Thursday, June 10, 2021

Why do Traders Like Selling Naked Puts?

So, why is it that some traders just love selling those naked puts?

Is it because they can just put in a "bid" to buy a stock that they have wanted for quite some time and "fix" the price that they are willing to pay for said stock?

Is it because selling a naked put uses up buying power but does not incur interest fees unless the naked put gets assigned?

Is it because traders just love that process of lowering their cost basis for stocks they want to own?

Do traders use the process of "selling naked puts" for income or merely for lowering their cost basis?

Can you make a "living" simply from selling naked puts?

How much money do you need to begin selling a naked put?

Do you need to understand the loan value of a stock before trading options?

If some of the above questions are things that have crossed your mind in your trading are not alone. There is a lot to learn about options, and the implications can be a great blessing or they can turn into a great liability.

Selling naked puts .....puts you "on the hook" to buy whatever stock you have sold those puts on.
Always remember  that just ONE contract of a put option represent the potential purchase of
ONE HUNDRED shares of the underlying stock. 

Sometimes I feel that these "no commission" trading platforms entice traders to play with option even when they simply are too "new" and "inexperienced" to understand the risks involved in option trading. They don't understand what devastation they can cause to their own financial health with just the click of a cute colorful icon on a trading platform. The platform is collecting their "cut", whether the newbie trader wins or loses. But the newbie trader, full of vim and vigor, can wind up bankrupt if they do not learn the ins and outs of options trading before they participate fully in the options market.

Trading options usually requires a "higher level" of "authorization" from your broker because you need an account that has "margin" approved and your broker should not be giving you access to option trading if you don't understand the basics of options trading. However, people do fall through the proverbial cracks and wind up trading options that they do not completely grasp. It has also become apparent over the past year or two that, newbie traders are sometimes being given access to massive leverage on these margin accounts, even with little to no apparent knowledge of the stock market or especially, little to no comprehension of the options market.

Be prepared kids, for getting assigned...because it does happen....just when you least expect it.
If you and your accounts can not handle getting assigned on a "naked put" position, you need to rethink your strategy, and/or hedge against that possibility. Or, only trade with the strategies that you understand to be "safe". Learn how to protect yourself, your money, your accounts, your incomes, and your credit rating. It is vital to your well being and livelihood.

Options are not for newbies. In my humble opinion, you should do a bunch of reading and take some or "a lot" of tutorials/seminars in option trading before you start really small, with low cost stock and with a very small number of in "one" contract.....until you really start understanding what options are and what risks they hold. Everyone has a different learning curve and ability to absorb new information. Don't be intimidated by those "young" traders you may see on youtube or other social media platforms, who claim to have learned these skills in a couple of months. It may actually take a few years to fully understand options. We all learn at different paces. It is possible that you may figure out that options trading is too complex and therefore too risky for you to implement. There is no shame in walking away from a strategy that is not suitable to your personality or temperament. We all need to play the games we understand....the trick is to admit to ourselves which games we understand...and stay happily in those arenas.

I value having a good night's sleep. Trading beyond your comfort zone and beyond your level of knowledge is a sure recipe for sleep loss. Protect yourself, your sanity and manage stress. Playing options with too much risk on the table is a nightmare. Don't do that too yourself. 

Now, here's the good part. Option trading can become an important part of your trading/investing strategy if you educate yourself well in advance. Option trading can help you even if you are predominantly a long term investor. It can help you augment your returns and/or limit your downside. Profit is always a good thing. Well, that's all for now. I hope you gleaned something of value from my chat.

Wishing you much success in your investing and trading.


Monday, June 7, 2021

Turn the Fast Money into Slow Money

 Sometimes the market produces fast money....some of us trade these fast moving rivers....and some of us don't. It isn't right or wrong.... really just different choices and investing styles.

But when all is said and done....if you have gotten your hands on some fast money, whether because you got lucky or you operated with genuine have a decision for what to do next.

Are you gonna roll it all back into your next trade? Use it to build your next ideal set up? Maybe you finally are able to build you account back up to a healthy state. Maybe it's time for a draw down to allocate some of the good stuff to something slow and predictable and more "safe".

Or are you going to take some profit off the table and put it into a slow moving boat on a lazy and trusty worthy lovely flowing river. You know what I am talking about.  I am not telling you what to do.... I really wouldn't dream of doing that. Freedom is very precious to me....and no one really can  control your choices. Your choices are yours....because the consequences are also just yours. 

 I know the hype a gal or guy can feel when they hit a few homeruns in trading. You feel like king or queen of the hill. But sometimes it matters what hill you allocate your winnings to. Sometimes it is the very best choice to simply take your toys and go home for the day.

We don't know what the market will prepare for us tomorrow or one week from now or one year from now. We may be facing proverbial feasts or famines...all in succession or in one epic shocking season.

One could say...hey Carla, are you telling us to play it safe? not necessarily. I am encouraging you to acknowledge the "state of the union" of your trading accounts. Yes, you may have skill. Yes, you may win again. Maybe your years of trading experience are finally starting to pay off. I want to congratulate you. Well done...well played.

But when you win, it becomes more important that you know how to play your wins. Do you roll them out to new and increasingly risky trades? Or do you move some of the winnings to your boring uncle's retirement strategy. Do you give some stability to your home life so that your family knows that you aren't betting the family farm?

Steering the boat through raging rapids is fun and exhilarating. It can not be matched. But there are times the future when you and your loved ones will need still waters.....still waters that pay the bills when the market is up AND when the market is down.

So please my friends and fellow traders and readers....stay objective and don't let the market rule you.
Your choices and your priorities are more important than anything the market can and will give or take away from you.
Much respect and peace,


Monday, May 31, 2021

Early Retirement Downsides You Aren’t Prepared For... FIRE | Financial I...

Mike epic Canada Fashion...this young milllionaire self made investment "guru" gets into the philosophical experience of what it feels like to experience the F.I.R.E movement live and in person.
He speaks from the heart, and his honesty is really refreshing.

Very much un-like a lot of the *&*& you see and hear on social media, this young entrepreneur explains what he has experienced being so young and very much "out" of the rat race.

I won't give a need to watch this video for yourself if you are already in the F.I.R.E. movement or hoping to join it soon.

But I will say , that I really did appreciate this statement that Mike made in this video, that when you make a choice to retire early, it isn't an irreversible decision. You can change your direction and re-join the work force in any capacity you choose. It is all up to you.

Well, let me know how you like this Mike Rosehart's a good one.

In Peaceful Productivity,

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Reducing How to Think of Monopolized "Simple" Investments

Perhaps I should correct myself.....Investments that are "monopolized" are not necessarily simple.

When I use the word "monopolized" I am usually referring to industries that are "almost" forced upon consumers for purchase or "expected purchase".

So let's think for a moment about about our homes.

I, for example, live in an area of Ontario, Canada where homes have a certain number of "pre-installed" supply networks that feed into our houses.

What are these supplies?

1/City Water
2/Gas for heating of Water heater and for operation of furnace for heat. The Gas supply is metered and monitored by the local gas company.
3/Sewage : removal of waste water through city wide pipe system.
4/Electricity: connection is metered, and monitored by the local electrical company.

For the sake of simplicity I am not going to refer to any kind of automotive usage, as that will lead me on a whole other discussion that will not be brief.

So for many homes in my city, we/they are buying or inheriting homes that have these hookups already naturally installed. To uninstall these hookups would be awkward and potentially dangerous and possibly even illegal.  So, most, if not all of my city's residents, when they own  a home in this city wind up using these three "predetermined" utility choices:
Water, electricity, Sewage removal and Electricity.

All of the companies connected to these "preordained" utilities have a pretty much "guaranteed" cash flow from us obedient sheep home owners/renters. To consider using alternate sources, such as well water instead of city water or even using solar generated electricity instead of "city grid electrical supply" is considered "hard" or "dangerous" or labels you as an extremist or "off grid" enthusiast.

But permit me to get back to the point I want to make. If you are a newbie to investing and you want to look at companies or industries that have a "stable" and more or less "secure" cash may want to consider things like utilities. Most of the "customers" are obliged to go along with whatever suppliers are already installed by the "status quo" thereby steering cash flow into predictable pockets.

For example, Ontario Hydro is one of the electricity providers for my province. It currently trades on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) under the stock ticker "H" and as of the writing of this blog post, sells for $30.48 Canadian funds per share. Do you know what company provides your city or town's electricity? Is it a publicly traded company or privately held? These are good questions to ask. These are good things to know, especially when considering the billions of dollars that these utilities may earn over a relatively short period of time.

I must admit that I don't know enough yet about the water industry, but only from what I have gathered from "water" focused documentary films, it appears that the thirst for "water based investments" has only just begun (pun intended") Everyone , every household and every apartment dweller needs water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, laundry and watering household plants and gardens, and or washing the family vehicles. Canada has one of the largest sources world wide for fresh water          (non salty). Our pristine lakes are the envy of humanity world wide.

So, if you could figure out how to invest in municipally provided water supplies, the corporation would also have a "stable" and pretty much predictable source of cash flow from every resident in your jurisdiction.

Now, let's talk about the gas supply. All the homes in our area were given gas hookups to the local gas supply . We were not asked if we preferred to buy our own propane tanks to power our water heaters. No, it was assumed that we would go along with the "status quo" and use the locally provided natural gas supplier and supply. This again provides another investment tap into virtually endless need for gas to heat our homes with gas powered furnaces and to heat our hot water tanks to the right temperature to please the average Canadian family. Canadians, by the way, love their hot showers every day...and are willing, for the most pay top dollar for the privilege of daily hot showers.
We also have wickedly cold winters and are accustomed to being able to heat our homes up to comfy cozy levels of warmth so that we are able to hop around inside our dwellings without wearing many layers of clothing. These demands on gas are also predictable "cash cows" and can be tapped into by those who know how to play this investment game.

Well, what have we reviewed thus far? Water, electricity, gas, and next we shall talk about sewage. Nobody likes to talk about sewage, but we all utilize and pay for a highly functioning supply & treatment & removal system through property taxes as well as through (depending on your locality) the way that your water supply is billed. 

Our municipality bills for water supply and sewage removal through the same "water billing" process.
This is a costly monthly expense in our locality...because our city water in it's natural form is "hard" with natural minerals etc that affect the taste and quality of underground aquifers and/or local lake water. Therefore we pay top dollar for high tech water refining and filtering technologies that "soften" and purify our city water supply. We also pay a pretty hefty sum for sewage removal of waste waters from household waste water, laundry water etc.

These "utilities" as they are known as , are virtual "cash cows" for those who understand how it works and know how to secure and maintain the  contracts and systems that operate these "invisible" but ESSENTIAL systems of supply that we often take for granted.

Well, that's enough chit chat for today. I merely wanted to help you to consider how you think about your investing strategy, and how "utilities" such as water, natural gas, electricity, and sewage removal may fit into your portfolio's "mix".

May God bless you in His perfect will with the investments that will meet His need to supply His children with everything they need and more so.

Peace out,

Monday, May 24, 2021

The Science of getting rich audio book by Wallace D Wattles

Are you a fan of motivational books and videos? How about audio books?

This audio recording of Wallace D, Wattles Book called "The Science of Getting Rich" is a motivational gem.

Now for some critical thoughts about it. Have you read it or listened to it? Did you agree with all of the beliefs written in it?

There are a few points that the author makes which some readers may find disagreeable or even downright offensive. I would like to hear your opinion on this.

First of all, the book encourages people to stay focused on the good that they they seek, the affluence and goals and to envision completion of your goals. But in their audacious focus, they say that people should not allow any "images" of poverty to fill their minds or eyes and they shouldn't even give charity to poor people. The author states that the "best" that we can do for mankind, is to figure out how to be successful ourselves, so that in so doing, we can teach the poor man to become rich too and discover his/her own pathway out of poverty.

Do you agree? Do you think that acts of giving and sharing your abundance with people who are struggling is a waste of time and distracts you from accomplishing your goals? Or do you feel that you can remain focused on your life goals and still be generous and compassionate for those who need some assistance along the journey of life?

Another thing that kind of jumped out at me from this book is that the author says that the general trajectory of humanity is towards goodness and perfection. He states that mankind is steadily improving and will eventually achieve such an incredible level of goodness and abundance, that it will be just so wonderful.

Although, I do find it refreshing to listen to the optimistic tone of this book, I do wonder if some of his statements are rather naive. We do not know what the future holds. We can certainly work to achieve a better society and build a more just and merciful society as time goes on, but we really don't know what is in store for humanity at this point in time or in the future. We can certainly read the bible and see that there seems to be prophecies about the coming years, some of which are filled with optimism, peace, joy and love and some of which are quite frightening, filled with wars, and hunger and oppression.

Do we know what season of humanity that we are entering as the human race ? Some Christians believe that there is soon coming a great harvest time across the world, where many human beings will be drawn to Jesus Christ and become a part of the Christian church worldwide. Some Christians believe that there will be more miracles bursting forth such as have been recorded as occurring in other great revivals around the world....such as healings from blindness, lameness, and deliverance from cancer.

One thing I do appreciate about Mr. Wattles teaching is that he exhorts people to stay away from all forms of the occult. He states that any manipulation of other human beings through spiritual or other means is not good and should be avoided at all times. He believes that good old fashioned focused work can achieve much when it is efficient. He states that we must have the belief that we can achieve whatever we can imagine, and that God is not willing that we should struggle with poverty and lack. He states that God desires that we should live in abundance.

Well, that is all for now. It is helpful to chat with you sometimes to assist me in digesting these things that I read and listen to.

Have a great week,

Monday, May 17, 2021

Protecting Your Portfolio in a Bear Market

Sometimes a bear market can be a cake walk....or it can scare the sox off a soul.

Well, since that "bearish" alarm has been sounding, I thought I would write a few words about one method regular folks can use to protect their portfolio when the market trends downward.

1/ Reduce or eliminate the use of leverage. If you are a leveraged investor use debt to accomplish your investing/trading goals. But in a down trending market, using leverage can expose you to risk that your portfolio may not be able to withstand. Therefore, it may be "prudent" for lack of a better word, to reduce the amount of leverage you use, so that if the downtrend continues for more than a few weeks, your leverage debt will not become unduly burdensome. Even a modest increase in interest rates can adversely affect a person's ability to service the debt held in leveraged accounts.          
     Be prepared......not afraid.....of changes in the markets.

If you want to be uber-frugal, then you may want to pay off all your margin loans completely so that you won't have that stress weighing on you. Are some of your positions hanging precariously by a thread? Selling off assets can be painful.... especially if you know you will get less than what you paid for them. But sometimes, for certain investors, selling off some positions is the only way to protecting their accounts from margin calls or utter "destruction". Take a close look at your accounts. Be fair, but don't hide your head in the sand. Risk is real.  But risk can be  well managed or ignored completely.                                                                                        Professional traders/investors never ignore risk...they simply learn to ride it's waves.

Now, to be fair, I am not going to say that everyone should reduce or eliminate their use of margin simply because there are some bearish signals in the markets. For some investors/traders, their skill set is well developed and somewhat professional. These kind of investors know how to hedge their trades to protect even large leveraged positions. If you have this skill....(you'll know if you do) then there is no reason to de-leverage. Playing it safe is for those who prefer not to handle the extra stress of debt exposure. Highly developed pro-traders know how to make and keep money flowing even in the worst of markets. But we must have the honesty to look at our trading/investing history and admit what kind of trader we are.

At the end of the day, it's about having a smidge of humility. Do you really know what you are doing? Do you have experience thriving through market corrections before? What if a correction turns into a full on recession? Wise folks will be able to withstand any scenario because they plan in advance. Are you pretending to be a better trader or investor than you know you are, just because you don't want to sell a certain position that is exposing you to inordinate risk? I am not asking these questions because i want to irritate you or get you to second guess yourself. No, I am asking these questions as your friend, because I want you to make it through to better days.

Are you using tools such as options without fully understanding what a down trend will do to your account? These are important questions to ask while the going is still ok. These are questions you need to answer before the rug gets pulled out  from under the market. Maybe there will be no recession...maybe a steep correction will not arrive. We just don't know. But we can absolutely be prepared for any potential market condition. No body knows what markets may bring....great wealth or great tragedy. It can bring both depending on your depth of your skills, knowledge and how prepared you are to take advantage of market opportunities. A correction or even a gut wrenching recession can become a great great gift for those who know how to see and seize opportunity.

Well, that's all I wanted to talk about today...leverage and opportunity. 

May God bless you will all that you need to move forward in your investing or trading journey. 


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Heavy Grueling Punishing.... Bring It On

I  am not looking for a comfy couch learning curve. I am not looking for easy.

I have continued on my self led learning journey without letting my inexperience dissuade me or my limited time in university discourage me from pressing on.

I am a lot tougher than I look.

The most satisfying learning has come after the "pain" and discomfort of wading into arenas of study for which I was completely UNQUALIFIED.

I didn't worry about not understanding their new vocab. This was relatively easy to remedy. It was simply about immersion. Immersing myself in a world with new words and eventually the unfamiliar words began to become more familiar and their meaning came within my reach.

 But I press on . i am not done.

Eventually The dots began to connect...the books I read...connected to the videos I was watching from some of that knowledge connected to the news headlines. 

 Knowledge is circular. Expertise in one area of study leads to a better understanding of facts and strategies in other arenas of life. 
Who knew? My self led learning is leading somewhere cool! Random dots connect....where I could more fully understand a foreign government's staffing appointment and how it might pertain to the stock market. It's not such a stretch. When you reach higher...for higher knowledge and wisdom...God responds.

I kept reading. I keep reading .I kept thinking. I keep thinking. I keep wearing earphones as I walk around the block. The air around that fills my lungs is not paying me to stagnate. This beautiful brain inside my middle age body ...has much room to grow. It is endless. 

I have been given a second chance....because I believed that I could do it.
Time is so precious. One life. Live it fully.

I am writing to someone right now. You know who you are. You have begun to get a glimpse of your own potential and the sparks are beginning to fly. You have begun to read some books that are leading you beyond your family and friends. You are beginning to see that you can accomplish something great if you could just get around some better thinkers, better do-ers, better "hope-ers", better "believers".

You wander around the book store, looking for some mystical spirit to tell you which book to read. 
I want to encourage you. 

I want to encourage you to just start somewhere. Pick a book, and if you pick the "wrong" will figure it out. This doesn't have to be a perfect journey. Your growth is not going to depend on just one book. You will need many books to get there. Perhaps you will write some day a new book that will help another human step up too.

And here is the really cool part. Your journey, the one you started all  alone, is going to bring you into contact with better people, people who celebrate your journey upwards and encourage you to fulfill your potential, no matter what your age is.

I celebrate you. I hope in you. I believe in you.
Now it is your turn to celebrate you.....and hope in you...and believe in yourself.



Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Blogging? More Views means More Money

 At the end of the want to make a little somethin'...a little ca-ching...a little moooolah from all your hard work blogging. More views of your blog posts, means more money to be earned through your ad revenues & other revenue tools.....So today I will write a teeny tiny blurb about a few tips that I have noticed which have increased my blog post views.

Here Goes:

Always include a picture.... It can be the tiniest thumbnail, or even a random flower shot, but a photo always attracts more views. The thumbnail of the photos is catchier to the eyes of those that you share your post with on social media as well...such as facebook, twitter, email etc. Our human eyes naturally gravitate to pictures and artwork first before we take the time to read through a well written paragraph.
Even if you can't come up with a very fresh "free from copyright" relevant picture to add to your blog post, just use your camera phone to take a photo of the clouds, or a tree or a flower or my personal epic grey calculator. Blogger has a very easy tool by which to add photos to your use it...and see your blog views increase.

That brings me to the second suggestion. ALWAYS share your blog posts on social media. Tweet your posts on Twitter and include appropriate hashtags #coolhashtageh. Share your posts via email or facebook or your other fave social media platform. (Note that you want to have personal permission to share your posts with folks via email, as there are very strong anti-spam laws in Canada.")

The Third suggestion I have for you bloggers out there ...grinding out those precious words with such epic effort and simply this: Promote your blog by copy and pasting your blog's url as often as you can ........especially  when you write comments on other people's blogs or youtube videos or other online platforms. Repetition is a good thing. Just by mentioning your blog's catchy name will allow potential new "fans" to find your blog. You want your blog name to be easy to find, easy to spell and easy to say!!

Well friends, that's it for today, three tips for the low low price of FREE!


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Swing Trading Buffett Stocks

There's so many stocks out many companies to filter and ponder and consider. So what some traders/investors do is simply focus on stocks that their favorite guru holds or manages and that significantly narrows the number of options.

So, enter Warren Buffett's choices via his company Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett is a living legend in the stock market and investing space. Taking a look at what Berkshire Hathaway holds in common stocks of publicly traded companies is a great exercise...a great learning opportunity for the self led learned.

One place to search up what stocks Berkshire Hathaway holds is via                                            CNBC's BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY PORTFOLIO TRACKER
which can be found at

One can also do a search on  Berkshire's own straightforward website

which contains links to their SEC filings and other company information.

Soooo....what are the drawbacks of following someone else's trading ideas? First of all, you probably won't find out when Warren Buffet dumps a stock or a bunch of stocks until many weeks or months after the fact. By that time, it may be too late for you to profitably exit your position. So, while you may be able to glean the tickers from the above listed websites, you certainly won't be privy to knowing when and how he will or might exit from holding those tickers.

( it is worth noting that the CNBC tracker does not list the companies that Berkshire Hathaway owns outright...such as Dairy Queen.)

On a practical note, it must be mentioned that we are all created differently by God. A trading style that works well for a professional long term investor such as Warren Buffett, may not at all be well suited for the average retail investor with a modest amount of capital.

However, if you feel like you need to narrow your focus, I believe that you will gain knowledge from studying Mr. Buffett's choices, which in the end game, is probably more profitable than simply plucking the letters of a Buffett stock ticker. 

When it comes to studying Mr. Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, there is not a shortage of great books about both. There are a plethora of videos about him and feature interviews of Buffett himself speaking in his friendly and easy to understand style. Mr. Buffett appears to enjoy sharing his wisdom with others who are younger and less experienced than he is. Local libraries and book stores usually carry more than one book about Mr. Buffett. He has earned a place on their shelves.

So, in closing I just want to say this....while you may not feel "qualified" to trade like Warren most certainly are well qualified to study all that you can about him and his investing style.
The fact that you are still reading a blog post such as this, verifies that you have sufficient curiosity and patience to dig deep when you feel that there is something worth hunting for.

Well, that's all for now. May God bless your investing and your self led learning journey.


Our Money • Ladylike

Although this video is not current, as of from this year, it contains some valuable nuggets that us lady investors can gather and ponder. And for me, that is what it is all me some good food for thought. For out of good thoughts come proactive decisions and actions that accomplish the end goals we desire.

Note that I am not posting this video for the purpose of promoting Ellevest investing products, but rather to promote financial literacy amongst us ladies.

One very cool comment Sallie makes in this video is when she described the difference between
how women view money vs men: What an excellent comparison she viewing money like rivers and women clutching it to themselves like a single pot that they need to protect. The difference being that rivers flow unlimited and pots hold a defined amount.

Excellent Food for thought!


Saturday, May 1, 2021

LIVE: Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger host the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway...

Friends, family, colleagues and blog followers...I would encourage you kindly to tune in to this live stream of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger speaking at Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting. The value is barely even calculable. How many billionaires have you listened to live lately?
Count these two in. Even if you have differences of opinion with Mr. Buffett or Mr. Munger, their success is legendary...and no investor alive today should presume to be above learning from these two living legends.

Take a step. Take a listen. It costs only your time...which is priceless.

in Peaceful productivity,

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Maxing Out Where You ARE First

One of the brief blurbs from this ancient book "The Science of Getting Rich"
caught my mind today....

I will paraphrase....and I apologize in advance for not getting the corresponding page number from the book for this quote..

The idea i quote is simply this...that you need to work from where you ARE....not where you want to be. Yes, we aim for where we want to be....but we start today and every day from exactly where we are.
We maximize where we are right now. We do not live in a constant dream world.
We may not be in the situation or job or enterprise that we dream of being in....but we are here and now in a certain set of circumstances. 

You may not be living in the house that you dream of living in. You may not have the clothes yet or vehicle that you dream of. No, but you have something. You have something that you can MAX out.

Maybe you have started a side hustle? A part time enterprise of investing strategy that has great potential. Don't despise small beginnings. 

You can score a big fat touchdown with that small thing that occupies you today. You can do whatever it is you are putting your hands to today with great aplomb....with great focus and energy and drive.
Put your "ooomph" into this thing that you are doing today. Do it as if it is all that you have....because for today that is excellent.

Here and now is not something to smirk at, to take for granted or frown upon. 24 hours in a day hold so much promise!

Thank you for this journey, God! It is so awesome and filled with such incredible promise.

Peace ,

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Reading to Pass a Class?

Reading to pass a class....Gosh i remember the stress and speed reading of those weeks when i took an english class in college that was meant for teachers....not folks like me. The professor assigned a heavy thick book of such menacing construct that it took my breath away and filled me with dread.  Little did i realize that few made it through the required reading or at least bluffed their way through much of it. 
Alas, this is not what i wished to speak of today.

Today i wish to express what reading is now for a self led learner. There are three portions or "dances" which occur when i set to reading now.

First of all....let it be clear that I am not a tidy obedient reader. I dabble in pages and chapters or even single paragraphs with wimsy. I do not adhere to any kind of crusty authoritative reading schedule. I read a book or magazine or blog post however i wish and whenever i wish.
That being said....that first dance is what I call    "the input" of the writer's words to my soul or mind.

 The next dance, which may occur days weeks or months that personal  processing of brooding over those words. Even a single sentence can require months of this "digestion". 
Then...only when this second dance is i ready for this third more holy ritual. 

The third dance is called " the response".

Crass writers do not take into account this third dance, for they do not really care for our reply...but merely seek to utter a plethora of well funded and somewhat meaningless words.

But authors who respect their readers...and thus their fellow man...understand that this third dance of response is the holiest of all the three steps. What is the point of a book if it ilicits no reply? 
What is the point of a great magazine article if it does not make even a whisper of change in someones's life or a minute dent in the universe?
My friends and followers, i respect and pray that even one vital word from my blogging empire nudges you a millimeter closer to God's bounty....then my pen or keyboard will rest complete. I will not write in vain. 

You have great potential. Don't ever underestimate what you may accomplish and how your mind and lifestyle may grow and flourish. No limits. Small steps forward...prepare a human soul for seasons when bigger leaps become available.


Friday, April 23, 2021

Start Slow Ladies.... Options are Really Not that Hard

If I can accomplish one of my would be this: 

To encourage and empower ladies like myself to try out the stock market. My wish attached to this wish, would be to empower ladies to understand the options market, such as it pertains to the stock market.

Yes, I know that retail "investing" is more public now than it used to be, but I just read an article today about how many folks are getting out of this because they just can't make it work?

Well, I am not running anywhere. I like equities and I enjoy the challenges of the stock market. I don't have it mastered,  but I still find it fascinating.
The stock market is an endless swimming pool to gracefully play in.

So few traders are female, that I have found it quite difficult to find female "gurus" . So, many of the folks I admire and glean bits of knowledge from are male. That means that the world of investing in the stock market is still wide open for women to come in and make their mark. There is still room for you ladies.

I read about Barbara Corcoran, who made a mark on New York City real estate, back when it was unusual for women to do so. If Barbara can face a fiercely competitive male dominated real estate landscape, then I certainly can face a fiercely competitive online marketplace for stocks, etfs and relevant options. 

There's no need ladies, to let the men have all the fun. Math is math and money is just numbers. If you can calculate your grocery money and how  to pay your mortgage every month, then you just might have enough skill to dip your little toe in the big "scary" stock market.

Start slowly. Get some books, ask around for recommendations from people who know more than you do and seem to have had some success. Watch some simple videos about the stock market. Make a few phone calls. Get a sense of what you need to get started. Get a sense of what risks you are able to face at this point in your life and based upon your level of knowledge. If you don't want too much risk, you might want to avoid options, until you thoroughly understand stocks first.

Well that's all for now,

Peace Ladies,

The Science of getting rich audio book by Wallace D Wattles

I hope that this video will post properly to my blog.

 It is quite an intriguing book that warrants a listen in my humble opinion. Even if you are generally not a big fan of motivational speakers or 'success' coaching types of books, you still might be able to glean some jewels from this audio book. What is to lose? A couple hours of time you might normally have wasted in front of the telly?

There is no charge to listen to these free high quality youtube videos. All you need is an internet  connection....and a phone or computer with speakers or earphones. Perhaps many years from now, we may not be so lucky as to be able to listen to these for free and at will. So, for now I will continue to enjoy them whenever I wish and as often as I wish. Thank you Mr. Wattles....and yes,
 thank you Youtube!

This book is ancient....but the good ones last through decades and even longer if they warrant our attention. Let me know what you think of it. Did it warrant your full attention? Would you recommend it to others?

What do i appreciate about Mr. Wattles' perspective? First of all, his approach is much more grounded than much of the "law of attraction" type of mystical thought that inhabit much of modern "self help" theory. In fact, there is a quite bold section of this book that emphatically encourages the reader not to engage in beliefs or practices which try to control outcomes in an "occult" type of way. Although I am not labelling the "law of attraction" as an occult teaching...i have discovered that some "followers" of  "law of attraction" gurus try to gain success through mystical and spiritually "unusual" means.

For the record, I am not against being mystical, as that indeed is one of God's attributes. He is a wonderful mystery. However, God's teachings, as I humbly try to understand them, have left me with a sense that God is both wonderfully mystical, intelligent, creative and practical. He knows what we need to do and be in order to get what we need and want. We don't have to dabble in odd mystical teachings to accomplish great things.

 One must always test with your heart and with your spirit and God's word, what you read and consume online or in books/audio formats that you buy or borrow from others. We must be wise in these days and not be easily swayed this way and that way by various teachings that may or may not be considered  as "good advice".

Mr. Wattles teachings are practical and optimistic in a natural yet inspiring way.

The only objection I may have against this book, is that it does appear to favor the teachings of Charles Darwin in terms of evolution. However, there is so much more in this little book which is beneficial, that I am quite willing to overlook the emphasis on evolution, in order to take advantage of the other rich portions.

Well, that's all for today. 
May you enjoy what God's best is for you today and always.

Peace out,

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Fighting for your Self Led Learning

Everyone knows of the cliche struggle that young-ish students have in going to traditional higher learning...institutions such as college or university.

What I want to write about today is simply the struggle that those of us that are currently setting our own personal learning journey. We learn, we push , we seek out sources of relevant information and inspiration based upon our own passions and goals.

Perhaps you have heard of young students eating ramen noodles for days just to afford the luxury of a traditional higher education. But what sacrifices does a "regular" person have who is simply seeking to grow and learn more in the midst of holding down jobs, self employment, business ownership and/or investments?

Warren Buffet and many of the business leaders and innovators of the last 10 years seem to all have a compulsion for great reading. Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet speak highly of the time they spend reading and they guard that time ferociously.

That brings me to this thought. How hard are you fighting for  a safe quiet uncluttered space for you to read and think? Reading is not must also have safe quiet uncluttered space for you to think...for long periods of time. If you are a self led learner, carving our your own personal think tank is essential for you to accomplish this growth.

Your thinking space does not need to be in a building. It can easily be in a forest path, or alone in your backyard with your noise cancelling head phones on. White noise is actually very useful in allowing you to channel your thinking to whatever task or idea you set to pondering. You MUST block out distractions. You MUST reserve that  reading & thinking space in your life.

While social life is essential for well rounded happiness, one who wants to accomplish anything of beauty or courage, must be able to avoid unnecessary social interactions so that he/she can focus on their task.

Bill Gates, in the Netflix documentary, speaks about his "think weeks" where he goes out to a remote cabin, armed with loads of books and diet coke, where he can consume the books at his own pace and also have the mental time and space to process what he is reading.

Bill Gates stated that we all have to limit our minds to focus on a certain problem or issue. We need to harness our brain power to solve one thing that we focus on. I am not speaking of becoming a one dimensional narcissistic person. I am simply describing what Bill Gates emphasized, in that we must give our minds/brains an "assignment" and not allow that time to be squandered by a lack of focus. 

Focus is everything.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Are You doing Ok?

To My Fellow Humans,

It's been a while for me to just sit quietly and chat with those who happen to read my blog.
The earth has been transformed  since march of 2020 into a seriously new concoction.

Are you filled with hope? Has this past year been hard? Has someone you know become ill or lost their life?

You most likely are a perfect stranger to me. But we are all humans sharing this same earth we call home. 

We all live under the same God. He has not given up his throne. We must not give up on our home.

The greatest tragedy that this pandemic has caused ( magnified by the government's responses)
is the extreme isolation that many of us have experienced. Even those who have been able to continue to "work from home" have still been isolated from many experiences that most of us have taken for granted for decades.

Little things now mean so much more. A road trip to the beach (when local governments permit it)
becomes as grand as a trip of a lifetime. Going to church becomes a glorious privilege to be treasured more than gold.

As we, the human race, begin to shake off the grey clothing of "all things covid", we will regain our humanity. We have no better options. To go back and retreat further is not going to cut it.

Forcing the world into a global roving hybernation can only go on for so long. The humans must come out and greet the with their kids in the yard and speak openly in person with one another. Looking for fewer zoom meetings and conference calls and more meetings where I can see my friends and colleagues in person.

Yes, yes, I know that commercial real estate will need to morph and adapt to the "fear" of contagion that still afflicts the populace. But we must insist on regaining most, if not all, of the rights and freedoms that one year of a pandemic stole from us.

You must live. I must live. We must greet life again, with vigor and a smile.
Peace, my brothers and sisters, and courage.


Friday, February 12, 2021

Hate Conspiracy Theories? You'll Hate this Post

Ok ok....I don't indulge my affection for conspiracy theories too often....but this wee post i simply must write down.

I just want to write simply metaphors, no dilly dallying around the subject.

Ok, goes.

I want to encourage you to keep your book collections in tact. Don't throw out your paper form books, hard cover or soft cover or leather bound.....doesn't matter what format, but they must be in physical form.

Why am I saying this? Because I feel like the push for everything to be digitized is not as innocent as it appears. If all our reading is supposed to be on e-readers or ipads or laptops or phones, we are giving the "net" all access to record and analyze everything we read. If "they" can monitor everything we read, then they certainly can attempt to control everything we read. "They" will try to influence our world view and every other viewpoint according to whatever "they" are trying to achieve. "They" want to control how you think and what you think about, by controlling what you have access to. They want to control the books you read. The more that you do your reading "online" the more control you are giving to "them" to influence and dominate your reading.

Good books always prepare us to wage war with "sub par" lifestyles and ways of thinking. Good books energize holy "rebellion" against ungodly lifestyles. 

The past year of 2020 and the first month and a half of 2021 has shown us how quickly computer companies can just "erase" a person's voice on mass media. If "they" don't like your message, they can remove your ability to write words that other humans will read. They will "cancel" the ability of  someone "they" don't like, to speak and write on public forums, on all kinds of mass media. "They" will try to muffle your voice print in whatever way they can. The more we depend on electronic media for all the things we read and learn from, the more access we give to "the powers that be" to monitor, influence and ultimately control what we read and learn from.

That is why I feel I must write now to encourage you not to throw away your paper format books.
Try to maintain a family or personal library, with literal hands on paper and ink books. "They" can't get your books if you keep them alive by saving them in your private libraries. Don't fall prey to political correctness by burning your books. Let your personal libraries live long into the future. Keep them under lock and key if you need to. Some of you need to put your most important books into safes that are protected from water and fire damage.

In North America we are not at risk in a physical sense, but our minds are definitely at risk.
We are allowing all things electronic to control the formation of our mindsets. We are allowing mass media, social and otherwise, to attempt to control our own narratives. We must and are able to retain our narratives, but it will take effort on our part to do so. We protect our minds by protecting our words. Books are a very important piece of the puzzle. Please don't empty your home of books. Even if the books are old and dusty or the pages are worn from over use. Books are priceless treasures.

We must reclaim leadership in the formation of our own mindset as well as the growth of our children's minds. We must restore our love and respect for "self led learning". We must restore "in person" learning on all levels. Some courses should not be recorded for livestreams, or uploads. Some classes should be "old school" in person with no electronic devices permitted in the class room. 

Real learning has a high price. It takes effort. It takes the ability to sit and listen to the perspective and viewpoints of people that you may not agree with and be able to stay civilized and calm. It's about agreeing to disagree and giving one another the right to be heard.

We must restore the skill of "respectful and heated debate". A good argument is the hallmark of a vital and healthy learning environment. Great debates form great democratic societies. When public debates are dulled down into politically correct shams, we all lose out, because we aren't letting one another freely speak.

Ya'll have probably already figured out over the years, that I believe in the Bible.  I believe strongly that copies of the Bible must be preserved for the generations to come. We must not allow these strange forces of "censorship" to try to remove words or portions from our precious historic Bibles. That is why I encourage you strongly to hold onto the paper format copies of the holy bible that you may currently possess. There is nothing, in and of itself, wrong with using an online version of the Bible. However, I feel that we must be aware that anything on the internet can be "edited" and tampered with. If the Bible's words start offending the "powers that be" in North America, what would stop "them" from trying to 'remove' the words that "offend" from all online versions of the Bible? That is why you absolutely NEED to keep a literal copy of the holy Bible in a safe place in your possession.

Try not to just access the Bible from a computerized entry point. Keep a hard copy in black and white, on any kind of paper it is on.... Paperback is fine, hard cover is fine, as is leather bound.
We need to preserve the original versions, the good old fashioned reliable versions such as the King James Version of the holy Bible.

Well, that's all for now. I have spoken my peace.


P.S. When you protect your books, you protect your mind.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

This Changed My Life...this one idea


If you had looked into certain times of my life, and if you had been able to see the wheels churn inside my brain, you would have been able to observe how I changed life.

It began as a hope....a whisper of a scent of a possibility for a newer better way of living.

The big question was this....Was I ready to accept this very radical idea....that I could actually create a new reality that I had never seen lived out by any woman I had grown up looking up to.
It is a scary thing to try to become something that no one you have ever spoken to or mingled with has had the nerve to put into practice. Being female was not only a gender in the community I grew up in. Being a woman meant that you were only supposed to reach for certain aspirations, and skills that were "becoming" and "non-threatening" to the men around you.

Little did I know that as I grew into the wife and mother I am now, that I began to see that it was indeed only up to me, to change my limits I set for myself. There was no reason for me to abide by old fashioned restrictions on what I could do. I could create my own reality based on my own goals...

I began to write down goals. I kept my list of goals on a plastic covered list in my purse. I began to read my goals aloud to myself as often as I could. I began to invest more regularly in books (audio format and paper books) that fed my goals and expanded my mind and knowledge base. I began to seek out like minded people online who exemplified the kind of life I knew I could and would create for myself. The only person who could hold me back....was me. I had decided to give myself permission to succeed in achieving my goals.

Well, I feel like this post could go on forever. But I am going to keep it rather short.

The idea, that my future was up for my own creation was the one idea that changed my life. This idea is so revolutionary that few realize it, because it appears as such a simple concept.

We are often deceived by so many people we grow up with, to believe that we need a person to somehow be our hero and raise us up. But that hero is looking at you in the mirror every day. You believe in yourself. God believes in you. Together with God's help you can do anything you set your mind to. Learn how to set goals....write them down. Repeat them out loud to yourself as often as you can ( at least once a day).

The words you speak to yourself, will form and create a new lifestyle that you will grow up into. It will be beautiful and will be original....because you are an original human being. You were created to be creative......just like your heavenly Father.

Stop waiting for someone to rescue you. Rescue yourself. Take a step towards your written goals today. One small step to an incredible future. ....begins today.

In Peaceful powerful productivity,