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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gluten Free at Country Style

I may have posted this before, but I thought I would post it just in case it was overlooked.
Note that you can always contact the head offices of any major fast food chain  to determine which items on their menu are currently gluten free. Note that their menu's are always changing and as such, so can the gluten free status of any of their products.  If you are currently dealing with gluten intolerance or celiac conditions, then don't be shy in asking restaurants about the presence of gluten in their foods. It is their duty to be polite and courteous in accommodating your request to the best of their ability.

On that note here is the response I received from Country Style's head office with regard to their menu

"Good Morning Carla
I have had our procurement department check with the supplier regarding our soups and currently, cream of mushroom, cream of broccoli, broccoli and cheddar, french onion and garden vegetable are gluten free.
Carla our chili is not gluten free."

Restaurant & Customer Support 
Direct 905-762-4715 
Head Office 905-764-7066 x290

May you be blessed by God in your search for a good lifestyle that is convenient and allows you to explore God's great and wonderful world. Don't let foods become your obsession. Life is about so much more.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Which Staples Carry you through?

After reading a book by newbie millionaire Alan Corey entitled "A million bucks by 30"
I found it interesting to read about the specific food staples that the author relied upon when he had decided to radically reduce his cost of living. According to Alan's own recollection he lived virtually on about $2 per day for food costs which appeared to included the following basics:

  • day old bagels bought at half price 
  • industrial peanut butter( what is that?)
  • oatmeal with milk and raisins
  • ramen noodles
  • water.

I'm not sure what other items he consumed to supplement that rather simple diet, but he did succeed in radically cutting down his grocery and restaurant bill. It was his drastic discipline that allowed him to take calculated risks in entering the real estate market . He kept his goal clear and concise, namely to be able to own at least $1 million in assets by the age of 30.  And yes, little quirky Alan Corey accomplished his goal.

I know I repeat this often, but what precisely are your goals? Have you written them or it down? Maybe it is just one simple goal. Maybe it is a goal that you have made with regard to your children's education. Maybe you have made a goal that you want to accomplish spiritually with regard to helping and blessing others.
I have read repeatedly that  a human being is infinitely more likely to accomplish a set goal only if they have written down that goal on paper.

Feel most welcome and invited to share your thoughts about this process in the comment section. I treasure your time and appreciate your input.
Peace, Carla.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

George Washington Carver

"You have shown me the one race, the human race. Color of skin, or form of hair mean nothing to me now, but length, and width, and bredth (sic) of soul and loving kindness mean everything"
Quote obtained from Page 214 of book entitled George Washington Carver-Scientist and Symbol written by
Linda O. McMurray.

The above quote was written by one of the young men that George Washington Carver mentored.
Carver lived at a testy time in US history....when opportunity and prejudice both abounded. When discovery and ingenuity were paramount to financially survive.

I sense from these books about  Professor Carver, that he understood that he had to rise above the hostile feelings of others towards him, and focus on what he was good at,...namely discovering creative products from everyday agricultural items and from the earth.

Carver's focus was on helping the poor sharecroppers take advantage of inexpensive seed crops and use them to promote their own economic well being. He promoted better nutrition through advising poor farming families how to take advantage of good sources of protein that were less expensive than meat.

I glean great encouragement from reading about George Washington Carver, because he chose to help people where they were at. He saw people in their poverty and didn't admonish them, but rather helped them to see the opportunity right in front of them. He helped them provide better meals for their families without incurring more expense.
There is something to be said for a motivational speaker who accepts people right where they are at.
The world is full of people who want to change you into something bigger or richer. But the humble professor Carver, addressed people right in the midst of their humble circumstances and gave them simple ways to improve their health and their economic well being.
May we be less eager to renovate the lives of others and more willing to start with simple small steps of improvement of our own.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Gluten Free Survival Skills

Hey Gluten Intolerants and Celiacs,

Let's Talk! Just wondering out of those who read my blog who are gluten intolerant or completely diagnosed as "celiac", I would like to know how it is going for you. How do you survive?
How do you handle snack time at work? Where do you go for snacks? Where do you go for
fast food or nice dinners without having to handle awkward questions about why you can't eat 
the fresh baked bread set out on your table?

Do you survive on scrambled eggs and apple sauce? Have you stopped going out to some social events because you are tired of explaining your gluten intolerance?
What are the best gluten free survival tips that have helped you enjoy life again?
I would love to hear your input, feelings and best gluten free survival tips in the comments!
Let's publish some great helps, k?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Montreal Gluten Free

New Gluten Free Restaurant/ Store in Quebec...
Check out the blog which features a post about this
new gluten free venue.
\Bon Appetit!!!


Toronto Celiac