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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tim Hortons Now Carries Gluten Free Macaroons!

Woohoo! Fait Accompli! Not sure if I spelled that right...my french needs a tuneup.

But I am delighted to let my blog-ees know that Tim Hortons in Ontario Canada has just begun as of the last few weeks ago, to carry GLUTEN FREE coconut macaroon cookies!
And the big bonus? Yes, they taste great. No seriously, I'm not lying... they do actually taste normal and delish!
If my memory serves correctly, the price was 1.49 for two in a sealed plastic pack.
So I want to send out my congrats to Timmies' for listening to us finally and adjusting their mindset to this most urgent quest for a gluten free lifestyle.
Praise God.

Monday, July 8, 2013

So You Gotta Write?

So you have the yearning desire to write....everywhere and virtually all the time.
I have good news for you.
There are oooodles of places online in which you can hone your craft.
Get more exposure and utilize that gift that keeps you up at night.

Here' a few ways in which you can just start writing, without a lot of
hoops to jump through before it gets published.

Start a free blog.
Blogs such as this one are published using a "free" blogging template called Blogger.
There is also a similar blogging template under the brand of Wordpress.
Some people prefer Blogger and some people prefer Wordpress. My impression has been that businesses prefer to use Wordpress for blogging and regular folks who make personal blogs prefer Blogger.
You could always try both and see which system you prefer.

Then there is Squidoo. Seth Godin raves about Squidoo.
Apparently you are supposed to create "lenses" which are  little pieces of written work that you
create and publish as a "lense" on Squidoo". I don't know if there is any monetization strategy to use with Squidoo or if it is soley an opportunity to get your voice heard and build your readership.

There there are writing contests. Some have an entry fee and some are totally free to enter.
You can find a  long list of active writing contests through a website called http://winningwriters.com/index.php#.UdtcSTu-rBo\

Let me know how it goes for you creative ones.