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Monday, July 15, 2019

Look Out! Mom's In the Lake!

I said I would do it and I did it.

I began working on my water fitness goal.

Today was a perfect day...

So I toted along my water shoes (see photo on the left) and dry bag from MEC and my trusty sunglasses
and away I went to waddle through four lengths of the swimming area roped off in my lake..

Was I shy? Yup. Was I the only one to be walking the length back and forth....ugh..yuppers.

But if you can't stand alone to start achieving your own vital goals, who do you think is going to
want to listen to what you have to say?

When you're a kid you can get away with being needy. But when you're middle age....it's downright
disgraceful not to be able to do stuff on your own two feet.

And so, today was the first day I walked four lengths in a  row of the roped off swimming area of the lake. I don't actually know how many  meters or feet it is...but perhaps I will measure it some day...or ask someone.

What excuses do you have to overcome before you take a few steps to achieving your goals?

My biggest obstacle....was what do I do with  my wallet when I am in the water?
So MEC had the answer.
MEC has a great assortment of "dry bags" which are super lightweight and waterproof.
I've only used it once so far....but yet it did keep my stuff dry and was very easy to tote around while playing in the lake.

Do you have a goal you have been postponing because of one small excuse?
Write down what that small obstacle is. Pray to God to show you the answer.
He always knows.

In Peaceful productivity,

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