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Friday, November 23, 2012

10 Quick ways to reduce your Bills:

10 Quick ways to reduce your Bills:

1/ save at least 14% off your hydro bill by hanging your laundry up to air dry instead of using your electric clothes dryer. Use clotheslines or hang your clothes on hangers first so that they keep the right shape while air drying inside around your home or outside on a clothes line.

2/ When you order drive thru food, ask for tap water or soda  water which most fast food chains will provide with your food order at no cost.

3/ Stop visiting the malls. Reserve your visits to shopping  malls for those times that you have something specific that you have consciously chosen to buy based on your own planned decision, not based on advertising or peer pressure or wistful window shopping.

4/ Start taking small chunks of peeled raw garlic and/or peeled raw ginger as part of your health regimen. These raw ingredients when used as supplements, can radically improve your body’s natural ability to fight off viruses and other bacteria. Garlic breath will be gone by morning if you swallow it the night before. Raw ginger can be used during the day anytime, as there is no offensive odor from taking it at anytime.( Always seek out medical advice from licensed medical professionals. This blog is intended for conversational purposes and accepts no liability for any ideas discussed in this blog post or any other part of this blog)

5/ Instead of spending big money on over the counter stomach remedies like antacids or heartburn soothers, try just drinking more room temperature water. Tap water, as long as it is safe and clean is very effective at improving your body’s ability to naturally regulate healthy digestion. A lot of antacids simply mask symptoms of unhealthy eating which are easily fixed by simply drinking more regular clean tap water at room temperature.( Always seek out medical advice from licensed medical professionals. This blog is intended for conversational purposes and accepts no liability for any ideas discussed in this blog post or any other part of this blog)

6/ Use inner means to improve the texture of your skin instead of buying expensive skin care products. You can easily save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year just by addressing an internalized method of healthy skin care.( always seek out medical advice from licensed medical professionals. This blog is intended for conversational purposes and accepts no liability for any ideas discussed in this blog post or any other part of this blog)
First of all, drink at least 500 ml of room temperature clean water per day. If you want to drink more, go for it!
Maintain your body’s supply of Vitamins C and D. Ask your licensed medical professional for the correct dosage and type of supplements he/she recommends for both Vitamins C and D. Both vitamins C and D are now usually available also in a chewable form.
Regularly eat basic simple fresh produce such as apples and carrots and locally grown cucumbers, which are usually not very expensive. No reason to buy exotic pricey brands! Basic apples in season should be well priced and at a healthy ripeness.

Clean your skin daily with basic skin cleansers such as natural soap bars from the Bulk Barn or simple bottled cleansers such as hydrogen peroxide solutions. Those kind of bottled cleansers can be used with simple balls of cotton. Always be sure to read the labels and follow the instructions posted on the bottle.

Maintain clean facial sleeping arrangements by washing pillows and pillowcases regularly. This habit ensures that your pillow cases are absorbing excess oil from your skin while you sleep instead of spreading dirt or germs.

Perhaps this point is obvious….but always wash your face with fresh clean washcloths and towels. Germs and dirt are easily bleached away if you use and wash with white towels and washcloths. Keep your skin healthy by keeping all your towels and linens clean and fresh.

7/ When it comes to pricey shampoo and conditioners from hair salons, it definitely pays to shop around. The Bulk Barn carries a shampoo and conditioner bar of hardened soap that has no wasteful packaging and is made from pure and simple ingredients. It is gentle on coloured hair and easy on sensitive skin types. It is priced under $3 per bar.

8/ Natural and low priced simple moisturizers. There are several basic moisturizers which last a very long time and are usually priced well below brand name moisturizers. Natural moisturizers like coconut oil or olive oil are simple and healthy and good for your environment. They can be used sparingly for both skin and hair nourishment to add shine and smoothness. Coconut oil is the higher priced choice of the list, but a little bit goes a long way.

  Basic items from the dollar store such as white petroleum jelly and/or bottled mineral oil can also be used to moisturize the skin, but again, they need to be used sparingly and kept safely away from children.

9/ Realize the big time power available for free from the Bible. Yes, it really IS that simple. Save the hundreds of dollars you may be spending on the latest guru or yoga class and start respecting the simple power of the written words of the bible.  Reading the bible aloud on a regular basis will help motivate you, comfort, heal, direct and refresh you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

10/ Stay away from “friends” who love debt. Stop hanging around with friends with “out of control” spending habits. Control your wallet with your conscious choices. You can’t control other people’s choices, but you can most certainly control your own spending by choosing your friends carefully.

Blessings and Peace.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Just because I am gluten intolerant doesn't mean I am going to sit indoors bemoaning the days when I could quickly grab a hamburger at any fast food joint on the go....No way! I refuse to feel sorry for myself or restrict my lifestyle in any way in order to accommodate my attempt to live a "gluten free" life.
Now mind you, I am not so severely affected by gluten that I have the same symptoms as an official celiac, however the symptoms are still painful and an absolute inconvenience.

Therefore, since I refuse to sit still or slow down, I have been trying to find fast places that will provide me with the gluten free snacks that I can grab and go. I am not a professional 'brown bagger" and therefore prefer to have my lunch or snacks prepared by someone else.

Hence the importance of FAST gluten free food made available to me at a reasonable price is ESSENTIAL. Therefore I have become somewhat of a gluten free detective of sorts, sniffing out
all worthy gluten free snacks available at major chain fast food outlets.

So last week I discovered the following: The biscotti at Second Cup is gluten free!
The snack bars labelled "KIND'" in colorful colors at Starbucks are gluten free! Wooohoo!
Be sure to double check and do your homework. "Ingredient lists can change at the drop of a hat, and you are therefore highly encouraged to always ask before you start eating something that you have assumed to be gluten free.
This is especially important if you get really strong symptoms and painful experiences from ingesting
even the smallest amounts of gluten.

You can get more information about living gluten free from the following website.http://www.celiac.ca/

Always double check with your doctor before making medical decisions that involve your gluten intolerance or sensitivity or allergy to gluten. It is very important that you don't try to diagnose yourself, but get the support and professional advice you need from licensed medical and nutritional professionals.

God bless you with reliable information and the steps to move forward to good things.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to provide or replace medical advice in any way. This blog and it's author do not accept any liability for any ideas obtained from this blog. This blog is intended for conversation purposes only to provide inspiration and empowerment by linking people to resources and like-minded people. Always see a licensed medical doctor for professional advice and treatment.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gluten Free Heaven

Every once in a while I wind up at the right place at the right time. At a recommendation from a new acquaintance, I found my way to the most beautiful and huge gluten free store I have ever seen.
Ok, technically the whole store is not gluten free, but I honestly have never before seen that much gluten free food for sale in one location. The person who recommended the store to me mentioned that often people drive in from hours away just to shop there.
Well, If any of you out there in cyberspace are looking for a better supply of gluten free foods, I would highly recommend you check out this store in Newmarket, even if you have to drive a ways to get there. It is definitely worth the drive. Even if you are not especially gluten intolerant, you will find such a huge selection of amazing natural and pure foods that you will be sure to find something that fascinate you.
Just be sure not to overspend!
For more info here's their website http://www.naturesemporium.ca/
It is called Nature's Emporium and it is located in Newmarket, just north of Toronto.

God Bless and have a great Sunday evening.