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Monday, June 25, 2012

Gluten Free At KFC

When I contacted KFC to find out if anything on their menu is gluten free this is the link that they
sent me.


Therefore, from my quick check of their listing there are only about four items that would not usually contain gluten and that would be their potato salad, coleslaw, sweet potatoe fries, and mashed potatoes. That's it.
Please note that there is much written in fine print on their allergen notice, so read the fine print  for their full disclosure and disclaimer. Bon appetit!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shave 14% off your Electricity Bill

Good Afternoon All!
I read a statistic somewhere (sorry I can't quote the source) that drying your clothes in the clothes dryer makes up at least 14% of your electricity bill.
I also read that if everyone in the USA stopped using clothes dryers completely that there would be no need for nuclear power.... Hmmm how interesting.

Well, perhaps you have nannies, butlers, housekeepers and maids and you don't actually touch your own laundry any more. You could still instruct your household helpers to hang some of your laundry out to dry.
The things that don't fluff up well when hung dry could be put into the dryer after being hung up to dry and then added to the electric clothes dryer just for 10 minutes to add fluffiness..
( such as towels)

Perhaps you don't have an official clothes line, complete with wheels and pulleys. No problem, a simple
rope/string made of some sort of plastic will suffice. you can tie it up between two fence posts and have a diagonal clothesline hanging across one corner of your backyard.

Some housing communities forbid the use of clotheslines, as they think they are an eyesore. So, you may have to find out if there are rules like that in your community. But I find that a really high hydro bill is more of an eyesore than a few lines of string hanging in my own backyard :)

Perhaps you detest manual labor and the lugging of wet clothes from the washing machine to your outdoor clotheslines. Well, I do understand, but I do find that sometimes a little old fashioned manual labour soothes the soul and refreshes the spirit, much like gardening.
God bless y'all. I treasure your presence. Feel free to publish your input on the comments section.Caio.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Carla's Top Eleven Coupon Sites

Good Morning Friends.
I realize that most of these sites listed below will probably only be relevant to canadians but I thought
I would post them anyway. They are basically a list of the most popular sites where you can request free coupons or where you can print them up yourself. Remember that not all stores will accept home printed coupons, but stores like Walmart will.
Happy Savings and Freebies....!