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Friday, November 16, 2012


Just because I am gluten intolerant doesn't mean I am going to sit indoors bemoaning the days when I could quickly grab a hamburger at any fast food joint on the go....No way! I refuse to feel sorry for myself or restrict my lifestyle in any way in order to accommodate my attempt to live a "gluten free" life.
Now mind you, I am not so severely affected by gluten that I have the same symptoms as an official celiac, however the symptoms are still painful and an absolute inconvenience.

Therefore, since I refuse to sit still or slow down, I have been trying to find fast places that will provide me with the gluten free snacks that I can grab and go. I am not a professional 'brown bagger" and therefore prefer to have my lunch or snacks prepared by someone else.

Hence the importance of FAST gluten free food made available to me at a reasonable price is ESSENTIAL. Therefore I have become somewhat of a gluten free detective of sorts, sniffing out
all worthy gluten free snacks available at major chain fast food outlets.

So last week I discovered the following: The biscotti at Second Cup is gluten free!
The snack bars labelled "KIND'" in colorful colors at Starbucks are gluten free! Wooohoo!
Be sure to double check and do your homework. "Ingredient lists can change at the drop of a hat, and you are therefore highly encouraged to always ask before you start eating something that you have assumed to be gluten free.
This is especially important if you get really strong symptoms and painful experiences from ingesting
even the smallest amounts of gluten.

You can get more information about living gluten free from the following website.http://www.celiac.ca/

Always double check with your doctor before making medical decisions that involve your gluten intolerance or sensitivity or allergy to gluten. It is very important that you don't try to diagnose yourself, but get the support and professional advice you need from licensed medical and nutritional professionals.

God bless you with reliable information and the steps to move forward to good things.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to provide or replace medical advice in any way. This blog and it's author do not accept any liability for any ideas obtained from this blog. This blog is intended for conversation purposes only to provide inspiration and empowerment by linking people to resources and like-minded people. Always see a licensed medical doctor for professional advice and treatment.

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