idea of contacting our  local CNIB to see if perhaps they had more user friendly methods for their visually impaired clients when transforming some written works into audio formats.

Instead I called our local book  store. The clerk did a search for me, to see if there was any kind of audio version for sale globally for my current book obsession. Woot woot! They found one. And guess what .....it was very easy to purchase on my phone via Kobo.

I had thought that Kobo was only an e-reader type of gadget.....like an ipad  for e-books.

But lo and behold, because the clerk in the book store was willing to do a search that did not in any way benefit  her employer, I have been able to listen to my fave new nonfiction book on my phone.

Perhaps some day  computers will have advanced so far into artificial intelligence, that it will  be a simple and cost effective feat simply to convert a paperback or hardcover into a seamless audio book.....but for now at least I have another method with which to chow down on my next new must-hear non-fiction book.
Be courageous friends in your lifelong learning. It leads somewhere good.....and is worth the effort.


Friday, November 8, 2019

Why You Just Might Succeed

You just might succeed because  when your friends...your family and perfect strangers giggled at your goals ......you persevered.You plodded onward.

Even when u ran out of money u didn't back down. The money finally surrendered to your will as you conquered it's mystique. You now have more than you need and plenty to share.

You finally understood that success does not always rest upon the prettiest, the fastest or the affluent. You waited for wisdom to reveal herself to you. You were patient and alert.

You tore through books. You asked questions. You weren't shy to speak your goals aloud and often to yourself. You tweaked your list of goals as often as needed...
but not to please anyone other than yourself. You became the creator of your own destiny.

Sometimed people listened. Sometimes people laughed.

And now....now they who once mocked you are calling you desperately for advice. Folks who criticized you openly are now bragging of those times long ago when they knew you.
You smile gently.

You learned to smile when folks were cruel. You learned to let nothing disuade you from your chosen path.

It is righteous. It is good.

Now you have reached that pleasant plateau...where not only have you reached your own personal goals....but you can help others reach their's too.

It is so well.
It is so good.
Thankyou God.


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

There for the Taking

My local city libraries have approximately 170,000 items on their shelves. That total spans two library branches located within our city limits. i dont live in a particularly large city. however, our local libraries are well used by residents and highly valued by city planners.

I so enjoy that legendary Robin Williams film entitled "Good Will Hunting". It's main character, a rebellious genius, gets into a verbal battle with an Ivy League brat, by stating quite convincingly.... that he was able to get all the same knowledge as the ivy brat simply by paying less than 5$ a year in late fees to his local public library. i can't help but applaud. 

Now  before u think i am just some bookworm with a penchant for books....permit me to enlighten you otherwise. I am not a mere reader of books.

i read to learn. THEN i take what i have learned and try it out in the real world. I put into practice what i personally study. Through trial and error i tweak my strategies until i receive the desired outcome.

Much of what i have personally put into practice which has propelled me forward in life, has been eagerly gleaned from free or low cost high quality books. Sometimes i splurge on a high cost book and usually discover it is worth every single penny...even if the cost is over a 100 dollars. Good timely accurate information is priceless.

Some of my learning curve has stretched from written pages to dance playfully with websites, podcasts and blogs.  i have also , on more than one occasion, taken it upon myself to personally contact a well respected author with the intent of being able to ask more precise questions. 

 I pride myself on having the courage to contact well accomplished authors for the sole purpose of learning more about a vital subject of interest.

You must bet on yourself sometimes, to use the skills u already have to get u moving towards your written life goals. 

Well, i am going to be brief today. i am simply going to ask u  a question. Are u sure that u have taken full advantage of what your local public library has to offer?  Have u maxed out it's advantages for the attainment of your life goals?

It just may be possible, that somewhere, hidden in a massive library book shelf or in a stack of audio book cd's..... lies the next bite of information u have been waiting for. Don't u want to get that much closer towards the accomplishment of one of your life goals?You are passionate about your life goals aren't u ?

in peaceful productivity , 

Friday, October 11, 2019

How to Stay Out of Debt: Warren Buffett - Financial Future of American Y...

You gotta love Mr. Buffett's simple way of explaining things to people...and in this video he kept it really straight forward, for the sake of the youth in the audience.

One of my favourite statements that he makes in this video is this:

"They can't tax what is in your head".

In Peaceful Productivity,


Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Secret to Think and Grow Rich Revealed | Bob Proctor

One of my favorite things to do, is simply assist other people to understand little tiny simple things that they can do to improve their lives. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but as Tony Robbins like to say 
" Success leaves clues". 

Therefore, I do not shy away from making suggestions, from sharing ideas which can help nudge you forward.

So....my nudge for today is this. Stop looking for mysterious answers from dead air. What is dead air? It's the nothingness that you are listening to when you are staring at the sky or looking out the window...listening to nothing.

Yes, I know that people can receive random directions from God...and they describe how they received a message from God which helped mold and create the success they now have. 
But I think it is fair to say that most of us do not hear God's audible voice on a daily basis.

Therefore, from where are you getting your guidance??? And just to be frank....have you sought any guidance at all from people of value? Who are people of value? People of value, are people that you respect and admire......people who have accomplished similar goals to what you are aiming for based upon your own list of written goals.

It bothers me sometimes, with the onslaught of new age dogma, how "gurus" are teaching people to "empty" their minds.
What are folks supposed to do with any empty mind? Do you think Elon Musk has an empty mind? No, Elon Musk's mind is full and working at full speed towards creating new projects and businesses. He has grand ideas and because he knows how to inspire people, they willingly invest their money into almost anything he tries to invent.

Nothing is nothing. Nothing is not inspiring. It is blank and empty.
It has no value and is devoid of truth.

We want to be full.....full of wisdom and creativity and knowledge and inventions. We want to embrace life with vigor and joy. We want to chase our dreams with passion and energy. We want to work with like minded people who challenge us to grow.

Well, that's all for now. I've included a sample of a positive video from Bob Proctor. He has a knack for making people feel good and energized . 

Today, try to fill your "dead air" time with videos or recordings, or music and teachings that encourage your life goals and empower you forward.

Productively yours,

Friday, October 4, 2019

What the Church Does Right and What It Wrecks

i have had the privilege as well as the challenge of being in churches throughout much of my life.

Therefore, my perspective includes the beauty, the grace, the courage , the power and the intelligence that comes from being a part of a christian church. I am always grateful for being introduced to the study of the holy bible from a very very young age. My childhood was filled with adults who took  the time to read the holy bible aloud to our family on a regular basis..

So what are the challenges that growing up in a "churchy" lifestyle bring? How could something so beautiful and gracious bring any challenges at all?

Well, for today I am just going to keep it short. I will list simply 5 reasons that a religious background can sometimes bring struggles that others from different backgrounds do not struggle with.

1/ A sense that it is not "right" to be ambitious or pursue your own self created goals. Religious mindsets often preach the idea that followers of God must allow God to form their future, and therefore seem to send a message to their young followers that they are not "permitted" to make their own list of personal life goals. The message seems to label being goal oriented as selfish or self centered.

2/ A sense that women are not encouraged to be "all that they can be"....but must simply become mothers of children and dress modestly. Some religious circles strongly frown on any sign of a "freedom loving" female agenda. Such religious groups refuse to spend money on educating the women in their congregation, and show an outright preference to sending the young men to higher educational places, but not the women.

3/ Some church communities frown on the use of certain medications. They seem to have the attitude that it shows a "lack of faith" to submit to the use of prescription medications suggested by "secular" doctors. This attitude has very dire results in some church communities, as those who are trying to please that church's leadership may wind up depriving their loved ones of lifesaving medications.

4/ Time gobbling.. There is no other way to describe some church community cultures. I have seen some Christian leaders apply extreme emotional pressure to their congregation until they feel obligated to spend many days of the week attending church meetings and other religious activities. These leaders refuse to acknowledge that when church attendance is so extreme, that other obligations in a normal family can go unattended, such as work duties, wealth building, education (both self led and formal) as well as regular housework. Such pastors are hungry for absolute control over their congregation and they perpetuate their control by having access to the presence and ears of their church members for as many days of each week as possible.This perpetuates a church culture in which the church members are chronically under-educated and mentally dull.
I believe that this deeply grieves God's Spirit, who rejoices when we embrace our own intellectual potential.

5/ A Disrespect for money. There has been much written on this subject. So I will keep it really short.
Some church leaders have no business experience and often limited formal education. Therefore, their personal understanding of finance, in both the personal and commercial realms, is extremely limited. Therefore, these pastors preach from a perspective of financial immaturity. If a pastor does not understand how money works, and does not respect the time and effort it takes to create wealth and maintain wealth;  the church members will discover that this pastor will not empower them to prosper. His or her messages will be filled with naivete and even a chronic disrespect for those who are rich. These type of church leaders often lift up those who live on little money as "more pious and spiritual" than those who are setting their sights on creating or maintaining wealth.
Ironically, it is often these very same immature pastors who are the first to walk up to a rich church member and apply extreme persuasion to try to apply guilt and manipulation to try to convince or force the rich church members to donate much of their wealth to that very same church.

Well, that's all for now folks. Sorry to write negative things. But some of these things still need to be understood.

If you choose to attend Christian churches, be blessed and do so with joy. However, be aware that you should never completely lower your guard, no matter where you worship. Do not let anyone, or any organization steal your time or your money, or your health. Make your own decisions with prayer and your own common sense. Don't be inordinately vulnerable to pastors and preachers....and always hold their advice up to the sniff test. If it don't smell right....toss it out.

In Peaceful productivity,

Thursday, October 3, 2019

"Inside Bill's Brain"...that new Netflix doc

So I've been watching bits and blurbs of that new Netflix Documentary entitled
" Inside Bill's Brain" which is a biographical piece about Bill Gates.

One of the things which strikes me most, is how I am reminded once again, just how important to Bill Gates...is his desire to spend time alone reading. He speaks of it more than once in this new documentary.

That same desire to read and think.....preferably while alone....is something shared by
many great minds of our day. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and other motivational speakers like
Robert Kiyosaki, speak at length, about how important it is to their own personal and professional/business growth to keep sourcing, and hunting down and devouring books.

It is much more than just a simple "success habit"....
It is much more than just another way to "expand one's mind".

Those who really want to make a difference with their lives are often somewhat obsessed with finding quality reading materials, whether that be books or quality magazines or newsletters pr blogs.

Where you get your information from is so very crucial. What you mentally consume, forms and influences your outlook on life......
What you read will fill you with hope, or with despair. It is your choice. Choose carefully..

What you read fills the void. Hunt down quality mental meat with which to fill your mental void.

Don't accept supermarket tabloids and scammy hastily written blogs. Don't fall for click bait.

Pray and hunt continuously for quality information from trustworthy sources. It may take years to develop the networks you need to be able to sniff out good advice and reliable reading materials. Covet them more than gold.


Monday, September 30, 2019

Shoe Shoutout

Perhaps this is not the right format to do  a rave about a particular brand of shoes...but since y'all have suffered with my random and very broad range of interests over the years, I will indulge the idea for today.

Today I finally found a good picture of what I would say would be the highest quality "work" type shoes that I have ever worn.

Here is the link to the precise model/style


If you want to visit their main Canadian Home Page....here is the link for that...


Well, you might take a look at these "Women's PTC Oxford" and think....huh...not much style.
But it's not really the style that is of the essence here.
Once in a while, when you want to wear something reliable that isn't going to fail you when you kick a can down the sidewalk, you gotta know that these shoes will do the work.

They are also "oil and slip resistant" as well as "non-marking".

My experience has been in agreement with these statements. I have even worn them in snowy weather and not slipped. They were still warm and comfortable. They are solid and durable. Would I wear them with a dress....uh....no. But sometimes, when a gal needs to get something done without wearing bling or glamour, it is nice to have a pair of shoes that you can trust. Thank you Keen!

Well, I thought I would get really poetic and go on and on about the benefits of these shoes....but I am going to keep it simple....just really simple. These shoes are fabulous. They are warm....and they last a long time, which more than compensates for their higher price tag. I feel safe in these shoes and I know my feet will be comfortable and protected from whatever I happen to walk through.

Peace friends.....spend well.


Friday, September 27, 2019

Why Would Humans Want a Recession?

I find it bizarre, how humans sometimes crave bad things, in the same way that they like to watch a horror movie.

Why does it feel like some folks actually want the economy to fail? Is there a clandestine conspiracy carving out a market for a recession that they can financially profit from ?
Hmmm. Yes, there are short sellers. They are poised and waiting for the proverbial snit to hit the fan.

Yes, and then there are the political big wigs that just like to watch a political figure fall in the midst of an economic recession so that they can blame the recession on him or her.

What are your thoughts? Warren Buffett speaks well of recessions to a certain point, because his company is able to purchase more quality companies at bargain prices in an extended bear market.

How about you? Are you indifferent about the economy? Or are you relishing the tragic film noir that is an official "Economic Recession" so that you can buy  investments for cheaper prices or do some skillful short selling? Perhaps you have already predicted the next recession and already hedged against it or invested to profit from dropping share prices or rising bond rates.

Oh vey, I must admit, I find the whole unfolding drama that is our markets and economic climate to be quite compelling education and entertainment...all at once.

Well, my dear readers, be well, be well prepared, and kick up some good profits this week.


Monday, September 16, 2019

Should We Only Learn from "Nice" People?

Some of the folks I have learned the most from are not what most people would call
"nice"....in fact....pretty much no one would call any of them friendly....

As someone who came from a deeply religious background, I was pretty much raised to favor teachers and mentors who were classicly "nice" and "good".

But what does an inquiring mind do, when one runs out of nice people with good information?
You go seek out the information you need from WHATEVER source that is hiding it from you.
You may have to face many nasty folks who will make it their purpose in life to hide the best information from you personally. It is personal. They don't want you to win. They don't want you to get ahead.

Life is not always gentle. Life is not always kind.
We need to grow thicker emotional hides so that we can withstand the subtle or not-so-subtle insults that modern society may throw at you or your family.

You must model that strong emotional armor that is required to succeed in today's modern work place.

Don't be afraid. You are stronger than you think. Face those obstacles and make sure you keep searching and searching and hunting down those fountains of accurate knowledge that will propel you to the next level of accomplishing your goals.

Don't forget, my dear friends, that it is vital that you formulate and write down in black and white just PRECISELY what your life goals are. Be specific and give a "completion" date that you want to reach each goal by.

Keep your list of life goals handy and recite them daily. ..out loud to yourself and to God and maybe to a trusted friend or partner if you feel you want to share your list with another humanoid.
But be very careful to never share your list of goals with someone who may mock you for your ambition or try to "knock you off of your pedestal".

You'd be surprised by  how many people are totally intimidated by people with real definite written life goals.

Goals are what separates the lost souls from the bold conquerors who accomplish incredible feats in their lives, one small step at a time.

Get started gaining the knowledge and accurate up to date information that you need in order to accomplish your goals. Be faithful to believe in yourself. Pray about your list of goals and allow God to show you any tweaking you may need to do.... to prune out anything wild from your list.

In Peaceful productivity,

Anton Kreil Annihilates Retail Brokers and "Trading Educators"

I tried to post this video earlier this week, but there seemed to be a glitch. Enjoy it today.



Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Tree-planting drones hope to fight deforestation

Shucks....I thought I had come up with this idea...but looks like many many other humans

already thought of combining the cool utility of free flying remote controlled drones, and the ultimate

green "fan" practice of tree planting.

From the looks of the several youtube vids that are easy to find on youtube already created for your viewing pleasure....it looks like the "tree planting drone" industry is well on it's way.

It won't be long before the whole technology will be maxed out in terms of precision and effectiveness and cost cutting measures.... Do you agree?

So, since I can't lay claim to any of the glory of marvelous green invention...I want to propose a few questions to the companies and individuals who are currently  working on tree planting drones for commercial, humanitarian, or personal reasons.

Words are free....sort of.. So I might as well spill a few.

A few questions:

1/If tree planting drones are flying around remote locations "shooting" tree bullets straight into the ground, can the drone ensure that these virtual tree "bullets" are not hitting humans or live animals on the way down?

2/ This question is inspired by some of the youtube comments I have been reading on the various

tree planting drone videos. What is the success percentage of these "tree bullets" actually surviving

out in the "wild" without any kind of supplemental irrigation of fertilizer?

3/ I heard that the cost per "tree bullet" can be as low as 30 cents U.S.

    Does that include a "natural" brand of tree seedling that is selected  based on it's natural habitat?

Or is it a possible "danger" of tree planting drones, that far too many tree seedlings of  just one kind of tree "such as a red maple" will proliferate through large swaths of the earth, thus crowding out the natural biodiversity that is "normal" in most forested areas?

4/ Will the companies that are planting trees in such a "cool....yet stealthy" manner.....are they going to obtain the proper permissions and licenses to plant these trees when it  may be difficult to enforce or trace the source of certain seedlings? Would some nefarious tree planting drones (operated by malicious humans) use these tree planting drones to, for example, plant an agressive invasive tree species into a highly prized "haute couture" crop field? Wouldn't a farmer be so distraught to find some large trees that he never personally planted suddenly popping up and taking over his dragon fruit or avocado orchards??

5/ Can we protect the 'tree planting " drone industry from those GMO seed companies that may try to monopolize this new technology for their own financial gain? Is it too late?

Well now that's enough questions for tonight. Thanks for listening by the fire.

Peace out,


Saturday, September 7, 2019

Looking Out

Chewing once again on Napoleon Hill's thought.... that "Thoughts are things".

I have the privilege to observe many people in my weekly journey. I see those who
carry the scent of success. I observe how they walk, how they sit, how they speak and when they don't.

I also see those who are losing at the game of life....how they walk, how they sit, how they speak and when they don't.

There is a huge difference between the two groups. Not an insurmountable difference, but an enormously wide gap none the less.

This gap has to do with what is going on in the mind. The mind of the successful person is not focused on the weather, or whether their neighbor raked their leaves. The mind of the successful person is chewing on the goals and strategies for the day, week, month , year. They look out with eager expectation to see how their families and fellow citizens will grow up and thrive and become productive.Their life lies in what they think about. Their thoughts are focused and refined and definite. They spend their days with mental targets, with fires to put out, with long term visions to clarify and prune. The thought life of a successful person is a mountainous adventure every day.....their thought life is verdant and productive.

The thoughts of the first group, the successful group....is like a tacit slow bite and chew.. on a high quality steak...thoughtful and delicious....a pleasure to consume. The human mind is built for challenges. God has given us all the profound ability to continuously widen our scope of thought and reason. Dr. Caroline Leaf describes how our brain's capacity is virtually limitless and capable of endless development.

And then I must also describe the opposite group. When they look out the window, they really see the rain and it depresses them. They walk the street and look at the cracks in the side walk, and utter a curse if their shoe gets caught on the lifted pavement. When they look at the clouds, they feel that the sky has chosen just to rain on them and spoil their day. They look out, but when they look out they expect the air to direct them...to tell them what to do. They look at the posters in the convenience store and spend their last dollar on "lady luck" muttering to coax her, to surprise them with a lottery win. They do not have hope in themselves, or in society or in God......but always somehow retain faith in "lady luck."

The latter group looks out the window and has no goals for the day, the week, the month , the year.
Survival is simply a symptom of their broken dreams. They are alive in the  crudest sense of what it means to be human...but have not discovered their God given powers. Perhaps at some moment many years ago...they had a  brief glimpse of their own potential....but have laid it down....like dusty leaves cluttering the drain on the street.

 I just want to say a few thoughts...a few little ideas that may assist you my brothers and sisters in life. When you look out the window at the day.....do not ask the clouds for wisdom.
do not ask the air for advice. It will not answer.

 God is not silent. He is not withholding Himself from you. But He does like to be found. You must search for God, search for wisdom....search for good ideas. That search has a face....it is the face of the Book, and many books, and many people of profound wisdom and knowledge....who are waiting to share what they know with you. But they can not share with you what you do not pursue. Pursuit has  a price tag. The price tag of pursuit is admitting that you do not know everything. The price tag of pursuit is admitting that you need something from some one else. It is not admitting defeat. It is humbly and confidently admitting that you are seeking more than what you currently have and know to be true. It is admitting that you need more. It is mustering up the courage to keep seeking for the books, data, knowledge, classes, network and contacts who will escort you to a higher level. A higher level of thought and reason.  A higher level of living.

your good ideas may not always be lofty, they may not solve world hunger or pay the college tuition for a million of your fellow citizens.....but then again....they just might. Ideas multiply...they are seeds of greatness.

your good ideas are very powerful. You are capable. You are able to do and choose to do many things today.

What are your goals? Have you written them down? Do you have your list of goals handy to be able to recite them daily?

You must, have something to move your life towards. Put it in writing. Move on.


Monday, September 2, 2019

Will the Infrastructure of the Stock Market Remain the Same?

I assume that I am not the only person on the planet who considers this question about the future.

My question is this..... The current capitalistic system of publicly traded companies selling shares
that are then being purchased by companies and individuals..... is that going to stay the same in the next 10-100 years?

Will the ownership of common or preferred shares/etfs/bonds/mutual fund units always be the most common way to take and retain ownership of a company into the foreseeable future?

Some folks, with an unfailing enduring faith in the stock market, have planned and feel strongly that the stock market will always and indefinitely retain powerful financial value down on into the next generations of humanity.

I tend to hope that this will be true. But sometimes I can't help wondering if the nature of wealth is going to change. With technological and political changes that are in some ways inevitable and gathering momentum, will the stock market, such as it is today.... remain the best way to hold and pass along wealth to the next generation?

Will other strategies be birthed sooner rather than later, that will carry wealth a little more fluidly?
Will these strategies be more "disaster and creditor proof" than the others?
I recall listening to a bitcoin developer speak about how he was working on new
virtual "smart contracts"....that basically a company can be formed instantaneously without much human intervention, and also garner investment with little human elbow grease required.
Wouldn't it be something to be able to create a company and gather investment funding all in one  day from the comfort of your computer, in such a way that all laws and regulations would be fully satisfied? Would these "smart contracts" be so bullet proof as to be capable of carrying and multiplying wealth in the next decades and hundreds of years? Or a "smart contracts" merely a tech wizard's virtual video game that will garner money from millions of gullible computer geeks who may soon see that money disappear into the air? or shall I say the ethernet?

What do you think? Do you think that in 50 years from now, that we will still be buying and selling shares on a publicly traded stock market? Or will there be new products and technologies that open up new and improved methods of investing for our children and grandchildren?

Do you find yourself wishing and hoping that things stay the same and that your heirs can simply spend the dividends from the stocks you have given to them as an inheritance? Or do you hope that other "smarter" investment vehicles will come onto the mainstream market place to help you secure your family's financial future into the far off future?

Do tell, share what your thoughts are.
in Peaceful productivity,

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Cost of Freedom

I am not talking about war....nor weapons in the traditional sense of weaponry...but I am talking about
trappings of the soul and mind....which bind and trip up us mere mortals...when and if we allow them to do so.

There's a verse in the bible (james 4:7) ...which encourages us to
"Resist the devil and he will flee"...

That verse, in my understanding, also applies to things which trap our minds and lives ....snares and concepts and personal policies which prevent us from living fully. Even religious rituals which may have been initially created out of sincere love and devotion, can become warped and compulsive habits which control and bite out huge chunks of time which we would otherwise use to pursue our  wonderful life goals.

We need to be in control of ourselves, and not allow rituals to rise and become dictators over our time and dedication.

If we truly want to achieve our life goals , we must be permitted by ourselves to devote 100% of our time towards these goals...without being manipulated by guilt or a sense of inordinate religiosity.

Try to do only those religious activities which add real value to your life and your honoring of God.The rest is a waste of time and a thief towards your goal setting.

Has someone ever told you how to dress, how to wear makeup and where you should go?

How did you feel when they told you these things? Did they pretend that they were advising you these ideas "for your own good"? Or was it all just a guise to control you and keep you down? Was it an attempt to try to make sure you didn't have a better life than they did? Was it an attempt to make sure you had less success or fame than they had? Were they just trying to prevent you from making them jealous?

Envy is still a monstrous giant...a sneaky rebellious reptile, which will cause even the closest relative to put a stumbling block in front of another family member just to prevent progress and slow down your path to success.

When you sit down and ponder life...... check in on the status of your progress towards the accomplishment of your life's goals, don't forget to check in in your habits. Any habits which do not carry the sweet scent of freedom, are not helpful. You and your mind and your body must have the time and emotional and spiritual freedom to work on your goals with 100% dedication. Multitasking will not do.
If loving God is supposed to give us freedom......that freedom should give us full permission to live
a joyous, challenging, adventurous and wonderfully kooky life. It should not be boring, or predictable or safe by any means. Jesus lived a life of great adventure. He was also sinless. His freedom led him to lay  down His life for us all. What a treasure. What humble freedom. What passion Jesus showed for us, in that he harnessed all the power within his personal freedom and used it to  conquer death and the grave. He overcame any negative thing that would try to steal our joy or progress.

Whatever religious activities you are personally involved, I pray that they are bringing you closer to the freedom and joyful spirit of God who birthed in you  those goals that are sooooo worth fighting for. Peace on,

Extreme Fat Farm Experiment #1

OKOK,,,,, enough already. Time to come clean....... if I haven't blurted it out already.

The Extreme Fat Farm I operate....has how many members???
Do tell.

OK, ok.....it's really just me. I put myself into my own self orchestrated massive
Extreme Fat Farm Challenge.

The fat farm is just me and my big fat ego.
No members....other than me myself and I.

But since my readers are smarter than I am, y'all figured that out months ago no?

Sigh....feels good to be in the clear.

Ok, so now an update on the Extreme Fat Farm Experiment.( and thus it will be called from now on)

Well, so far I've convinced one other person to also jump  in her local lake too. Not my zone,but in her own local  zone's lake/bay. And I must say that I am quite surprised that someone actually took my advice at face value and tried it for herself. She said it was quite refreshing.

Have you done anything kooky lately and convinced someone else to try it too?
Did you spend many days, weeks....er months or even years trying to get someone to try that new thing you discovered?

Part of the miracle or natural wondrous power of a pure natural jump into the lake is the
massive change in temperature that quickly affects the whole body, mind and spirit.
Lakes are usually cooler rather than hot, and this cooling affect resets something in the inner core of our being.

I've written before about how Tony Robbins, ( yes THAT Tony Robbins) makes a regular habit of soaking in ice cold water before he gets going on one of his high octane conferences/seminars.
Tim Ferris is another celeb who also touts the extreme "inner reset" that occurs when you immerse your body in ice cold water. ( his own ice machine will bear testament to his extreme approval of this type of ice cold water plunge 'therapy".)

Well, that's all for now, friends. Thanks for riding with me this unruly moose called life.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Jim Rohn: How to Solve Your Money Problems (Law of Attraction)

Jim Rohn's advice as per his speech recorded at

url :https://www.youtube.com


It isn't about a certain amount of money or a certain accomplishment...

it's a question: Are you using the full extent of your reach?

 These are some of the questions he asks his listeners....

How far should you go?

As far as you can.

How much should you learn?

As much as you can.

How many books should you read.

As many as you can.

How much should you earn.

As much as you can.

How much should you share?

As much as you can.

What should you accomplish?

As much as you can.

What a delightful human being....this Jim Rohn.

If I am not mistaken....this is the same Jim Rohn that was Tony Robbins mentor.

Peace out,


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 8 No Numbers

Not gonna share the numbers yet....perhaps I will further on in this journey.
I want my family and friends to be able to read this blog years from now and see and sense the transformation.

This isn't a small journey. It  is life transforming.

i could talk about the weight loss. It has begun.

But I also know in my gut, that it is the muscle formation that is far more important than some bragger pounds of fat lost.

They...the little grey men...tell me that muscles weigh more than fat.
But the vain woman in me still wants to feel lighter...to see those measured numbers
go far below what I have carried with me for a portion of these my precious middle age years.

For a woman....of any age,....one's weight can become an unhealthy obsession.
But for others it is simply a tool to measure something to do with one's health and with one's appearance.

When I watch videos about IRON MAN competitions, I see the brilliantly lean muscle mass. I hear reports of 2% body fat.
2% body fat????

I would like to walk around and feel what it feels like to have that kind of body fat composition.
To feel what its like to trip lightly up a hundred stairs, to go for a 5 k bike ride in a few fast min.
To feel the waist of the pants I wear to rest lightly on my hips, not clinging madly to a plus size.
To tap lightly on harder abdominals....and know they can easily carry my frame into my next years.

i have discovered with glee, that the local industrial section, with huge flat parking lots, is wonderfully vacant on sundays. I can cycle for chunks of time without having to battle potholes and traffic and  staring motorists. Thx God. This new discovery is going to be a blessing.


Monday, July 29, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 7....Sometimes Moderation Will Not Do!

There's something else I want to write about.
Unfortunately the pressing idea has just briefly escaped me.

Oh great. I remember now.

There's this notion of boot camp.
and then there's this notion of moderation.

I have often been persuaded into the "do all things in moderation" way of living. It appeared prudent and has the appearance or illusion of calm wisdom.

But this is what I have discovered so far this summer. Sometimes moderation will not do.

Sometimes only the EXTREME will do. A MASSIVE change. A BIG step.

I have always been a big fan of baby steps, of small consistent steps in moderation to accomplish one big goal.

But the problemo with moderation....is that it's kinda hum ho...kinda dull and kinda boring.

Moderation will get you places....like a turtle, slow and steady wins the race.

But EXTREME is a heck of a lot more fun .....AND it gets you there faster!

So voila, the notion of the EXTREME FAT FARM.....where extreme notions turn into BIG ACTIONS to get obese, or overweight folks like me to take a flying leap into a freezing cold lake and just start walking. Walking and walking and walking in the cold water.

This EXTREME notion of motion in the cold water has resulted in weight loss and muscle formation and rejuvenation of emotions and mentality.

It wasn't about making some mild and gentle daily strut around the block. It was about....I am sick and tire of this crap and I am going to make  a BIG CHANGE....and NO ONE and NOTHING is going to stop me.

I had in my mind this notion of a boot camp. Where folks run hot....run fast and furious like mad for
like 1 or 2 weeks straight and transform their bodies and mentalities so that they become fit for army service.

Well, life is sometime as challenging as army service. WE neeed to have the tools to perform the service that life demands.One BIG TOOL is our physical body.

It will either be able to carry you through to accomplish your goals or it will fail you and will wind up at some diet and exercise club with some stupid monthly payment and a "gentle plan" designed by some spandex king with a condescending disgust for "older" folks.

No thankyou.  I will design my own EXTREME FAT FARM....and it will knock that sucker out of the park.

with a practical  toothy grin,

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 6

Ok second post in one day. I wanted to fess us something.
These results I am getting are not only from lake walking.
A little bit of cycling has come into the picture.
Not oodles, but every now and then, my purty pink bike is doing it's  thing.

So there, it's off my chest.

Sometimes the lake walking has morphed into swimming.....sometimes not.

Sometimes the lake walking changes into a bike ride.

I am not talking IRON MAN levels yet....but hey  I have put no limits into what I am headed for.

This body was headed for middle age hell...and I just woke up one day and said....No. Not today, not me. NO!

and so I began with a giant blasted leap into a very chilly local lake and away I have gone.

Peace part 2,

Extreme Fat Farm 5

new beach today. new area to water walk/swim. High waves....very rocky lake bottom.
Turns out my MEC dry bag is more "water resistant, than water proof..."  because I see too many
water droplets when I unravel the folding top of the bag after swimming.

So I've invested in a waterproof small size clear cell phone bag from the same MEC. I must admit...I really just love going into that store....browsing the kayaks, the "instant meals on the run" for those who love sports and camping and adventure as much or more than I do".

The great Napoleon Hill, I think it was, talked about how "Thoughts are things" and that when you are often around people who think positively and with energetic prosperous ideas, that it affects you and how you yourself think and feel when you walk through an area. MEC has very  cool people working there, full of energy and great ideas. The customers too are like minded and understand the call of  the water.

Well, back to today's water walk. Since I  used a new area for water walking/swimming...I didn't have the same measured out area to "lap". So I just used the nearest buoys to walk/swim between.
The lake was very wavy today, so the going was slow. But I brought a trusty new floaty board with me today to help me battle the waves.

I presume that authentic lake swimmers would frown on the use of a floaty board, but alas, I don't really care. Lol.

Have you done anything wacky outside the box lately to help you reach some goals?

Sometimes, doing something extreme that other folks would call "odd" is just the ticket to the progress you are craving.

It's probably been about a month now  and I must say that......Jumping straight into a very cold lake was just the ticket for me.


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 4

The Lake was too warm today. How bizarre. How can it be that a great big lake like Lake Simcoe can actually become warm???

Perhaps there is a good side to this....that if I actually feel the water being too warm, that this might just mean that my body is becoming more acclimated, in a good way, to spending significant time in lake water.

Perhaps also, this is the first day I actually have a tiny bit of understanding what Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss struggle with, in seeking out very icy water for ice cold baths, to shock their systems regularly into higher performance mode.

I never thought I would understand the attraction to going into ice cold water. To me it was always something to run away from. But my experience this summer with the mental and physical rejuvenation I attribute to regular walks in the cool lake water, has changed my mind.

Do you have extreme ways you use to boost you into a high performance mode?
Do share.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on Netflix...by the names of "Kim Swims" and "The Iron Cowboy".

Extreme Fat Farm 3

Yes yes yes....you've noticed I am not politically correct when I talk about "fat-ness".
The reason being....that yes, I have been there and done that myself....live and in living color.

I have faced almost every obstacle that any other overweight human being has or is facing.

That's why I refuse to sugar coat it....for lack of a better word.

Here are some of the obstacles that are being overcome
as the Extreme Fat Farm Challenge continues with 
Epic Lake Walks.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post, as well as any other post in this blog is  intended for conversational purposes only, not for medical advice. Please always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner. Any exercise discussed in this blog post or any other post on this blog should be approved by your medical practitioner before undertaking. Use proper water safety and supervision
when in or near lake water at all times. Use a life jacket if recommended for your condition by your doctor and/or the lifeguards.

Obstacle: When humans are overweight or obese, there are usually blood sugar control issues that creep into the state of the body. These sugar issues can dramatically impact regular daily life and also the ability or willingness to participate in hard core exercise. When an obese person has trouble with his/her body regulating it's blood sugar levels, he/she may be extremely fearful of engaging in hard exercise because he/she may rightly fear the potential for a "low blood sugar crisis".
A low blood sugar episode can  trigger a fainting spell and a mental and emotional panic while he/she scrambles to supply to his/her body the blood sugar  boost it needs as quickly as possible.
I don't know the proper medically correct answer for this......but for me, it has worked in my favor simply to power through that fear and do the exercise anyway.....but in the gentleness of cool lake water, while trying to make sure I have a sweet snack on hand to boost the blood sugar after the hard core exercise is done....such as with a melted freezie on hand in my bag by the lake.

Obstacle: Worrying about appearances when you may have been hiding from showing your body in public for years....or at least for what seems like years.
Answer: Do it anyway. Despite what we may feel about our "imperfect" physiques.....it
really doesn't matter what any other human mutters or thinks about yours or my appearance. Let them point and stare .....let them take photos if they so choose. Be proud of your beautiful human body....no matter it's current state. God gave your body to you. Wear your body with pride. Chin up.

Lake walking can help you remold your physique to function the way you need it to ....in order to support your life's goals and dreams.

Obstacle: What to WEAR??? Nothing fits or the things that do fit are so costly.
Answer: Suck it up, buttercup. Don't ever allow your lack of fashionable fitness attire dictate whether you exercise or not. Wear whatever you have and if you have to wear your own tshirt and cut off pants into the lake to start your walks....then do so. Just make sure that you are always safe and
that your clothes are not weighing you down too much as you walk in the lake. Clothing such as tshirts and cloth shorts are still going to weigh much more when they get wet than if you wear an old bathing suit. My current fave "lake walking attire" is an old one piece bathing suit with a small tshirt over top for modesty sake. Note that it will be easier to walk in a bathing suit that is designed for being wet and functional than in any clothes made from regular fabrics.

Obstacle: People or perhaps YOU might think that walking instead of swimming in a lake in public is weird. Kinda like those folks who are "mall walkers" and strut in their joggers round and round the interior of a shopping mall before the stores open.

Answer: Well, the point is one of the BIGGEST obstacles ALL of us face whenever we try to move ahead is overcoming the fear of what other people or even ourselves may think of us if we do something that is a little out of the ordinary.

My question is this....Do you really want to waste your life being ordinary? Have you been able to accomplish you goals by doing what you think "looks cool"????
I rest my case.

Well, that's enough chit chat for now. Embrace your goals. Write them down. Speak them outloud to yourself and God six times a week. Be proud of your goals. You deserve to accomplish very  Interesting things. Your body was given to you by God to permit you to accomplish wonderful things.
Be encouraged today. Small Changes begin with little steps in a brand new direction.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on Netflix...by the names of "Kim Swims" and
 "The Iron Cowboy".

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 2

If the regular "watch your diet and exercise"theme song worked for most folks, all of us would be fit and trim as star athletes. We wouldn't be running around in oversized stretch pants and XXL tshirts.
We wouldn't be hiding from bathing suits and swimming pools and muttering about the folks who actually feel good about their bodies and have good energy.

But methinks that many of us, need an Extreme Jolt to get our bodies in motion again.

Jumping in the lake...yes literally.....provides that extreme jolt and then some. The cold wakes up, and
cleanses out the cosmic dust of the day. The natural aspects are just fun distractions from the sand that clings to everyone and everything.

The other day I saw a seagull fly with a live wiggling fish in it's beak ....the sideshow was the entourage of other gulls that came to poach his dinner.  I swoosh away the floating flying ants that dot the translucent green lake path. I try not to step on anything that doesn't look like sand.

So, what's the progress so far with the fat farm?

No weight loss yet. Like as in NONE.

I told you there were no guarantees.

But here's the good part, the good and noticeable improvements:

Accumulation of new muscle tone and noticeable firming of abdominal and leg muscle area. Skin is smoother as these muscles are being used in the water in a gentle and persistent transition. Starting to feel more "put together". Energy lasts longer throughout the day with fewer energy drops in late afternoon.What was 4 lengths is now 6 lengths of the buoyed off area. There is now Less morning stiffness of both leg and feet joints.

A "high" similar to what is called "runner's high" kicks in a few hours after the lake walks.
The positive mental and physical mega boost affects everything.....the ability to problem solve,
optimism towards life and one's own physical future. An ability to handle a little bit less sleep.

The lake drops our inner core temperature to a wonderful new low. It's like a huge RESET button is hit to the metabolism. The modern motivators Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss both are great fans
 of  dunking into freezing cold water. They loudly laud the positive effects of this temp "RESET".

Tim Ferris, if I am to understand his podcasts accurately, has installed an ice making machine in his home in order to be able to have icebaths whenever he needs that kind of "RESET". Tony Robbins jumps into very chilly water before he starts off his day to conduct one of his high powered motivational conferences.

Temperature jolts are  a new tool in my creative tool box. I  recall how being outside in winter weather often provided that jolt that created a positive mental stream, but I had really forgotten what it felt like to be in the lake and really enjoy myself.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on Netflix...by the names of "Kim Swims" as well as  "The Iron Cowboy".

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I Operate an Extreme Fat Farm

I operate an Extreme Fat Farm.

These are the excuses that float or don't. You decide.

Goal: To walk four lengths of the swimming area roped off by buoys in the local lake.

Excuse: It's too cold.

Answer: That's the point.

Excuse: I can't get there.

Answer: Uber, taxi, city bus, walk, push your car downhill until it starts and jump in.

Excuse: I don't have anything to wear. I haven't worn a bathing suit in years.

Answer: here's a scissors and bring a pair of your old jeans.

Excuse: I can't swim in cut offs.

Answer: We aren't swimming yet. Just walking in water. You can do that in cutoffs and an old tshirt.

Excuse: My legs are hairy and I don't have a razor to shave with.

Answer: the Fish don't mind.

Excuse: The Fish????!

Answer: They haven't bothered me yet.

Excuse: I don't have lake shoes.

Answer:Neither do most folks around here.

Excuse: But you don't guarantee weight loss.

Answer: That's correct.

Excuse: What if I catch a cold from being wet and cold so much?

Answer: You might.

Excuse: What will people think of me jumping in the lake with my clothes on.

Answer: Good entertainment.

The end....is sometimes the beginning.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on Netflix...by the names of "Kim Swims" and "The Iron Cowboy".

Monday, July 15, 2019

Look Out! Mom's In the Lake!

I said I would do it and I did it.

I began working on my water fitness goal.

Today was a perfect day...

So I toted along my water shoes (see photo on the left) and dry bag from MEC and my trusty sunglasses
and away I went to waddle through four lengths of the swimming area roped off in my lake..

Was I shy? Yup. Was I the only one to be walking the length back and forth....ugh..yuppers.

But if you can't stand alone to start achieving your own vital goals, who do you think is going to
want to listen to what you have to say?

When you're a kid you can get away with being needy. But when you're middle age....it's downright
disgraceful not to be able to do stuff on your own two feet.

And so, today was the first day I walked four lengths in a  row of the roped off swimming area of the lake. I don't actually know how many  meters or feet it is...but perhaps I will measure it some day...or ask someone.

What excuses do you have to overcome before you take a few steps to achieving your goals?

My biggest obstacle....was what do I do with  my wallet when I am in the water?
So MEC had the answer.
MEC has a great assortment of "dry bags" which are super lightweight and waterproof.
I've only used it once so far....but yet it did keep my stuff dry and was very easy to tote around while playing in the lake.

Do you have a goal you have been postponing because of one small excuse?
Write down what that small obstacle is. Pray to God to show you the answer.
He always knows.

In Peaceful productivity,

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Beware of Evidence Based on False Investment Assumptions

I have seen/read several "experts" or "pros" who quote
stats supporting the widespread use of  selling covered calls as a source of regular income who
keep quoting stats in a way that grinds me wrong.

When it comes to the stock market, pretty  much NOTHING is guaranteed.  Risk is something that can be "managed" but usually not entirely protected  against.

If you have an interest in options trading you may find this post  compelling.......if not you may want to skip ahead to another post.... Just sayin' ")

So, I just wanted to mention that when you look at a quote of a covered call premium that would potentially be paid to you if you sold a covered call at precisely that moment and had your bid honored and accepted and the order filled by your broker.... let's  call that "Premium X"

So....what I see happening is that "experts" who are hyping the advantages of selling covered calls for generating income are taking a brief premium quote and then blindly multiplying that to cover one year span of time, based on the FALSE assumption that this same scenario will exist identically on  a weekly or monthly basis ALL YEAR LONG. Then they face you with a toothpaste smile and say "See how high of a return you can earn just be repeating that pattern for one full year?" They try to entice you by showing you how, based on that one brief quote of "PremiumX" how you can double your money in 18-24months. But I want to ask you. Is that a fair assumption? Can you really take a random call option quote and multiply that by how many trading weeks/months are in the year and use that as a baseline income assumption?

Those kind of false assumptions do not take into account any kind of risk or volatility!!!

If you actually fall for that line of reasoning you are setting yourself up for huge potential losses.
Taking one random quote CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT be used a fair gauge of income generation from a covered call writing strategy. Covered Call writing can and may indeed bring in to your accounts a legitimate cash flow. But it depends on a multitude of very crucial factors.

Permit me to express some of these crucial factors:
1/ what is the current market climate for the underlying equity that you are attempting to write the covered call on ? Does that equity have an "up" season and a "down" season?
2/ Is there a consistent demand for options on that equity, or is the demand hard to predict?
3/ Companies sometimes go through extended years of negative  returns, which harshly impact any kind of positive uptrend in share pricing. How will your covered call writing be affected by a tanking stock price that  lasts more than a year?
4/ If the market for options dries up for a certain equity, are you willing to pivot and change your income strategy? Do you have enough funds to re-position and try options trading again, but with a new position on a different equity?
5/ Do you have an exit strategy if/when a trade takes an unexpected turn?
6/ What is the P/E ratio for the equity that you are writing covered calls on?
7/ Do you really understand the risks of trading options on really volatile equities with "unknown" fundamentals?
8/ Do you have other sources of income if/when you make an error of judgement? Even seasoned traders occasionally make a clerical error that can cause a loss in income. Seasoned traders know too well when their emotions have gotten the best of them and they know when it is time to walk away from trading for the rest of the day and start again on a new day.
9/ Do you have the wisdom to manage your positions on a regular basis? Selling options for consistent income requires managing your positions. One should not just "set it and forget it" if you want to protect your investments.

Markets ebb and flow. Prices of equities flow up and down and sideways. Sometimes they go bust.
Sometimes options prices are so volatile that even regular traders have a hard time following their movement and timing their trades in a consistently profitable pattern.

That  is why, it is not prudent or logical to  say that writing covered calls is Always a great idea based on the numbers gleaned from one random option premium plucked from one potential trade on one possible trading day.

There are a million different things that can affect your ability to get the price you want to collect for a covered call premium. There are also a million different  things that can happen to the underlying equity that you are writing your covered call on.

In some parts of life, blind optimism can be a great asset. Not so with financial matters. It always pays to be prepared for every possible scenario that can unfold in the markets and to be able to be flexible enough to adjust your strategy to take advantage of up markets, down markets, and sideways markets.

When something, especially in the financial world sounds too good to be true.....it just may be too good to be true. Don't just question the statistics that "experts" quote. Question how and when the statistics were collected. You can't just measure potential options trades based on one random happy sunny trading day. One also needs to prepare for those days when the clouds roll in and the profits are harder to find.

 Just take a closer look at what happened to most equity prices in the 2008 recession.  Big dips happen. Prices can take as many as 4 years or more to bounce back from a big dip. I am not trying to depress you. I am simply trying to suggest that we all need to prepare for the rainy seasons as well as for the days filled with sunshine.

In peaceful productivity,

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Protecting your Personal Power

This post may be a little bit "out there".
On that note,.....if you can't relate to it...then just keep moving along and perhaps pass it on to someone who can use it.

What I want to talk about today is how one can protect one's personal power.... specifically from a woman's perspective....because that is the only perspective I can reasonably speak from.

So,  over my lifetime,thus far, I have noticed a few habits and practices which I  perceive to help people stay focused and retain their personal power in order to achieve their personal goals.
Consider one on the list....or consider all.

1/ Not eating in front of strangers. Eating in public opens you up in a way that no other activity does.
When you are going for a walk,  and bring  along a snack....you may want to wait to nibble on your snacks only when you are out of eyeshot of others who may be walking by.

Eat with those you love. You trust them. They protect you and your goals.

2/ Covering your head..... As a woman, especially if I am out in public, i have found myself to stay more focused and covered and powerful if I cover my head with some kind of hat or scarf. This also applies to when attending worship services in public. I am not saying this idea is a "must" but that I have noticed that it does have a way of protecting my personal power.

3/ Covet and protect your own decision making power by doing something unexpected and completely originating from your own set of written goals, at least once a week. It may be something unusual like walking backward while carrying weights when you go pick up the mail at the community mail box....Or it may be something very ordinary, but still "you-ish" such as painting your front yard planter in bright red. These kind of activities tell the world that you are in charge of your own destiny and that you will never back down from accomplishing your own goals in your own way and in your own time.

4/ Be ok with standing alone with your goals. This is very key. Many of us live in situations or work in work atmospheres that are not conducive  or   encouraging toward our life's goals. It is IMPERATIVE that you keep yourself on track to acheive your own written goals....NO MATTER what it takes. Take  your written list of goals with you in your wallet or purse and recite them aloud on your way to work. Or record a verbal recording on your personal cell phone of you speaking your written list of goals out loud. Listen to your list discreetly whenever is reasonable throughout your work day. Perhaps you may even have to hide in the bathroom at work just to protect a brief 60 second chunk of time in order to listen to or speak out your written list of goals. Keep your list in a handy location that you can find easily all day and every day. Protect that  list. Laminate it if you wish. I am currently storing my list in a zip lock baggy in my purse. I recite my goals every day.

5/ Protect your ears from useless public "free" media that does not help you on your journey to accomplishing your goals. What do I mean by this "free" media?
Radio....time and space wasting . Why clutter up your commute with auditory trash? Why not deliberately choose what you listen to on your way to work or other appointents? You can take audio books or take your own recordings of your fave documentaries to listen to as you travel throughout your week days.
Hack your auditory zone. Fill it with libraries full of positivity and empowerment.

TV. Although many  TV Stations are not free, especially if you pay for a hefty cable or streaming TV web service, we still need to be reminded that when we watch TV, often we are allowing the TV station managers to choose the programming that will occupy potentially huge chunks of our leisure time. You CAN manage your time. It is God's greatest gift to you.

Well that is all for now. I pray that this post will give some clarity to your efforts to protect your own personal power.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

FANG Stocks

So if you like the stock market, you've probably heard about the stocks known
by the acronym: FANG
which represents, if i am correct....

Facebook  (FB)
Apple        (AAPL)
Netflix       (NFLX)
Google       (GOOG)(GOOGL)

What do you think of each item on that list?
One thought I had today, is that which would you describe as predominantly an "app"?
If I really reduce each stock down to it's bare bones, I think that yes, three of the above on the list
began their economic journey's as App-based companies.... yes, software based entities.

The only company on this list that is not known predominantly as an "app" is  the company
known as "Apple". (AAPL)
Apple's brand is associated with its hardware even more than it is known for it's software. It has a beautiful blend of both in it's unique  niche market. I find it amazing to note that as of today's market close, Apple's market cap was at $946.2 billion dollars. That's almost a trillion dollar valuation. Wow.
All four companies on FANG list have multi billion dollar market caps. Incredible chunks of the worldwide economy. It is not only Americans who have vested interest in these enormous economic powerhouses....as they are a global phenomenon.

Well that's all for now. I do so enjoy just thinking aloud with you.