Friday, December 18, 2020

Do you Want to Trade Full Time?

Who woulda thunk that a pandemic would have created a movement for day traders.

Zero commission "gamer" be specific.

Folks have been raising some red flags because those who have been laid off or are under house quarantine are finding themselves with hours to spare and the brain power to learn a new skill. Turns out that "day trading" fits the bill for many in isolation....who are unemployed or underemployed.


So, as a mom, I have to put on my big mama pants and just send out a mother's scolding. There aren't enough warnings going out to this new youngish genre of day traders.

Young people often have no concept of risk management or risk tolerance and most of them are trading on margin based on a faulty "approval process" that takes advantage of novice retail traders. As I stated before,....the "day trader" novices are often the ones who have already LOST their source of regular employment and/or their working hours have been downsized into a trickle of pennies. With their usual sources of income drying up into the dust.....they look at the stock market as a last hope....a 'hail Mary" shot, for lack of a better phrase. Are you beginning to sense the danger?

Folks who have lost their jobs and with minimal income supports are flocking onto "zero commission" type of day trading platforms and gambling and clicking away whatever pennies or "loans" they can get their nimble gamer fingers on. Now is not the time to get into debt, or more debt, or new debt. Now is not the time to gamble yourself into depression and/or bankruptcy.

The stock market does not carry any warning labels. The few warning labels are written in such fine print that most folks do not even acknowledge that the warnings exist. There are few hoops to jump through to simply get into the game. It is simply too easy for "broke" younguns to crash and burn in the markets in a very short time frame. The pandemic has created the perfect storm for desperate and housebound young humans. 

Not all young novice traders will lose out....but the statistics are not in their favor. Some studies estimate that as many as 95% of  retail traders lose all the money in their accounts, and some lose even more than what they started with, ....meaning they owe folks money....lots of it.....with interest accumulating by the moment. Think your college age child can't get into thousands or even millions of dollars of debt by trading the stock market? Think again. Do your research.

If you, a smart young person happen to be reading this...or if a good friend has kindly sent you a clip of this  blog need to realize that you, especially if you are trading on margin and using options, you can not only lose what you have initially held in cash in your account, but you can wind up owing the brokerage house millions of dollars that you don't have. Yes, I am not exaggerating this danger. You are young and you feel invincible...I understand. I was young once too.

How is this possible? Because the market is ALWAYS hungry for new cash from retail traders to generate and maintain "liquidity". The big trading houses are too smart to be taken advantage of, so the individual newbie traders are the baby minnows being consumed by these big sharks swimming the markets.

The stock market is not a non-profit organization. It exists to generate funding for companies and individuals who know how to play it. Young folks who know how to play video games, get sucked in by the flashing lights and seemingly innocuous trading platforms that are designed to attract youthful gamers. Having quick eye hand coordination will only help you in trading if you understand the markets in general. Being a good gamer...even an expert gamer, does not indicate that you will become a profitable day trader.

Now, this being said, it has been noted that one of the biggest names in day trading today such as Stephen Dux, is also an epic gamer. But he has not been sluggish to do his due diligence to educate himself to understand the markets. His use of research and spread sheets to track the markets is legendary. It was only AFTER he taught himself to track and comprehend the markets did his "gaming" skills come into good use. 

Well, folks that's all for now. Sorry for throwing water on your day trading fire of euphoria. I really do hope that you will create a way to earn a properous living, whether that is in the stock market or some other avenue. But most and foremost I hope that you will not be "had" by the system or any individual or company that preys upon the young and inexperienced.

Peace out,


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Trading Like a Girl

Yes, yes lady do belong. You can do this.

Yes, I know that it might still feel like a man's world....but you must know that pioneers usually feel like newcomers...until ....well.....they don't.

or visit the youtube channels of gals like 
Humbled Trader or the Singapore trader named Karen Foo.

There are little bits that you can glean from each.
But you must never lose your own "style" and common sense.

But back to what I wanted to chat about today...and that is
the art of staying flexible in changing markets. We may be in a bullish market on some fronts lately, but we don't know how long this will last. We, as all prudent ladies do, prepare for those downtrends and lower volatility seasons where the gains may be harder to locate, based upon your own particular trading strategy and goals.

But never, take any bloggers word for it. Most of the "crap" (pardon my language) you read online is not worth even the electricity it cost to produce the glowing words on your screen. Words are just words, and videos are just videos. Words are so easy to type and opinions are often sooooo loud and unqualified. A video can be made in just one moment with your cell phone. There are no middle men/women anymore. There are no "fact checkers" for the most part....and there are no filters between social media outlets and your own person learning zone. Make sure that you vet your "guru's" and mentors until only the best survive your scrutiny. The best ones will help you prepare for the "down times" and for when you make "losing trades".

The best stock market traders, acknowledge (although maybe not very loudly) that every trader has losing days. But the winners are the ones, who, over time, have bigger wins than losses and the wins are so significant, that they far outshine their losses. Reality bites sometimes, but is far more refreshing and accommodating. I would rather have one honest friend than a thousand folks who just flatter me. Wise friends and wise teachers and mentors will help you build something with a bit of longevity in it. Most success is not won overnight. By that, I am not saying that being an "over night" wonder is not possible, but that it is far more reasonable to plan on a longer learning curve, and it is ultimately easier to grow into gradual gains.

Those who glaze over the fact that markets are always in flux and changing in their nature are not doing you a favor. 
We, especially as female traders, must use our ability to  adapt to our advantage in the trading world. We must not get stuck into certain "beliefs" about the market that may hold our heads in the sand from acknowledging times of change.

Trading in a low volatility market and higher interest rates is going to feel and operate much differently from a high volatility market with low interest rates. From the look of things, we may be trading in a relatively low interest rate environment from now  until early 2023. But nothing is written in stone.

Stay frugal, my friends. Save for a rainy day.
Protect yourself and your loved ones from the changes that will most assuredly arrive.

Well, that's all for now. 
Trade like a girl....stay ready to adapt and always prepare ")

In peaceful productivity,

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Will it be difficult to Roll Back Ultimate Control?

Yes, yes my friends, the vaccines are in the pipelines now.. They are headed toward us. Both Moderna and Pfizer have had successful clinical trials of their Covid 19 vaccines. It is only a matter of months before one or both or several other viable alternatives are headed to your nearest Canadian pharmacy .   ( I do not say this from any kind of position of authority on the matter....but rather simply from observing the published news media outlets....circa November 17, 2020)

What I wanted to chat briefly about today is not the vaccines. It is about what is going to happen once the vaccines have been rolled out. My question is this...and I'm going to try, no really I am, to not be snarky.

I want to know if the provincial and national leaders of my beloved country of Canada are going to be willing to easily let go of the "ultimate control" that has been foisted upon them early in the pandemic. Needless to say, few Canadian citizens  cast their political ballots while thinking seriously about the possibility of a global pandemic.  Few of us spend time imagining what these sort of global crises can do to a civilized society such as the one I like to call home. 

I am sure that literally none of the premiers of every  Canadian province ever expected to be put into a position where they had to choose whether to allow their constituents to go to work or school, or both or none or one or the other. I don't think any Canadian politician has ever anticipated needing the kind of character and discipline  that is required to tactfully and wisely handle such "ultimate power" over every day Canadian life.

But alas, life is full of unexpected twists and turns. The politicians have risen to the occasion and done what they feel is right in exercising their power over our every day life choices. As frustrating as it has been to have a politician have control over my activities, I must admit that the Canadian politicians have tried to do their personal best. Some have, in my humble opinion, have overstepped and used a heavy hand in measuring out their "pandemic related authority".

But my request is this. May I be really blunt? Tactless too? 

This is my request. I would like to politely ask ALL of my local and national politicians to begin to plan NOW how they will handle the ROLLING BACK of this "ultimate power". It will surely take some getting used to, for politicians to simply show up to their desk jobs and push pencils, when they have for at least a year, been given the power to destroy or protect lives and livelihoods.              Will Canadian politics ever be the same?

So I will ask again. Dear Canadian Politicians, once the vaccines are approved in full and rolled out into the Canadian masses, are you ready, mentally and emotionally and spiritually to step back and allow us to run our own lives again? Can you handle the "lunch bag  let down" of not having to make life altering decisions on a daily or weekly basis? Will you respectfully step down from controlling virtually every aspect of our beloved Canadian lifestyle and allow us to carve out our own destinies again???

I pray. I pray and ask and request that you will willingly lay down the rod of authority once the vaccines are rolled out. I know that it will be difficult, when the news media has been worshipping the air you breathe since March of 2020, that to go back to cutting ribbons, signing building permits, and planning golf fundraisers will feel like  a huge ego punch. But you must let it go. The time is soon arriving. Please prepare. Prepare to let go.

We have allowed you to run your race, to get this pandemic into alignment, so it will behave itself and Canadians can survive. We are almost there. We are almost to the finish line.

Now it is time to plan. Time to plan to let go. I know you can do this. I know you can..



Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Crafting Your Think Space

Folks yak on about Bill Gates "Think weeks". I have too. It's a great notion.
But what I want to speak  about today is something that must occur much much much more often than what can be planned for once or twice a year.

I am talking about ...asking you a personal question. May I? What is your favourite space to think alone?                                       (by the way, we Canadians spell favourite with a "u".... Just sayin')

Don't worry, I am not judging your answers. I am just trying to stir up some thoughts.

One of my favourite places to think is my local public library. The only thing i don't like about it is when the loud ladies visit and think that a "library" hush rule does not apply to them or their kids and they try to take over the whole library with their guffaws and roudy children.

Some ideals are indeed old fashioned...but still very much needed. Complete quiet solitude is crucial if we are to develop and maintain a healthy thinking life.

Even in our cars, we often fill the airspace with radio or some other kind of music or download. Not that there is anything at all wrong with all things "audio".  As I said before, I am not judging.
I am simply saying that sometimes we need spaces to work through something that requires a good "thinking session". Have you given yourself permission to be quiet? I am not talking about yoga or some other mystical stuff. I am talking about just giving yourself the time and space and place to be alone and get some good thinking done.

Some folks think best when they are alone on a boat fishing. Whether they catch a fish or not is irrelevant....that thinking time is precious. The fresh air and outdoor beauty and solitude is priceless.

 There's a few other places I could name that I find to be perfect or near perfect thinking spots. But i am not going to share them on the net. One must do what we can to protect our privacy online, and thus I try my best to put some kind of boundaries on the kinds of information I share online. 

Well, that's just about all for now. With the wild ride that has been and continues to be the best way to describe remains even more important for you all , each and every single one of us to maintain places and spaces to think. When we allow too much noise into our lives, we do not think clearly or rationally. We react without reason and with much emotion.

So, wishing peace and tranquility to you all, my readers. 
May God bless you each with a quiet place of solitude.


Monday, November 9, 2020

The Origins of the Covid 19 Virus ..... a Non Technical Conversation

So, it has been written that the origin of the Covid 19 virus was from China, particularly from the Wuhan province. There is a high tech laboratory which was working on coronaviruses and the rumour is that one of these "concoctions" escaped the lab. Is this true? I don't know. I can not even pretend to even remotely understand these complex medical riddles. 

But....just for conversation sake.... I have also heard that Americans have been working on Coronaviruses for scientific purposes for several years, and American scientists have worked at the same lab from which it is suspected that the Covid 19 virus susposedly escaped.

Do I have any legitimate reason to believe any of the above rumours? Nope....nada....absolutely none.
These are simply things that I have heard of or read online. I can not prove any of it.

It is hard to have any kind of reasonable belief about the source of a virus, because I am woefully undereducated  and ill-equipped to make even a mystical guess as to it's origins.

The only thing I am permitted to speak of are my own personal impressions.

So, permit me to just to speak a bit about my impressions. These thoughts are vague and hazy...

In my personal opinion....our society, in our worldwide human family is risking too much with the current levels and investments in scientific exploration. It could be said that scientists merely want to expand their knowledge. But what bothers me is that we , the human race as a whole, are not thinking in a wholistic way as to what we are potentially putting at risk for the sake of gaining scientific knowledge.

For one example, I was horrified to see the creation of what is commonly called 
"CRISPR" ....which is  a gene editing technology that has become available for purchase to the public.

Folks are making labs in their own homes and attempting to genetically mutate themselves or other creatures. I am shocked that the public is being "entrusted" with such a dangerous technology!!!

Mankind can create all manner of "evil"  monsters with these tools and the governments go nothing about it.

Much of the foods that are sold in the supermarkets are genetically modified. These crops, being genetically modified, are changing the way that animals and plants behave across the world. We do not know the long term effects of the genetically modified foods on the food chain and human development. Genetically modified crops are changing the landscape of our globe and the end result is a big question mark.

Do governments ever say NO to science? Do governments ever have the courage to shut down 
scientific research because the risks are just too great???

So , that is part of the long rabbit trail of my conversation about the origin of Covid19.

If the Covid19 virus was created in a this lab now shut down? Or are there still many more similar labs currently operating world wide? Do we know what we are risking by "developing" and creating powerful diseases in labs? Is any laboratory ever truly 100% secure?

We are seeing this year in 2020, how one new virus can bring the human race to a standstill, disrupting human life as we know it, not even mentioning the economic tragedy that will take years from which to recover.

No one wants to think about the potential for financial gain that is created by a world wide virus, such as the one that we have experienced around the world in 2020 with the Covid19 outbreak.

But it needs to be thought about, and discussed at length by us all, as well as by those with governmental authority. How do we protect our countries from these kind of "biological " viruses that may be created or used to hurt our beloved countries?

We all know the threats that can be seen, that local police forces and other governmental systems protect us from . But who will protect us from these type of genetically modified "viruses" that can do so much harm, and remain unseen to the naked eye? We do not know how to protect ourselves from these "things".

Does it begin, my friends, with the acknowledgment that sometimes, we as human beings, need to be able and willing and empowered to shut down scientific research when we know the stakes are simply too high??? Sometimes risks of a certain "magnitude" are too high to calculate, control or monitor. 

Saying NO is something that every parent learns to do, when they have a child to raise.

Saying NO is something that governments must also be given the power to do, just to protect the health and well being of mankind.

Peace out,

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Surprising My Dad With My NEW Dream Home!

There comes a time when you need to give credit where credit is due.
Graham Stephan has worked so hard to get where he is now...a multimillionaire with a bright future. enjoy this video as he shows his dad the new home that he just bought.

Graham Stephan made much of his early gains by being ultra frugal and growing a real estate portfolio. Much of his income currently comes from his youtube revenue in addition to his real estate revenue.

In this time of during which many young people are disenfranchised and don't feel empowered....I would encourage you to find inspiration in Graham Stephan's story.

In this video ( i hope it loads properly to my blog) Graham explains how his mom and dad were always renters. Now his son is living  the life of his dreams, as an owner, business owner and motivational leader. Enjoy.

Peaceful productivity,

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Notion of A "Twindemic"???

today i was listening to the radio again....glazing over some yet more "urgent" news about the "pandemic".

Human beings can only stay 
" on alert" for very short periods of time. After a while, we all run out of that adrenaline pump involved in the "fight or flight" instinct.

Therefore, I just wanted to speak briefly this afternoon about what the "experts" and media leaders are talking about with regard to the word "Twindemic".

Some folks are touting the advantages of the "flu shot" by creating yet more fear...(as if they hadn't created enough fear already).

This fear is being used like a well oiled machine to support the notion of getting the flu shot into as many residents of Ontario as possible.

Now, before you write me off as an 'anti-vaxxer' i want to state for the record, that yes , I have gotten the flu shot....actually just a few days ago. I am happy to get it and find that I do feel a boost of energy within a few days or about a week after getting it. Not sure if I could prove that, but I do feel it and have felt that occur other years as well, when I have received the flu shot.

But what I don't appreciate...and must object to, is the strange and illogical reasoning behind pumping up some strange fear of  a "Twindemic". By the way, this "Twindemic" word that the media is creating is some kind of bizarre two headed disease monster mixture of the flu with Covid 19.

First of all, does anyone really know if it is possible to get the flu and Covid 19 at the same time?
What are the odds of that occuring? 

Here is my take....DISCLAIMER: for the record, I am not qualified in any way to make any kind of medical advice, or any other kind of health advice. I am just a regular jane. I would advise you though, to get your medical advice from licensed professional health providers. This blog author as well as the publisher does not take nor accept any liability for any of the words printed here in this post. This blog and all of it's posts is intended for entertainment purposes only. Don't take my word for anything written here.....we are just chatting over coffee and gluten free donut ok?

Ok, now that that fat disclaimer is out of the way. I just want to continue to prattle on for a bit.
My take on "sickness" and our human ability to get sick is based upon our own personal and highly individualized immune system. Our human immune systems can be robust, or they can be weakened.  A billion different things can weaken our immune systems. Also, conversely, a billion different things and habits and lifestyles can strengthen our immune systems.

If someone's immune system is weak, they may be vulnerable to a host of viruses, not just the flu and not just Covid 19. There are a billion different ways to get sick. If someone is on a path to sickness, there are so many to "choose from". That sounds weird...but isn't true? 

So, instead of focusing on the negative "what ifs", permit to chat about the possible good things that humans do to strengthen their immune systems:

Limiting extreme stress: blocking toxic communications from your life is a powerful tool to use to maintain your mental health and wellness ,which will in step, keep your physical body "happier" too.

Eating foods that God created: Basing your consumption on foods that God created instead of foods that some scientist concocted in a lab,  generally speaking, are going to feed your body well. Keeping fresh produce available at all times in your home will make available to you and your family, snacks that have "nature's bounty" on hand. Natural sugars and vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies are readily absorbed by our bodies, in ways that over processed foods and sweeteners can not compete.

Sleep: for an adult, a good 7-9 hours of sleep every night is the ideal. Not everyone needs that much sleep,, but I am speaking in generalities.

Dress: Keeping your body protected from the harshness of natural weather and temperature elements is key to protecting your immune system from undue stress. Keeping your body protected from sun damage or heat stroke is important as well as protecting yourself from exposure to rain and snow. Wear the right coats or sweaters for the season. Have a good pair of shoes that will protect you from slipping on wet surfaces, rain, snow or shine.

Hygiene: Regular showering or bathing, as well as brushing your teeth is going to keep your immune system better able to fight off those germs that you may pick up in your daily activities.
Cleanliness in how you maintain your clothing and yourself as well as the bedding  you sleep on is so very important. You will help protect your health when you protect your cleanliness.

Ok that's enough about that for now. I do understand the benefit of reducing "undue" stress on our provincial and heavily government subsidized health system. As a Canadian tax payer, by getting the flu shot we may reduce our chances of getting the flu and possibly reduce our possibility for needing the hospital, and thereby leaving the hospitals more ready and willing and capable to support those who are getting sick of Covid 19. Yes, I understand that and it makes a little bit of sense. However, creating some new mystical fear of getting the flu and Covid19 at the same time is rather bizarre and nonsensical in my personal opinion. 

But, since I am stirring the pot , do you mind if I mention one more issue? Have you noticed that a lot of folks who are elderly who have caught the Covid19 virus are not being sent to the hospital? Or is that just an illusion? As someone who has lived in Ontario for most of her life, the hospital was always the place to go if you or someone you knew got sick.....especially if they got seriously sick. How is it that if you call a local pharmacy in Ontario, you may get a recorded message that warns you to NOT GO to your local hospital if you think you have symptoms of Covid19? How bizzarre!!!

So, if the system is encouraging folks to NOT go to the hospital if they think they have Covid19, they are in essence, discouraging you from using our local hospitals for a very legitimate health care need. Do the "powers that be" have the right to tell you NOT to go the hospital if you feel you need to go there??? 

Big question. Of all the seniors in Ontario that have caught many of them were "forced" and/or strongly "encouraged" to simply suffer and potentially die at home or in their long term care homes? Is the system in Ontario right now, withholding hospitalized health care from us Ontarians when we need it most????

I hope I am wrong. I really do. I hope there is a reasonable explanation for what I see and sense. I hope that all of the  folks who have lived in Ontario most of their lives are being able to access freely the health care they need, whether it is from their local physicians, or from their hospitals. Our health system has been funded by us hard working Ontarians for a really long time. We are tax payers. We have rights. Using a hospital when you are sick, is a right for every Ontarian.

I don't believe that any Ontario hospital has the right to turn any sick person away, no matter how contagious or ill. Hospitals are built for the sick, not the well.

Ok, that's enough about that. I have said pretty much all that I wanted to say for today. I apologize in advance for seeming a tad negative. But for me, it's more about exercising my freedom of speech than about spoiling anyone's day. It is my ambition too, to always keep folks thinking freely for themselves.

Peace out,

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wild Mushrooms an Autumn Stroll

An autumn stroll in a quiet damp forest....bears an abundance of mushrooms and mysterious fungi.... Can you identify any of them?

like little coins collecting along the side of this small tree trunk...the mushroom patrol is hard at work.....

methinks this one should have asked for written permission to take up so much space on this lovely tree trunk. Such boldness from a natural specimen is quite unusual don't you think?

the earthy dampness....the fallen logs that begin their melting journey to become one with the earth once again. Ahh....the scent of this forest is so rich. 
It is amazing to me that a forest can have such differing territories all within one forest. Some areas had green low to the ground ground cover. Other areas had spongey floors with little to no greenery on the ground. Perhaps it had something to do with the type of trees that were the canopy. I spotted some oaks, as well as some large cedars. Didn't really identify the many others yet....
These small muchrooms gave off a poof of grey black "smoke" when I touched them.  That was rather foolish of me to even touch them, considering they might be dangerous and poisonous. All the experts advise us mere humans to avoid touching mushrooms that we can not identify properly.

Last but not least, there was this epic "blob" which seemed to be similar to what some foragers call "chaga". However, I am really new to the whole
mushroom/fungi I really don't have a clue what it is? Do you know...? Can you tell by looking at it? Or would you have to see it close up? The texture of this blob-like fungus was spongy and dark in it's interior.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Why Do We Care What People Think?

I finally found the lie behind it all. This great mystery.
I thought it was a girl thing...a female preoccupation. I thought perhaps it was an insecurity thing.... Nope...turns out it occurs in most of us human beings. For some strange reason we care what other people think.

So my big breakthrough thought is this:

We care what people think because we can not possibly KNOW what they are thinking...and so we invent what WE THINK they are thinking and it is THOSE imagined possibilities that literally scare the patoobies out of us.

Therefore we are afraid of something that does not exist....except in our own imagination. We can just as easily imagine that others are thinking fabulous and admiring thoughts about us, as we can imagine the most critical thoughts that others just "might" be thinking about us. Our imaginations are powerful. But at the end of the day we human beings can not know what others think. That would make us gods. We can only guess!

God made us in such a way that our brains remain inside our heads no matter what wacky thoughts are occurring inside that grey matter . And I suspect that this human condition will remain so....for the foreseeable future.

So, my friends and colleagues, be encouraged today. You don't need to be afraid of what you can't possibly know. You don't know what people are thinking. Stop imagining the worst. You don't need to care! You don't need to concern yourself in the least. Life your life richly, fully with great adventures and accomplishments. 
Perhaps in the next life, God will allow us the luxury of actually being able to read the ticker tape of what is going through another's mind. But for now we can rest peacefully and productively with the knowing that our thoughts are hidden from one another because the Good Man Upstairs wanted it to be so. Your thoughts are and will remain your thoughts, hidden from me for a reason, until you choose to share them with me.

Peace and joy in the reverence and seclusion of your own grey matter,


Monday, October 5, 2020

Tour of Eco-Village- Sustainable and Community Living

Even if you're not a big fan of "earthy living" will no doubt glean something helpful from this brief  glimpse in the lifestyle of a "sustainable" green-ish Eco village. Today was the first time I had heard of this particular location.

They use something called "composting toilest" which although I am a fan of, I must admit that I have personally never used one. The idea of being able to process toilet waste naturally without any need for major plumbing or even running water is quite compelling.

The different take that this Kashi village uses for their composting toilets is simply dry leaves. Oh the thought! How wonderfully simple and totally free!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video, as it certainly fulfills one of my lifelong interests in a more natural  lifestyle and simplified "closer to nature" type of ethic.



Thursday, September 24, 2020

Switching to Electric Vehicles Is Not Going to Cut Our Need for Oil

Sorry to rain on the EV parade.  It is an exciting era. To zoom around in a soundless battery operated car.
Perhaps I will be able to sneak up on my teenagers without them hearing my car coming. Alas, I kid myself... I do not yet own an EV.

Well, today I just have to repeat what I have mentioned perhaps even years ago, in that ....we all have to get over the notion that electric vehicles are going to cut off our dependence on oil. The oil industry is still going to be around for a long time. 

Why? Because our electrical grid is partially fueled by the oil and gas industry. So let's say that the politicians could somehow snap their fingers and force us all to drive electric vehicles, and let's pretend that our electrical grid could somehow accomodate all of the charging requirements for these vehicles, what would happen to the oil industry? It would still keep chugging along. Why? Because our electrical grid is partially fuelled by  OIL.

If you don't believe me, please read the documents linked here issued via IESO:

If I am understanding the charts properly from the a fore mentioned link....our electrical grid is supplied by the Oil and Gas Industry by 29%. That's a pretty large chunk don't you think? Why do folks presume that this 29% will just disappear? Or is it just that they prefer to "not see" that our electricity is partially provided by Oil and Gas? Is it easier to pretend that we are green if we don't use a gas pump, but instead pump elecricity into our E-vehicles? Must we be so naive to think that "all electricity" is green???

If you are looking for a more "up to the minute" update on the sources of our energy in may want to check out the sublink from their site :

I want to encourage my fellow Canadians to stay informed on a balanced perspective when it comes to the oil and gas industry ....especially as to how it pertains to our own beloved country.


Good News Most Wanted

It's Sept 24 2020.

So many folks just focusing on doing what they do best, their work, raising their families, prayer and occasionally trying to stay current on the news.

The news, however, is playing with the politicians, who are trying to pacify the "experts" and keep the citizens happy at the same time. I feel for their quandary. It is a fine line to try to walk.

I think finally in Ontario, that the politicians have realized that another full shut down is not in the best interests of our province or our beloved country of Canada. Every single moment of a full blown shut down causes years of financial misery. Bailouts are a helpful bandaid, but they are not the cure.

The cure will be found in one or more of the following: vaccines, natural means of strengthening immune systems, and spiritual victories by those who know how to pray. And by the way, just because we start using vaccines, does not mean we should exclude the other blessings of natural health methods and spiritual practices of prayer. There is no such thing as being "'too healthy" right?

It needs to said as well, that the governments have spent millions, perhaps it will be billions soon, to keep Ontario schools open this fall. That is why they can't just switch their party line and tell us all to stay home and hunker down if they expect students to still get to school and justify the millions of dollars already spent on developing and continuing to staff the online schooling system. 

My province is hiring so many more teachers just to manage the inflow of "online" teaching opportunities. It is a daunting task to help children learn in person, let alone when they are sitting at home with a plethora of distractions. Or perhaps I am incorrect in this assumption. Perhaps some students will actually learn better without the extreme effects of peer pressure. High school students may experience less peer pressure to involve themselves in the common temptations of drug or alcohol use.

Believe it or not, most students actually do enjoy learning and doing well in school, they just don't want to be shamed in front of their peers for being "brainiacs". They don't want to be teased for being eager to please their teachers by seeking out extra homework or speaking too much with the teacher. Perhaps online learning will provide a welcome sidestep for those high school students who really do take pride and joy in learning and doing the best that they can do.

Well, It is actually refreshing that the politicians are bound by this educational quandry in that they can't shame us adults for going out and doing our jobs. If the teachers are working....we are all working. That's that.

I can't speak for anyone else, but as for me, I have felt a "flood" of shaming pouring forth from politicians and public health "officials" right from the get go of the pandemic in February or March of this year. Politicians and health "officials" were looking to point fingers at someone to blame for the pandemic, and so they took pot shots at the public, the easiest target of all.

I pray that we all, as a society will not allow "shaming" to be the 'modus operandi' of the day. We need to have a sense of good will and well wishes towards our fellow well as the business and corporate entities that employ us. I am not looking for enemies.

I also pray that this pandemic will not lead to a plethora of law suits from all human or corporate entities trying to blame instances of Covid 19 infections on their fellow citizens. This time of human experience is an opportunity for us all to be pray for our fellow man, and do what is best to keep ourselves and our families healthy and happy. That's all for now.

Peace out,

Friday, September 11, 2020

Things Getting Messy?

There's a verse I like to think of every once in a comes from the book of proverbs chapter 14:4.
"Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; But much increase comes by the strength of an ox." (kjv)

Basically the verse expresses what I discovered to be true in real that ...when you are trying to create something a pioneer...things can get messy. Real creative work rarely occurs in a spotless pristine picture perfect office space. It occurs when creativity is allowed to burn brightly amid the joy of making something. Just like a smelly live ox...(I doubt his stall is picture perfect)...and i wouldn't want to be near whatever is on the floor of his stall. But the ox has a place. The strong ox has a purpose. His strength can accomplish much. And so now also, you may be tired of doing your work in your pajamas and holding zoom calls why your kids are playing with the cat in the background. But if you can stick it out and bear with the mess, the unscripted, the unpredictable and these chaotic times, you just might wind up with something strong, something that pays...that will sustain you and your family as time moves forward. Time always moves forward. Believe in God yes, but believe in yourself too.

The verse mentions an ox. I'm assuming we all know that owning an ox would create quite a bit of "natural" "special odors" as well as a trail of  waste throughout it's daily activities. But few of us have ever had the experience of seeing what an ox can accomplish on an old fashioned farm. An ox was the strength of the farmer. It would pull the plow to create the deep furrows in the ground so the farmer could grow new crops. When a boulder needed to be moved from one location to another, a strong ox would haul it out of the way. When the grain needed to be ground into flour, the ox's strength operated the stone mill. His strength created the harvest. The owner owned the ox. But the physical strength of the ox was even greater than the physical strength of the farmer. The owner reaped the real harvest from the strength of his ox.

When we are trying to build something in business or the investment world, we are trying to create something that is bigger than ourselves ....that will sustain us over the long term. We are trying to create something that has staying power and a positive "brute" force for good and prosperity.

So, if you are working from home right now, because you can't get into the office because of the pandemic .....don't despair because of the mess right now.
  Keep your eye on the harvest that will be yours!
 It is not the time to lament the fact that the lines between home and workplace have become blurred. It is not the time to get discouraged over the small inconveniences of 'pandemic' preparedness. It is not time to lament the mask wearing or the hand washing.

But it still is a perfect time to build something. It is a perfect time to keep building what you started building years ago. I am not talking about physical buildings...I am talking about building something that will generate income for you and your future generations. I am talking about
continuing to believe in your own creativity...the content of your life.

Keep meeting clients....zoom meetings or phone calls etc...are not the same as in person, but at least it's something that is keeping you moving forward toward your goal. The order will return to life, as the world rights itself from this pandemic. Things are in flux. It can be messy. But sometimes a bit of mess is the best nesting place for awesome creativity.

 In midst of a global mess,


Monday, August 17, 2020

300 Algorithms

They say it takes about 300 algorithms to master the game of Chess.
It is not clear to me yet how many are required to master the stock market. But I feel that those traders who feel that they have an "edge" because they trade certain financial derivatives are being naive. 

Algorithms do not need "down time"  and do not require "screen time" reading tape or ladders. Their capacity supercedes anything that a human being or even a group of cooperating human beings could hope to accomplish even if they could be physically or at least mentally present "in" the market     24 hrs a day..... 7 days a week.

That is why, the stock market is fundamentally changing. The speed with which the movements take place are accelerated by the algos. Nothing slows them down, as they have no emotion or "perspective" outside of what has been programmed into them. They are not "super-human". 
They are anti-human and will stop at nothing to scrape profits from every single corner of the market...both the dark pools and the more transparent trades. They have been created to serve certain humans, .....not ALL humans....and certainly not ALL countries.

 I believe that  A.I. covers each and every transaction that occurs in the stock market. Trading is becoming a  war of the "artificially intelligent" algorithms. The edge will be had only by those who "possess" the smarter programmers.

Artificial intelligence is already "bigger than us". Their capacity to spontaneously combust the markets is already quite clear. But there do appear to be "stoppers" in the markets. How effective these stoppers will be over time remains to be seen. In certain markets, yes.. they appear to function. How long would it take the a.i. algos to outsmart these stoppers for financial exploitation? We are talking about world altering, country obstructing, war causing financial implosions.

Sorry, to be a tad negative, but it helps to put these ideas into words we can rest, reset, rethink and protect ourselves and the future of our society from what our own hands can create.
I understand better now why folks do not hold things long term in the markets any more. They simply can not trust that the "gatekeepers" will be able to hold back the market busting power that the a.i. algos  carry.

I hope I am wrong....and all is green meadows and lambs skipping across bubbling brooks. 

Peace out,

Friday, August 14, 2020

Differences in Christian Music

I enjoy great Christian music. Such a blessing.

I've noticed over the years and just wanted to put into words a subtle difference between two different types of Christian music.

There is one kind of Christian music that is rock like. It doesn't change much. It stands solid over time and often has scripture woven right into the verses. This kind of music is not affected much by how or why the singer or musicians are performing it. It holds it's own. I feel that the lyrics please God and that they encourage the Believer because the words echo the truths hidden in God's word.....the Bible.

The second kind of Christian music is much more emotional. It seems to change over time and depends on who is performing it. It seems to blow with the wind and it's delivery is very much dependent on who is singing it and who the instrumentalists are. It also seems to be much concerned by the wardrobe or "stylishness" of the person or persons performing the song. There may be a light show going on during the performance, to add a somewhat "disco" type of flair to the performance. There is more of an emphasis on the "show business" side of the song. 

It is the second kind of music that sometimes worries me....why? Because God is rock like. He does not change. His Word stands strong matter what is going on around me or around the world. Sometimes the second type of music brings glory to a human being instead of to God.

So sometimes you may want to be discerning about what kind of music you rest your ear upon. What you listen to may affect how you look at life. I prefer to look at life in a straight forward and yet creative way. I may dance through life, but I need God to be that solid rock that never moves. Sometimes it really helps to have music that echoes that solidity.

Do you hear what I'm trying to say?


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Knowing How to Be Well

It would seem like a "loud" and very obvious gift....a skill that folks would name and carry around as a label. But I seem to notice that those who know how to be "well" live rather quietly. They rarely boast about their exploits. They rarely boast about how few meds they take and how they have cured or prevented major illnesses in their own lives and those they love. They know the herbs, they touch the soil..

Do you know how to "be well"? Just curious. If you do, you are truly a blessed person. You respect that "sanctuary" in which you live....your human body. 

Perhaps you have figured out how to use certain strategies to maintain your wellness. When perhaps you feel a little cold or something odd coming round the bend towards your wellness, you know what quiet and unobtrusive steps to take to recover, prevent severe illness and finally......present wellness.

You see, our bodies are somewhat artistic....they do not shout their message in neon lights or flashy signposts. No, our bodies sometimes wrap our symptoms in riddles and mysteries, so that only those who can be trusted with the answers, can sniff out the remedy. But our bodies do speak....volumes. Sometimes we listen....sometimes we try to silence the order to get some things done, no matter what we are feeling. I understand....I know that modern life can be demanding.

But know that your body will speak to you, and you must respect your body's voice. Slow down....walk slowly ...listen to the birds chirp...appreciate the whiff of summer trees swirling in the breeze. Calmness, quietness.... a gentle smiling sigh.

Please be patient....and yourself.

Peace out,

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Boredom Speaks

Boredom Speaks....she is rude and lacks conviction.

When a person is bored of the reasons may be because you have forgotten those inspiring spiritual instructions that were intended to spur you forward.

Riding a wild horse is a scary thought. That's what it's like to venture into the unknown....even if you are convinced that this is God's will.

But if you are probably haven't pushed far enough friends. Give yourself a new chance to find excitement by doing or researching something you have never considered before.

Is there a dream you have neglected for years? Was there something that you know you were meant to do....but you forgot about it in the midst of busyness?

Your dreams and inspirations are vital in keeping you moving toward God's best life for you. Risk one step forward.



Monday, August 3, 2020

Whose words light up your Brain?

hat old book can u just not get enough of?
Which author sets your brain on fire?

Yes food, yes ....wear clean clothes....and if u want to...put on some makeup. But don't forget about the food that feeds your mind.

Warren Buffett admonishes his students to acknowledge that we only have one mind to take with us through life. So, he says that we need to take care of our minds as a precious lifelong gift. He makes an excellent point.

Not every author is "wrong"....but few are wise. Too many books do not warrant the paper used to print them. Too many books add confusion rather than clarity.

Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich" is a treasured paper back in many homes. The Bible is a book unlike any that i notice that the more i read it...the more i realize how great it's depths are. It has a limitless well of thought provoking and mind clarifying power. No need to be modest about such a majestic book.

Anywho, what are you reading today? Anything that inspires or intrigues your love  for a great challenge?

I've never really cared for folks who declare loudly that they just "tell it like it is". They lack the art of being able to draw someone into a mystery. Life is a wonderous mystery....with twists and turns and riddles and poems. 

No boxes here. Just compelleing thoughts, dynamic teachers and thinkers and entrepreneurs who aren't afraid of the unknown.

Peace out...a book is calling.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Retail Respect

There is one action .....a concrete example of excellent customer service i have noticed lately.

I have experienced this numerous times from a certain financial services company. I won't mention their name because that is not my purpose today. Whenever i call this company with a question or request ...i notice that when the conversation is over...they wait for me to hang up the phone first. They literally never end the call first. That may sound like a very small gesture...
but it speaks volumes of  respect for their clientelle. 
Does your business serve the public? Are your staff closing the door hastily when the sale is complete? Or is there a more gracious exit that says to a person that you respect them as a person and not just their wallet?

peace out, 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

God Makes It Better

Too many things now a days have artificial colors and dyes...The above was made by God. Fresh raw juice made from raw beets carrots and apples...that's it. No water added. 
Frugal side notes. The jar is upcycled and the juicer i use often was granted to me by someone who couldn't sell it to anyone at their yard sale. Free does not always mean low quality. Sometimes it just really rocks:)
Peace out, 

The Podium

Where is the podium in your house? To which books are given "royal assent" by the authority figures in your home.

For me, it is the bible, of the Judeo Christian heritage, which is given that place of reverence. When a bible is read aloud, there floats about the house a bit of holy hush...a quiet thoughtfulness and pleasant absorption.

As I do have a fondness for "success" literature and "motivational gurus", I notice that every single one of them has a profound reverence for the act of reading. Every single big time billionaire places a high value on the simple and yet profound activity of reading.

Some folks prefer to listen to audio versions of their fave books, but that is still "almost" the same as reading, other than that it is more difficult to pause and reflect and/or take notes in the midst of an audio recording.

Having a physical copy of a book in your hand just lends itself to thoughtful pauses and reflection. The art of pondering, the ability to hover over an idea until one can see it from every possible angle.

So, in summary I would like to ask you gently, my good friends, relatives and associates and colleagues....who has the podium in your home?


Monday, July 27, 2020

Coke Pepsi Gates and Buffett

Sometimes it's interesting just to attempt to process and think through the different relationships
and allegiances that influence Wall St.

So, Mr. Bill Gates and Mr. Warren Buffett are best friends. Berkshire, Buffett's creation, owns a lot of Coca Cola shares.

In March of this year, Mr. Gates announced that he is withdrawing from the board of both Microsoft and Berkshire. Is it possible that Mr. Gates' withdrawal from these boards will help him not to feel conflicted as he moves ahead with a greater focus on his foundation?

Microsoft, this month of July 2020, announced a 5 year deal with Pepsi co, to have all it's employees use certain Microsoft products and have access to Microsoft teams. ( I'm assuming these are support personnel)

Remember that the Gates Foundation, which is run by Mr. Bill Gates and his wife Mrs. Melinda Gates, is set to receive billions of dollars from Mr. Buffett's Berkshire holdings over the coming years, as Mr. Buffett fulfills his giving pledge to donate much of his wealth to charity.

So what does this all mean? Will there be any tension because Microsoft has linked up with Pepsi, even though the Gates foundation will benefit from the heavy amount of Coca Cola shares that Berkshire holds?

Or, at the end of the day, does it not matter at all?  Maybe there are no passionate loyalties to consumer brands in the C-suites or billion dollar philanthropic powerhouses?

Just thinking aloud today.

Peace, and think on,


Monday, July 20, 2020

It's Frothy Earthy and Raw

Frothy ....earthy and raw. Ahhh....the best things in life come straight from the earth. This wee sample of the raw juicing I've been doing lately just hits the spot. Contains raw beets, celery, apples, carrots and mini cucumbers....the blend tastes a bit like the store bought V8 juice that my mama used to use to make her famous homemade soup.

It's funny, that when you take things like this straight by drinking it right after you makeit...., it doesn't even seem to matter if it feels like a fruit or a veggie concoction. It just doesn't matter....

Why? Because it simply makes you feel good. Energizes and clarifies. The beets add an earthy grounding to the beverage. I hear that beets are good for your blood.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you are all able to face the new realities in your current locations, whether you are in a lockdown situation or a more "open for business" type of work climate. I pray that God will give you the patience to make your way through these times. He is still God....still good and cares about you, your needs and your household.

sister C.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Let's Not Oversimplify the Answers to the Virus

I watch a lot of news....ok ok....maybe a little bit too much news😝. But sometimes having a bead on the news of the week gives you a unique window into where people's minds are at. ( I should add that the liberal biased media doesn't necessarily reflect the common citizen....but that's another rant for another day...)

I wanted to talk today briefly about what i see as a rather childish reaction to the virus. 
The notion that just one simple answer is going to "stop or kill the virus" is a bit naive in my humble opinion.

I see politicians and all manner of "experts" and laymen saying loudly and with "great authority" that 
if we all "just wore masks" then we would be back in Neverland. Yes, wearing a mask does appear to slow the spread....but a mask in and of itself is not going to kill anything.

I see a lot of puffed up people looking down on folks who strut through town without a mask if wearing a mask is the new great Messiah. Please children, can we think a little more comprehensively than that?

There is a lot that a person can do to "fight" the virus or as I would prefer to say... "prevent illness".

Number one, we can take care of our own health by eating healthy and consuming what is my own "personal magical " potion (lol) namely....tons of raw juices and yes, my ole fave ....raw garlic.

I also want to personally say that those who are defiant to the virus in their words and lifestyle may have something good going for them. They have a defiant attitude towards sickness. They believe in their own life and that they are not going to get sick no matter what. Who are you to disagree with a person's bold faith in their own strength and life?

Now you could say, that those defiant folks are living in denial....and you might be right. But there is a LOT to be said for people who are confident in their own life force and their ability to fight disease. The mind is a VERY POWERFUL instrument in the fight for good health. You can say all you want about petri dishes and lab grown antibiotics, but good common sense supports the notion that those who love life and enjoy life to the fullest don't usually get as sick as those who hide under a rock and wait for science to rescue them.

Oh, and just so that I don't sound too much like a self help paperback....let me say for the record, that there is a God in heaven who is very much alive and able to preserve and restore life. Those who seek God usually find Him and His assistance. Secular scientists can roll their eyes now...I'm not asking for your approval.

If you are a scientist, don't'll still keep your funding, and I might just read one of your text books or soak up one of your M.I.T videos, but I will always retain my own filters and maintain that wonderfully mystical process by which christians always wind up holding onto their faith in God, in Jesus and His love for us.

We are not alone. We are not stuck. Mankind, with God's help will find our way through this. I pray that those "therapies" and "preventative" measures which don't fit into the popular medical journals will also come to light as the powerful potions that they are.

For a long time, the fields of science in North America turned their noses down on people of faith, even though it was the Christian churches that founded the biggest Ivy League schools in  the world. If we can get over our own pomp and circumstance, we just might discover that the worlds of faith, the Bible and science are perfectly good friends and can cooperate to accomplish what will become a blessing to mankind for generations to come.

Peace, my friends, stay you...and and stay well.


Saturday, June 6, 2020

Just by using "Preview Order" you might be Swinging the Market

Quite an intriquing book....Michael Lewis' book entitled "Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt".

I had wondered in my own life, when it was in the order of me placing a trade, that my trade would become visible to other traders on the market. According to this book, even if you don't complete the trade by hitting "enter", and simply by using the "preview order" process offered by your broker, this trade, or rather your "intention" to place a trade has already become visible to other traders. These traders then may, if they so choose, use that knowledge to bet "ahead" of your proposed trade, thereby using a process commonly called "front running".

What do you feel about these ideas? Do they may you squirm...? Or do they just confirm what you have felt has been going on in the markets for a decade?

hmmm....much to digest.


Friday, June 5, 2020

Berkshire Hathaway....Simple or Complex...You Decide

 Having spent much time reading and listening to much written and spoken about the brilliance of Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway holdings and investment style...I thought I'd prattle on a bit of musings.

Derek Foster, who is known in North America as "The Lazy Investor" is a great fan of Warren Buffet's investment style especially because Mr. Buffet seems to invest in companies with "simple" products..... products such as Dairy Queen softserve cones, Duracell Batteries and Kraft Ketchup.

But then again, that is only one part of the picture.

CNBC has an interesting Berkshire Hathaway portfolio tracker...
for an's a recent posting update from their site :            

One can see that Mr. Buffet's company also invests heavily in financial companies, banks and three major credit card companies. It also has stakes in media companies, entertainment, and a credit ratings agency.

Such a large swath of the American economy is represented by the various stakes Mr. Buffett's company holds. Many of the companies are linked in the financial markets ....either intentionally or unintentionally....I don't know.

I would encourage you, before you jump to conclusions about the legendary Mr. Buffett, that you do more reading and thinking...and then do MORE reading and more thinking.

By the way, that is what Mr. Buffett is best known for...his utmost respect for those two major occupiers of his time.....reading and thinking.


Thursday, June 4, 2020

That Bird's Got Her Worm

Across the way....there's a house. At the tip of the rooftop..... birds like to rest for a moment and have a lookout.

Today, that robin commanded attention at that rooftop. She was holding the prize.... a long chubby worm dangling from her beak. That worm will feed her and her young gangly spring babes.

She is right to stand be downright cocky holding her prize up high. She could have been a snap shot from a Rocky film, like Sylvestor Stallone, after a winning match, holding his fist in the air. She has won her right to fight....and win.

And so, it is  that we must push on...until we find that thing...which we will at once, or perhaps gradually realize over our own worm....our own fight worth winning.

It's feeding time. It's time to lay claim of what you can do....that will produce that livelihood.

What a great word...."livelihood". It has a much better ring to it than money.

May you find your "livelihood" soon, my dear friends. Because when you recognize the worm, and do whatever it takes to dig it up and take it home to feed your babes, it has become yours. It's not just about paying the's about a delicious livelihood.

Press on, brothers and sisters, your livelihood awaits...It may already be in your sights, awaiting your target, your perseverance, your study. You are not hallucinating. You are not living in a dream world. This is real.

That which you enjoy....can really actually become your livelihood.

Peace out,

Friday, May 22, 2020

This is only a test?

You can go ahead and label me a conspiracy theorist.....feel free to browse elsewhere on the net today then ok?

But, based on what I have seen occur in my beloved country of Canada, I must has a lot of heads shaking in disbelief.

How can seemingly peaceful pencil pushing politicians suddenly wield such all consuming power so as to be able to tell folks, good decent hard working Canadians, that they may not earn a living?

I still can not get my head around it.Since when, did my fellow peace loving Canadian leaders suddenly become such power hungry dictators??? i am at a loss for words.

I do understand, to the best degree that I can, that the virus currently called "covid19" is a messy beast. But why did a fight against a virus transform and warp itself into a fight against the working man/woman? Isn't it a constitutional right to conduct business and provide for yourself and your family?

Isn't it always a good thing to have a "great work ethic"????

Isn't it always a good thing to go to church?

But no, the politicians  and law enforcement agencies are/have reprimanded, ticketed, fined and/or threatened people for doing just those simple two things....working and going to church.

Yes, yes, it is  May 22 , 2020, and before I blow a gasket, I must admit that things are slowly starting to re-open up in Ontario. But the opening is slow and painful. I still find myself avoiding grocery shopping because i hate the thought of being forced to wait outside in lineups just for the mere privilege of buying food.

I wonder, indulge me for a moment, if the powers that be, are just doing some kind of social experiment to see how asleep we are? Are "they" testing us to see how much of our freedom we will peacefully give up, all in the pretense of "protecting health"???

Is it a coincidence that those who are forcing the lockdowns upon us, are the ones whose paycheques have not been torn up during the lock down. Perhaps they are even getting a "pandemic pay bump" to deal with the extra stress of leadership during a national/global pandemic.

To say that our leaders are out of touch with the average working Canadian is an understatement. This season is a test of martial law....a test of a police state in our beautiful peaceful country.
We shall not allow this to occur without proper response. Take notes my friends and speak to your friends and family about this situation. It must not go on without discussion and prompt and very verbal public discussion. We do live in a democratic country do we not?
These massive sweeping public changes which are dramatically affecting all aspects of life in Canada must be held up to public scrutiny. Some of these issues should have been put up to a public vote before they were so aggressively rolled out upon us like a steam roller. Every Canadian has a vote and a voice. Remember this. Use your voice....and use your vote.

Please, my fellow Canadians, do not forget this season, even when things get back to more "normalcy".
The freedoms that we calmly let go of now.... under the "excuse of a virus", will not be easily regained back to their former glory.

And while I am on a roll, permit me to mention that the new "app" that will be enforced upon our cell phones for the purported purpose of "contact tracing" are going to become a new "spying" tool by which the government can glean all kinds of personal data about us.

Fight for your freedom to go to church and to go to work...whether you are self employed or otherwise. Also, fight for protections for your privacy, even if the government "enforces" contact tracing. The government does not belong in your cell phone.

Not peaceful today,