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Monday, July 29, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 7....Sometimes Moderation Will Not Do!

There's something else I want to write about.
Unfortunately the pressing idea has just briefly escaped me.

Oh great. I remember now.

There's this notion of boot camp.
and then there's this notion of moderation.

I have often been persuaded into the "do all things in moderation" way of living. It appeared prudent and has the appearance or illusion of calm wisdom.

But this is what I have discovered so far this summer. Sometimes moderation will not do.

Sometimes only the EXTREME will do. A MASSIVE change. A BIG step.

I have always been a big fan of baby steps, of small consistent steps in moderation to accomplish one big goal.

But the problemo with moderation....is that it's kinda hum ho...kinda dull and kinda boring.

Moderation will get you places....like a turtle, slow and steady wins the race.

But EXTREME is a heck of a lot more fun .....AND it gets you there faster!

So voila, the notion of the EXTREME FAT FARM.....where extreme notions turn into BIG ACTIONS to get obese, or overweight folks like me to take a flying leap into a freezing cold lake and just start walking. Walking and walking and walking in the cold water.

This EXTREME notion of motion in the cold water has resulted in weight loss and muscle formation and rejuvenation of emotions and mentality.

It wasn't about making some mild and gentle daily strut around the block. It was about....I am sick and tire of this crap and I am going to make  a BIG CHANGE....and NO ONE and NOTHING is going to stop me.

I had in my mind this notion of a boot camp. Where folks run hot....run fast and furious like mad for
like 1 or 2 weeks straight and transform their bodies and mentalities so that they become fit for army service.

Well, life is sometime as challenging as army service. WE neeed to have the tools to perform the service that life demands.One BIG TOOL is our physical body.

It will either be able to carry you through to accomplish your goals or it will fail you and will wind up at some diet and exercise club with some stupid monthly payment and a "gentle plan" designed by some spandex king with a condescending disgust for "older" folks.

No thankyou.  I will design my own EXTREME FAT FARM....and it will knock that sucker out of the park.

with a practical  toothy grin,

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