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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 5

new beach today. new area to water walk/swim. High waves....very rocky lake bottom.
Turns out my MEC dry bag is more "water resistant, than water proof..."  because I see too many
water droplets when I unravel the folding top of the bag after swimming.

So I've invested in a waterproof small size clear cell phone bag from the same MEC. I must admit...I really just love going into that store....browsing the kayaks, the "instant meals on the run" for those who love sports and camping and adventure as much or more than I do".

The great Napoleon Hill, I think it was, talked about how "Thoughts are things" and that when you are often around people who think positively and with energetic prosperous ideas, that it affects you and how you yourself think and feel when you walk through an area. MEC has very  cool people working there, full of energy and great ideas. The customers too are like minded and understand the call of  the water.

Well, back to today's water walk. Since I  used a new area for water walking/swimming...I didn't have the same measured out area to "lap". So I just used the nearest buoys to walk/swim between.
The lake was very wavy today, so the going was slow. But I brought a trusty new floaty board with me today to help me battle the waves.

I presume that authentic lake swimmers would frown on the use of a floaty board, but alas, I don't really care. Lol.

Have you done anything wacky outside the box lately to help you reach some goals?

Sometimes, doing something extreme that other folks would call "odd" is just the ticket to the progress you are craving.

It's probably been about a month now  and I must say that......Jumping straight into a very cold lake was just the ticket for me.


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