Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gluten Free at Harvey's

Harvey's is a burger chain in Canada that  many frequent. I noticed on their website that they do specify which of their foods contain gluten. If you are interested in finding out which foods are gluten free check out their webpage:


You'll notice on the second last column on the right side of the webpage that it is labelled
"Wheat and Gluten sources". Therefore if there is a star indicated by those foods in that particular column you will know that they contain gluten or wheat and that you should avoid these items if you are trying to reduce or avoid gluten altogether. Contact them for further information if you want more details.

God bless and may you live long and healthy in the land that God gives you.

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  1. So, do I understand that your fries are GF, or are they fried in with the onion rings etc..? Thank You

  2. Hello Anonymous...I called Harvey's toll free client telephone help line and they
    stated that Yes, their fries are gluten free and that they are fried in a separate vat from the onion rings. Hope that helps. This information is always available by calling their head office and note that it is always prudent to check back on menu items once in a while, because restaurants often change the ingredients that they use in their menus. If someone is seriously allergic/sensitive to gluten, it always pays to err on the side of being overly cautious and make a couple phone calls ahead of time.
    Best regards,health and peace,

  3. Gluten Free Fries? Of course they because they are a potato. Dah !!

    1. Some fries are coated to make them 'crispier', do duck that Dah back in anon!


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