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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dancing with the Butterflies

Monarchs don't come around often enough....and when they do...it's a pop of brilliant orange red...framed in blackest of black.

Days like this do the body good, freshen the mind and spirit..
.and give a sun kissed glow to the cheeks.
When one takes the time to really look
at God's creation....we begin to see more than
we did before. We begin to see not 100 shades of green.....but rather...burnt umbers, golds, greys, dusty browns and rusts. Canada's terrain is not flashy...but the whole color spectrum is there...if you're ready to
spend the time to discover each new hue.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Incredibly Simple...Bring Raw Beauty

Permit me to share some of our local flora...gathered as we stroll through Simcoe county Ontario, Canada.
Most of the names of these native plants I learned as a kid. If perhaps I have labelled them incorrectly...plz do speakup and let me know.

Milk weeds were so much fun to collect when we were kids...when you opened up a ripe milk weed, the seeds inside look like a brown scaled fish....and flew on silky wisps when you tossed them in the wind.

I pray that our beautiful humble and intelligent bumble bee population in Ontario are making a rapid comeback. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What is the Premise of Reading and Understanding Scripture?

When one has a rather philosophical bent, it helps to understand the "why" behind commonly expected behaviors.

                         For example, in Christian circles it is commonly expected                                                        ( although less so in certain denominations)
that the members become familiar with the words contained within a book called "The Holy Bible".
There are many different versions and translations on the market of "The Holy Bible", but all of the copies of the bible have much more in common with one another than the verses they differ on.

So....back to my point. Why do christian people study, memorize and voraciously read the bible?
One answer is this major premise:
By understanding the entirety of the Holy Bible, we assume that we will be better prepared mentally and spiritually and in all other ways to understand the other parts of life and the worlds around us.

I must say that this premise does ring true for me. Bible study does seem to make humans "smarter"   "wiser" and more "skillful" in how we problem solve.

Do you agree?

Looking forward to your comments and thoughts,

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

essence of fulfillment?

Soo ...I'm watching a cheffy show "Chef's Table" on Netflix and this particular episode.... it's the story of  Christina Tosi, the creator of "Crack Pie".

She was speaking about how she started her little Milk bar bakery beside Momfuku ( as David Chang's colleague) and the satisfaction she had finally found after more than a decade in the basements of restaurants in New York City.

She grinned as she said " I finally had something that was mine that I had figured out ".

What a magical sentence.

Let me say it again ....and again.

I finally had something that was mine that I had figured out ".

I finally had something that was mine that I had figured out ".

I finally had something that was mine that I had figured out ".

Isn't that the essence of fulfillment? Of knowing you've achieved something on your own terms.... in your own version of what it means to be creative?

Not every idea is a winner...not every effort is rewarded...but
those who don't give up on those hunches, those creative nudges lead the way.. They find "quoi"...they find the  juice of life, that we creatives live for....to make something fresh and unknown. 

Then and only then, once we have firmly planted our feet in that unknown space and let others in to spy on us....that is when they begin to take the time to applaud and appreciate that new "thing" or "idea" or "cause" we have created from the dust....that ever present earth we find in our hands. At last, we feel at peace. we feel joy.

I am a fan of the late Wangari Maathai....whose passion for the mysterious circle of life between trees and water created a movement. One can not boil it down to simple facts.
When someone is passionate about what they need. Wangari needed trees. Wangari needed to protect what she loved . In her passion to protect what she loved, she took us along....to kneel by a stream and understand why it was the trees that brought the water, and the frogs and the well being. She helped us take a brief glimpse of that mysterious circle. She made us pause to dig a hole and plant something....anything.

what is it that you can help us understand? What is it that you understand better than your family and neighbors. Maybe it bears repeating. Maybe we need to hear you too.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Stock Market Shows

I was watching Consuelo Mack's Wealth Track and it was an older episode from March which featured fund manager David Giroux.

David Giroux shared some of his strategies for maintaining a prospering fund.
One of his tips was this:

Writing covered calls on low volatility dividend stocks.
He also name dropped some of his fave stocks such as
 Becton Dickinson and Co (NYSE: BDX)

as well as Fiserv Inc  (Nasdaq: FISV)


I am curious as to how other humans watch shows like this.
Do individual investors have any business at all listening to advice from someone who manages millions/billions of mutual fund money, supported by 200 global analysts?

Or is it simply a matter of trying to stay current with the lingo and refreshing our minds with the issues that confront all investors, penny pinchers, and big wigs combined?

Do you feel that institutional investors have anything at all in common with small time retail investors? Or is there an uncrossable chasm that separates the two?

Looking forward to reading your opinions in the comments below.

By the way, if you want to sample some of Consuelo Mack's Wealth Track shows, you can visit their
website : https://wealthtrack.com/how-david-giroux-delivers-stock-market-performance-with-much-less-risk/

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Seth Godin

I was listening yet again...yes, I replay this podcast over and over again.. to Tim Ferriss' interview of the thoughtful Mr. Seth Godin. I  noted again his comment about what he does
when he starts to blog in his fave blogging host/template called "Typepad". He even describes the monthly fee he pays to keep his typepad blog running.
Seth went into a few deets of his secret to keeping his writing flowing saying when he opens up that blogging site he said

"I know what my brain needs to feel like" and then he gets his writing on.

He may write several blog posts and keep them as drafts but does not publish everything he writes. He writes until he feels that he has completed his task and then chooses the best of the bunch to publish to his blog.

Have you ever read Seth Godin's blog? check it out here: Seth Godin  .....it won't be a waste of your valuable time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Late is ALWAYS better than never.


So, this is me, living the dream, maybe not a big deal for you....but for a mom of four with a million responsibilities, it is literally heaven on earth.
So, what is this dream I am walking in today...my tan feet barely touching the ground?

Just doin what Tim Ferriss and a million other entrepreneurs do almost every day...sitting in a coffee shop with free wifi, sipping on a dark roast with steamed soy typing on a wee lap top.
Such a very big deal? Should I just get over it already? Well, in my sheepish defense, it IS a really big beal....because on this today, this very rare occasion, I am 100% alone, elle est solo....ALL by myself. Capish? No kids or hubby in tow. Secondly, this is my very own lap top. Not the fastest or the latest model, but it works and I'm bloggin at mock speed.

When you're a mom, other people's computers seem to take priority. So...it is with a rather fiendish delight that I walked into this shop with my lap top under my arm. This is a first for me. Hmmm, maybe next I'll have to shop for a little dog that fits in my purse.. A bit too Hilton-esque?

Maybe your dreams do not include creative writing at Starbucks, but hey, for today I am the dark roast blogging queen. Gonna relish it, bad grammar an' all.

Whoop...props to me... having a good hair day, and my fave shirt was with the clean laundry. I got the window seat and have an exquisite view of a crab apple tree in full blossom....voila the attached pic. My muscled fingers even figured out how to attach said pic to this blog.

Perhaps a decade late, but Late is ALWAYS better than never.
Turns out I've been ahead of the curve on the gluten free band wagon. Who knew?
You win some......and those days are the best.

May your dreams never die until you are ready to dismiss them by choice.
..completely satisfied and fulfilled.


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Press Zero

To divest oneself of humanity may be more efficient...clean even.

Slick and sleek.

But what are we trying to prove? That we never need to hear a human voice? Never need another human being to help or serve us?

i am tired of self serve...gas stations and self scans at the grocery stores and department stores.
I am tired of choosing all my own options. I want to hear a friendly suggestion from a helpful polite
salesperson. I don't want to bag my own groceries. I don't want to count my own change.

I don't want to access the "automated" telephone system I can by pressing 5.

Sometimes I want to deal with someone like myself.... a messy imperfect human with imperfect scores. That's who I want to sell me something and punch in my sale into some kind of cash register. That is who I want to pump my gas or do my taxes. I was not born entirely by my own effort. My Mom had a lot to do with it, as well as some deft doctor and probably more than one nurse. We can not deliver ourselves into this world. We need each other. We always have and always will.
Needing other humans is not a character flaw.

So sometimes, I will not choose the automated efficient and speedy slick route. I will choose the slow and friendly route without robots and machines, and let another messy human serve me kindly. And yes, I will still press Zero.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Do not blog to be heard

Do not blog to be heard...but to hear.

Do not blog to show this to all...but rather to be able to see things differently.

Blog to give yourself an ear to hear yourself and your Maker, swinging gently on the swing of life.

This is a great Tree.

Knowledge is a gift of God. Knowledge is not locked within any book, but sometimes hidden in one.

 The appreciation of it comes deep from within the heart of a humble man.

Kindness and gentleness are the apt caretakers of those who love wisdom...who seek to uncover knowledge yet unknown.

Walk gently yes, but always with accuracy and deft of purpose, a waiting heart receives them.


the Poetry of Money

It is often in the throws of poverty, that one begs of God for money.

But God is sometimes silent, when he wants us to stand alone, to think things through in quietness

and humility within the hunger for wisdom and accurate knowledge.

God did not make money. Money is a man made item.

Therefore mastery over money, while inspired and empowered by God's Holy Spirit, is not done by

shedding oneself of one's humanity, but rather by embracing it.

To embrace the simple faculties that allow one to align with abundance .

To permit oneself to be made useful, to be paid for one's usefulness.

To remember what works and shed what doesn't.

To lather...rinse and repeat once one has grasped something that functions in the material world.

Stop trying to escape the grit, the sandy shell in which is hid billions.

It is through the humility of dust and dirt and grime that grand fortunes are made.

A gold treasure from a shipwreck from long ago, is unearthed from deep chilly depths, covered with

hundreds of years of crumbled sea shells tossed to and fro in the currents. So much sand... and

intimidation. Such patience is required.

It is simply the one who digs who finds the treasure....

the one who digs.


Monday, May 7, 2018

The Book of Jeremiah (KJV) read by Alexander Scourby

I don't know if you like old school things like I do....but I happen to recall listening to recordings in my car many years ago...listening to the bible being read aloud back to me by this gent "Alexander Scourby".
Once you hear the bible read aloud by someone it seems to stick strongly in your memory.

Did you know that some other very interesting folks have recorded audio versions of the bible?
Folks such as:

Johnny Cash

James Early Jones

Denzel Washington and Others Recorded this Audio Bible Experience

It impresses me when folks make it a priority to celebrate their christian heritage and work so diligently to make the bible more accessible in audio form to humanity. I'd like to thank Youtube for helping in this effort as well, to keep the bible free and accessible to as many humans as possible forever.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Basic Human Wage?

There is a work among us humans...a force or persuasion which dictates that there must be a better way for folks to have enough money to live on without being forced or expected to do jobs they hate.

I don't recall really the name of this movement, but it sounds something like this:
a "basic human wage" which we would merely receive because we are human. No other requirement...just our humanity.

I was watching some kind of film about UFO's and aliens on Netflix today and the film spoke about how much of Nikola Tesla's work has been forever lost because for the simple reason that he was in financial straits once he died, and those who were owed money took his stuff....lots of very valuable research and writings and discoveries. All that valuable stuff that those people took from his "estate"
was stuff that could have been useful for humanity.

Money issues rob people of more than just their dignity....it can steal the very gifts that they are trying to give to humankind.

What would you give to the earth or humanity if money was no option?
What would you sing?
What would you create?
What would you give?

I pray that money will never be an obstacle in your life and that you will always have enough money to fulfill God's beautiful will for the incredible gift of life that is yours, in Jesus's Name . Amen.


Friday, April 27, 2018

There's a Battle for Good Information

In my nerdier days...ok ok....I've never quite shook off that wonderfully geeky tendency of mine.
Truth be told...I love information...but only accurate information.

One would have assumed that with the net and tv and smart phones, that we would be getting bombarded with all manner of top notch quality data at our fingertips.

But it appears that good quality information is at a higher cost now than ever before.
If you want  good information from a newspaper, you need to pay for a high priced subscription, which may or may not be available for home delivery.

Why does everyone hate paper so much???
 Or is it just a conspiracy to keep good data out of the hands of the every day man or woman like me?

When I try to get good reads from CNN.com or CTV.ca  I see lots of photos and click bait.
What am I .....10 years old? I still visit these sites hoping that someday I will be able to read a thoughtful two page essay on the current state of affairs, and again and again I find myself clicking on links to view the latest pop culture crap and yet another trendy way we can lose weight in 30 days without trying.

Nope I'm ready for the real McCoy, the real news....not that I really understood the whole
"fake news" phenomenon.

Perhaps the real difference between "fake news" and "real news" is merely the price that we are willing to pay. The free websites propagate fake news because that is all they can afford to publish. They don't necessarily want to pay fact checkers to verify each story before they run it, because the news blurbs flow at lightening speed. They don't want to publish anything too shocking about the big wigs because they don't want to get sued. So they stick with beige. Beige fake news click bait. Who has time for checking facts and accuracy, when folks just want to "feel" like they are " in the know"? and few can tell the difference between a real honest story and a frilly fluffy piece of nonsense?

I must admit that we as a society are partially to blame. Perhaps we never should have cancelled our old fashioned "throw it at the front door" style of newspaper subscriptions. Maybe we never should have preferred glimpsing briefly at flashy colorful headlines with two paragraph pseudo stories.

We should have preferred the thoughtful "takes a while to learn to understand it" style of journalistic meat instead of the visual cupcake. We should have been willing to pay a higher price for the higher value now put on all things "paper".

The switch to all things digital is leaving a bigger gap between the haves and the have nots. The haves pay for the right to access good data. The rest of humanity...the "have nots" click feverishly to  access the free garbage been poured out on the free websites...and we are reaping the
mental starvation from eating this low quality mental fast food.

Maybe they should figure out how to print newspapers on bamboo pulp paper or rice paper....maybe it could become trendy again to disseminate the same data to all of our front doors ....with the same high quality, high level of thinking style journalism. And those who can't digest the real stuff, can just go watch cartoons.



Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sorry to hear that He is gone...

Sorry to hear that Avicii is passed on...what an artist.
Thank you Tim Bergling for giving us such exuberant joie de vivre in your music. It was contagious.
All we can say is thank you, and thank you God for allowing him to blossom ever so briefly in our little world.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

That Pup was Planted

God has a mischievous twinkle in his eye sometimes...I am convinced. It has been a hard couple of weeks because our city has been deluged with snow and slush and ice and it's already April 18 2018. One would think I could have started raking up the spring time grass buds...but winter's icy grip has been taunting us and maligning our trust in the Almighty.

I had to go to the eyeglasses place because they forgot to give my husband the lens cleaning cloth with his fancy glasses. Rather than mock him for being high maintenance...I acquiesced and after running other errands, drove on over to the shop to pick up that tiny cloth.

Lo and behold there was a furry mobster waiting for me there. A curious little white ball of fur tucked up into the grinning arms of its new owners. Instantly sidetracked...I made a beeline for the furry thing propped up comfortably in its human nest. I found myself asking unabashedly of its owners....if I could see him/her. The gracious lady not only said I could see the pup which turned out to be a her, but she insisted saying "so that I could get the full experience"...wanting me to hold her in my arms. And so I did. Oh...it doesn't take much time of holding a tiny fluff ball of a puppy to make my day... and so it twas.  A furry glimpse of God's grace in the midst of too much snow and ice.

The snow has begun to melt....on my driveway and in my heart.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

J'ai besoin de ton Avis

I finally found out what that means....it was a phrase that has been kicking around in my soul for months...on the wisp of the wind in French no less..... I have a very simple functionality in the French language, and so sometimes I will think in French. And so it was this phrase that has been circling my mind for the past few months....

"J'ai besoin de ton Avis".

And now today I finally realized what it means:

 "I need your opinion".

One of my pastors  ( yes...I need more than one...) has a wonderful habit of bringing the "Christian" life down to our earthly level so that we mere plain vanilla church attenders can actually fathom what it means to try to be a Christian in our real daily dusty lives.

He has a habit of not painting things in black and white, but rather a million different splendiferous colors, not assuming anything about people's basic goodness or the lack thereof, never show boating the success of his ministry and doing what he can to enable our ability to serve God here and now in our community. To say his ministry is refreshing would be an epic understatement.

And so, in some mystical fashion, I hear the cry of my own heart and those of other Christians around me crying out to God ...and the plea is simply this....this simple quiet prayer in the dark sent up to heaven..... "I need your opinion".

God, I need your opinion....desperately....urgently, kindly and persistently. Please listen to me God, I need to know that you are hearing me, hearing my heart, hearing my life...
thank you God for listening. Phewph! I feel that you are listening now. I feel that you can hear me now. Thank you for loving me. For loving us, this 'thing' they call the Body of Christ, with all it's
frenetic and occasionally peaceful motion. You love us. You hear us. Amen.


Saturday, April 14, 2018

How Do You Look At Equities?

Just curious....how do you look at investing in equities?

Folks say all kinds of interesting comments when you bring up the subject of investing or saving.....Here are a few unique comments...perhaps you have heard some of them?

"Oh Vey! the Stock market is like gambling....too risky....btw...where is the nearest convenience store because I forgot to buy my lottery tickets ..."

"I prefer to invest in funds that carry a large diversified basket of equities so that I can sleep at night knowing that I am not betting all my eggs on one chicken"

"Investing is for men....so I'll just leave that stuff for the hubby to take care of...."

"Equities only represent perceived value....so I'd rather put my money into solid things that I can hold in my hands.....like gold bullion or real estate."

"I don't understand the tax system, so I'd rather not use banks, and just hide my money in my sock drawer.....the same way Uncle Buck did back in his day..."

"Reading about investing is boring....I don't want to read anything nonfiction....because it just reminds me of school."

"I don't invest in anything because I feel like the world is going to hell, so I might as well just spend everything that I earn and enjoy every day as if it is my last"

"I might be dead by the time I reach retirement age, so I don't think I will save anything for retirement".

"Those investment professionals that handle my retirement account surely know what they are doing....at least they seem to...based on their fancy logo, luxurious office building and those glossy pamphlets they send to me once in a while. Surely they won't squander my wealth with they? Btw...what does -8% mean in average return?"

"I cancelled my life insurance policy because I believe that Jesus is coming back very soon, so I know that my family and I won't need those funds in the near future..."

Ok, enough sample comments for now. But perhaps you have heard or spoken some similar sentiments at one point in your life. Money brings out the crucial issues of life and many folks just prefer  a polite silence when it comes to all things financial. Being too excessively secretive inhibits frank discussion and squelches learning. Remember that bible verse about "iron sharpens iron" ? We sharpen each other's ideas when we are ready and willing to speak and listen to one another. We speak together, we listen together, we learn together....and finally yes, we grow together.
Yes, be careful who you speak to and who you listen to....but don't give up on the positive influence of good healthy discussion and frank conversation.

Public and college libraries and book stores are well supplied with many volumes of books that can help us all boost our financial acumen, not to mention the over abundance of learning tools available in the cloud.

I hope you find that the abundance of available information isn't overwhelming. Feel empowered.

Be curious. Find your answers....


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Stay Focused with this kind of Instrumental track....

When you are trying to concentrate it can be REALLY helpful to have background music that has no one singing or even talking in it.... Therefore I really do recommend the above background instrumental music. A powerful restful background track for a busy life.



Thursday, March 22, 2018

Gluten Free at Columbia University

In my research first thing I noticed is that Columbia University has it's own
Celiac Disease Center!  which would be downright helpful for a student who is planning to attend Columbia and has either gluten intolerance, allergy, or celiac disease.

Therefore it's good to know too, that there are numerous cafeterias and restaurants near or on the Columbia University Campus that offer gluten free meals.

Well, there was a very honest and well written article written by some Columbia students with Celiac disease. One of their recommendations was the gluten free pizza at   The Morningside Heights deli Nussbaum & Wu 

I suggest you read their full article as it contains a most refreshing and down to earth viewpoint for all students who are perhaps anxious about going to continue their college education in an area of the world where they are unsure about being able to locate gluten free food options.

Bon Appetito and may God bless your higher education :)


Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for conversational purposes only. The blog's author and publisher does not accept any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

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Thanks for buying my new book Life in the Gluten Free Zone on Amazon today!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Gluten Free at University of Toronto

The Mississauga campus of the University of Toronto has a new
 CertifiedGluten free on campus eatery called "Fusion 4 Asian Food Box"

It appears to have been launched in Sept of 2016....why did it take me so long to hear about it?

Whenever gluten free endeavors go more mainstream it really is good news for the gluten free community.

The fact that a large university is taking the need for gluten free food so seriously is just AWESOME!

This sets a stellar pioneering path for other universities and ivy league schools to follow.

If you are celiac, or gluten intolerant, or have a gluten allergy, you know, from personal experience how costly and time consuming it can be to constantly ferret out a reasonable place to eat a        gluten free meal. When one is trying to focus 100% of their energies on achieving a higher education, it can be a really irritating distraction! So, when U of T Mississauga actually developed and built a CERTIFIED on campus Gluten free eatery for students, they set the bar high. I can see that already the students that attend this campus are reveling in all their gluten free glory!

Thank you University of Toronto Mississauga campus for this great accomplishment. May many more colleges, universities and institutes follow in your gluten free footsteps :)

Well done U of T!


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Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for conversational purposes only. The blog's author and publisher does not accept any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Gluten Free at Princeton

Trying to plan ahead to stay on a gluten free diet while attending Princeton?

There appears to be a good effort being made by the Princeton Residential Dining Halls to accommodate gluten free diets . There are also local eateries that are more than happy to help you out in your search. Check out this helpful listing of local gluten free menu offerings created by university students! What a cool site....it's called Spoon University !

May God bless your educational path and may it be super easy for you to find gluten free foods all the while gaining a stellar ivy league ed!


Btw, thanks for buying my new book Life in the Gluten Free Zone on Amazon today!

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Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for conversational purposes only. The blog's author and publisher does not accept any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Gluten Free at Harvard University

Considering attending Harvard? Trying to figure out if you can stay on a Gluten Free Diet while you are seeking a stellar education can be daunting.

I was relieved to find out that the section of town where Harvard is located also includes an area known as "Harvard Square".   Harvard Square has quite a lengthy list of gluten free options, from a wide variety of restaurants. Take a gander HERE!

Buy my new book Life in the Gluten Free Zone on Amazon today!

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for conversational purposes only. The blog's author and publisher does not accept any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gluten Free at Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is such a fast food powerhouse.  There must be something there that is gluten free! You can read up by using their pretty user-friendly chart here

If you want to have the most current information, please remember that restaurants can change the ingredients in their menu items as often and as spontaneously as they wish. So be sure to do your due diligence before consuming fast food items if you have gluten allergies, gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

If you want speak with someone from their head office just fill in their "contact us " form
and see what happens ") See the link here : Contact Tim Hortons
  It is really good, I have discovered from experience to let corporations know what kind of products you really want and need. Also, from a personal perspective....it is quite empowering to call or write to a large corporate entity and discover that your questions are valid and respected. The best part is actually finding an accurate and up to date answer for all your
 "glutenfree-ish" questions.

Be well and may your search for gluten free foods be successful!


Buy my new book Life in the Gluten Free Zone on Amazon today!

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for conversational purposes only. The blog's author and publisher does not accept any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

Gluten Free At Country Style

Country Style   has quite a history in Canada, so I thought I would share their nutritional information for those who are trying to exclude wheat from their diet.

Always do your due diligence and research before you eat fast foods, so that you can ensure you are doing your best to exclude ingredients that you are sensitive or have allergies to.
(Always get medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner, and yes, gluten intolerance and celiac disease or wheat allergies are issues that need to be addressed by licensed medical practitioners.)

For the most current listing I could find of their menu's ingredients click here: Country Style

And don't be shy, if you want to get information "straight from the horse's mouth", you can always contact the head offices of your preferred fast food shop. Country style's Canadian contact information can be found here  (note that their page also includes a handy toll free number)

Best wishes for you and your family as you source out those items that bring health and wellness.



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Buy my new book Life in the Gluten Free Zone on Amazon today!

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for conversational purposes only. The blog's author and publisher does not accept any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

Gluten Free At Popeyes

Popeyes has set up a couple of shops in our city over the past few years, and the scent emanating from their restaurants is most enticing! So i have discovered from their American website that they do have some gluten free items. Always be sure to double check as restaurants can change the ingredients in their menu's whenever they wish. But it's nice that Popeyes  already has a list of some gluten free  items on their website. Always helpful to have at least a few items in mind that you can inquire about.

Be sure to read the fine print and do your due diligence!
( always consult a licensed medical practitioner for medical advice)

If you want to view their current list from the Popeyes USA just click on the Popeyes

May you always be able to find something delish to eat that will be a blessing to your health :)



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Buy my new book Life in the Gluten Free Zone

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for conversational purposes only. The blog's author and publisher does not accept any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

Gluten Free At Starbucks

I must admit, I do like the occasional cafe from Starbucks. Yup, the prices are high, but the ambience, not to mention the unlimited wifi, are great perks. We have a couple of Starbucks that have been built in my city over the past couple years and I couldn't be happier.

So, back to gluten free items at Starbucks. So far, I have discovered two items which are usually in stock at Starbucks which are gluten free: Peanut butter cups and Kind Bars. Make sure to verify that these are the 100% gluten free ones. I do so enjoy the really dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Rich and delish!

I also just discovered today that Starbucks is rolling out a new gluten free breakfast sandwich, which I don't know if they are rolling it out to all their locations, but I certainly hope so!
Here's a description of it's unveiling :Starbucks new Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich

Bon Appetito, my gluten free friends!


Ps, If you want to contact Starbucks directly to verify which gluten free items are available in your area....here is their  Canadian website:  Starbucks Canada

On their USA website there is a toll free customer service number
displayed on the right hand side of their website: Starbucks USA



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Gluten Free at Swiss Chalet

Just discovered that Swiss Chalet has a great way to help folks figure out if they can eat at Swiss Chalet if they have food allergies or food sensitivities.  Check out their website and you will see how fun the functionality is. You get to put check marks on the allergies you have and the website will detail which foods you can still eat.

Note, as a word of caution, please do read the fine print on their website. Restaurants usually have a high risk of cross contamination of gluten free foods with gluten containing foods. Do you due diligence and always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner. Also, note that restaurants often post changed to their menu ingredients, so make sure you obtain up to date information from their website or by contacting their head office directly at here...

Thank you Swiss Chalet, for your very user-friendly website to help us eat better !


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Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for conversational purposes only. The blog's author and publisher does not accept any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Gluten Free At McDonald's 2018

So, I've been checking again, to see if there have been any changes to the listings of gluten free items on the McDonald's menu.

Phew, big relief.....their fries are still listed as gluten free in Canada.
Check for yourself here on McDonalds Canada  .

However, there are some websites for the USA McDonalds that state that their fries have a beef flavoring which contains gluten. So when I try to go direct to the source and go visit           McDonalds USA   on their website, it does state that their fries contain a beef flavoring that contains gluten.

So that is quite an interesting conundrum, because it is unexpected to discover different statements for Canadian McDonalds fries versus USA McDonalds' fries.

I would therefore, as usual, encourage you to practice caution and do your own research. Always be sure to get licensed medical advice if you have a gluten allergy.

You can call the McDonalds head offices too to get the information "straight from the horse's mouth"

Canada's toll free McDonalds Canada . If you scroll down to the bottom of their "contact us" page, you will find their toll free number listed on the left side.

USA McDonald's can be contacted at their Illinois office by looking at their contact info Here .
If you scroll to the bottom of the web page and in the right hand corner you will see the words "Get in touch with us" under the Customer Service Tab and if you click on the "Get in touch with us" words, it will display their toll free number which states that it is available 7 days per week.

Always be aware that restaurants and their suppliers can change their food ingredients whenever they wish, so always use caution if you have a food allergy. You can call or write for up to date information by contacting these restaurants directly.

Wishing you wellness and happy trails.

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Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for conversational purposes only. The blog's author and publisher does not accept any liability for any of the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Always obtain medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

One Click Book Publishing

 One Click book publishing ....."business at the speed of thought' a la Bill Gates?
With machine learning, I won't have to worry about formatting my books anymore.....I will simply upload a VERY rough draft, and poof, the software, as cunning as it has become, will correct my grammar, spelling, format my scribbles into  a "bookish" looking type of style, add a trendy and attractive cover page and bam boom! I have suddenly published a brand new book that is ready for sale online worldwide within one hour.

Someone could foresee being able to write a book a day, if this were real. But it really is feasible and possibly already occurring....it's just that I don't have that miracle software in my little hands yet.

But it is coming...I feel it. I see it. Some folks on Kindle or other self publishing sites are already cranking out at least one new book per week. And yes yes, these books are admittedly NOT literary masterpieces, but at least these writers just might be earning a "legit" income instead of suffering in poverty and creative inertia..

Who said it had to be really hard to survive as a writer? It is possible to make a decent living writing online. Being a "starving artist" is really quite overrated don't ya think?

But tell me honestly now, is it "selling out" to give in to the temptation to produce books in volume instead of following your heart? Or is it just a matter of supply and demand, producing what the market demands...so that you will be supplied.

I suppose sometimes it's also about the practical versus the dreamy. Perhaps one can do both. One can keep writing the great American novel and yes, have the courage to submit it to publishers. But at the same time, one must do what one must do to keep bread on the table, and if that includes writing the obituary column for your local newspaper....then so be it.

The Oil Rally Ain't Over Yet Baby

Yes, yes, I know folks will be poo pooing any oil and gas investments for the next 50 years....but it ain't over yet!

It is a myth that electric vehicles DON'T run on oil and gas. They still use oil and gas BECAUSE Canada's electricity grid is still being fueled by OIL AND GAS to the extent of 8.7% of total Ontario energy!

Using intel from 2014, Ontario was feeding it's energy grid with 8.7% provided by oil and gas! Don't believe me? Check out this factual report Ontario Energy Board:

So many many folks simply refuse to comprehend this concept. They believe as soon as they spin off in their brand new Tesla, that all their fuel is simply floating down from windfarms and solar panels...

Now, for the record, I am not against buying electric vehicles. However, I want peeps to realize that you are simply transitioning your "power of choice" over to the managers of our energy grid.
And using the report I wrote about above, you can clearly see that Ontario's energy grid is provided by in large part nuclear, then comes water power, and then oil and gas, and then "alternative"sources, and finally comes coal.

If we really want to go whole hog on "clean" energies, other than nuclear ( btw.... I'm not entirely convinced yet that it is fair to leave an inheritance of high maintenance nuclear waste to my children's children) perhaps we need to be focusing less on the "end users" like Teslas or Toyota Prius's...

Perhaps we need to refocus our hard working clever Canadian heads and hands to rejigg this Ontario's energy mix, until the Alternative Power Sources become the Majority of the energy mix instead of  a mere 7.1% . Do you agree?



Sunday, February 25, 2018

Loaning $ to Others

Hetty Green, has long been passed, but her legend lives on. She was one of the first kick a$$ women to rock it in the male dominated world of investing and business. She was ruthlessly frugal, scouring the places she stayed for the absolute rock bottom places to buy breakfast or a bowl of soup.

She didn't see the need to spend recklessly....on anything. What was the result of her frugality and steel will? She had funds available to lend out at a modest profit to friends or others in the business or political community who found themselves strapped for cash.

One of Hetty Green's investment strategies was stunningly simple:
"conservative buying backed by substantial cash reserves" and her children carried on her strategy after her passing.

My question today is this. If you are lending money to people or businesses, what interest are your charging them? Hetty could well have charged exorbitant interest rates, but she resisted the temptation. She stated that she never charged people more than 6% in interest on loans.

I am quite impressed with that figure. 6% is quite modest and reasonable, especially when she was dealing with those who could well have afforded to pay higher interest rates. But Hetty Green did not believe in usury, and although folks made fun of her extreme frugality, they stopped laughing when they found themselves knocking at her door looking for a loan. I think she set a wonderful example.

Thank you Hetty for being a leader and using your skills to succeed and provide for others in a jam.
May God bless your legend forever.

In peaceful productivity,

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Self Care Starts in a Simple Place

Don't roll your eyes just yet.... I know I know...some of us cringe to hear the term "self care"...but I think I am starting to clue in on the concept.

I have a little habit that I would label "self care" in the middle of a busy hectic day. I stop whatever busy work I am doing, and even if I am around other folks, I  grab a tube of hand cream and with a dab I massage my hands and nails with the thick fragrant hand cream until my hands glow. I massage the nail beds, and even in between my fingers. I make sure I massage the cream into the back of my hands where some freckles grow.

After two minutes of calmly applying cream to my own hands, taking the time and peaceful state to nourish the skin I use so ambitiously to accomplish my goals, I smile and realize I am happy. I am happy because I took the time to take a short break and take care of myself. I took the time required to value the skin I live in,  to love myself in some small and tangible way...in the same gracious spirit that God loves me.

                                                      Photo by AsliKaplan at Morguefile.com

You may roll your eyes now, or perhaps you just may dare to do the same one day.....in the middle of a really busy frazzled frizzy haired ambitious day. You rummage in your purse and find your favorite hand cream and begin your calming hand massage from thumb to pinky and don't forget the tops of your hands and between the fingers too. Are your hands glowing now?                                            And don't you just feel special ?


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Want to Know as Much about Google as it Knows about Me.

Not to be too dramatic...but have ya thought recently about how many pieces of you that Google currently owns...?

If you have a Blogger blog... ....yes that is owned by Google as of 2003.

If you have Google Home" as the home control system in your home.......you have basically given the keys to your entire home life to Google.

If you store your photos in Google Photos.....snap on.

If you do all your daily searches online using Google's search engine.... search on. ( who searches better than Google?) Btw.....do you remember when we DIDN'T get requests to "sign-in" to do a search in a Google search engine? It wasn't that long ago.

If you write and store your documents in Google Docs.......write on.

If you plan to buy a Google Pixel camera phone....again....snap on and chat on.

If you use Google maps....they know where you want to go and how and when you got there.

How many of my electronics use Google's Android Mobile Operating System ? Even if my phone is not a Google Pixel phone...it can still be "controlled and/or monitored" by Google if it has an Android operating system within it. ( some Samsung, Sony and LG phones do)

Google's expansion into our lives is not limited greatly by the general population because most of us simply do not have the knowledge or desire to stop it. We aren't plotting to  "De-Google" our lives. We aren't trying to prevent Google from gathering unlimited data about every single aspect of our lives. We aren't really afraid of Google.....yet. We haven't started forming "Google recovery support groups".

Do we care? Hmmm..... sometimes. Should we care....Hmmm...I still don't know.

Remember that phrase about "Absolute power corrupts.....absolutely"? If Google has as much social and technological power as I feel they do.....what are they doing with that power? Is that power going to be used to bless humanity or simply to profit from it? Will the folks who control Google's corporate future be able to resist the temptation to manipulate humanity?

Maybe Google itself has not yet come into a full "self consciousness"  about the "absolute" power it holds in it's smart little hands. Perhaps Google is an "accidental" power drone? May I still please stay naive? I prefer the peace of ignorance. I really do.

Maybe once we review and add a few more "Googlified platforms" to the list from the beginning of this post...maybe we will start to feel a little woozy..... a little weak in the knees perhaps.

I am little bit more pragmatic. I simply seek equality
I want to know as much about Google as it knows about me.

End point.

I know that certain levels of privacy (thanks in part to common courtesy) that we once took for granted, are gone forever ....never to return.

But are there some ways that we just really SHOULD be a wee bit more proactive in keeping some of "who we are and what we do" away from Google's all seeing EYE?

Would it make sense for me to simply start blogging in a non-Google blog hosting service?
Hmmm....maybe I could start using the same blogging site that Seth Godin uses...Typepad.

Would it make sense for me to limit the photos I store in Google Photos ? Maybe.

Should I stop using Google Chrome as my web browser? Am I willing to use a slower browser?

Am I willing to give up my searches in Google to start using Bing ( oh the horror)

Time will tell. But I would encourage you to join me....in my quest to at least attempt to
 balance the data imbalance.....Try to find out a little more about Google. Find out where she hides. Find out what she/he is doing with your data....and where and how it is storing it and selling it.
Find out more about the decision makers at Google forming the strategies for "playing" with all that masterful data we have "sent"or permitted them to freely glean from us and our devices for decades. I want to know. I need to know.... and maybe you do too..

Still peaceful,


I'm Not Lazy...I'm Managing My Cognitive Load

It is a wonderfully descriptive concept I have gleaned from the lovely Seth Godin. .....
"Cognitive Load".

"Cognitive Load" entails whatever your brain is required to do to complete a certain task.

My late brother was the creator of several "made for cable tv" tv shows in Canada. After each episode, he was physically, mentally and especially emotionally drained. He didn't always know how to put that experience into words, but I think he would have identified deeply with the idea of managing his cognitive load. Guys are not always that proficient at expressing their feelings...lol
But a solid phrase like "Cognitive load" is perhaps more tangible for some dudes to help them manage the struggle.

Tim Ferriss has also been helpful for "maledom" in putting into words the struggles of the modern male. Figuring out what tea is best served to "waking him up enough to get some work done and stay focused... along with "hacking" what sources of protein help him operate at peak functionality....like spinach, sardines...and boiled eggs ( manly yes, but I like it too")

Creative people are often misunderstood because the work they do is invisible and the majority of the burden or "work" is done within the brain and heart of the artist. Nobody sees their muses, nobody seems to be able to measure what great hidden effort it takes to create a thing of beauty. ( or at least something beautiful enough to pay the bills) Seth Godin and the frank dude/podcaster/human guinea pig Tim Ferriss have done their due diligence in bringing attention to this concept.

Mike Murdock teaches about limiting the number of daily decisions we make in order to preserve our mental and emotional energy. For example, if we choose the same hair dresser every time we get a hair cut, we have just "managed" our cognitive load and reduced the number of decisions we need to make on a regular basis. Limit the number of decisions you make in a day for personal care and Voila! you have granted yourself more free creative mental energy.
 ( btw... if you do happen to check out Mike Murdock's ministry you have to overcome the cringy hyper sales pitch...but if you can overcome that...there are some real gems to be discovered in his writings)

Putting some decisions on "repeat" will free up valuable energy to focus and complete more of your goals, whether in business or in your personal life.

Peace on,