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Friday, July 1, 2016

When Your Writing Sucks...Do this?

Bloggers, self publishers, DIY writers....we all have that moment once
in a while when we've reviewed our creative writings and thought
"Oh my...oh my (wringing hands).....my writing really sucks".

What you do at that moment is crucial.


1/ Run and Hide: Quit writing....pull your self pub ebooks off of the net, and close down all your blogs.
Stop paying those hosting fees and let your website get pulled down.


2/ Stop and Breathe for a moment....and slowly keep writing..In fact...DON"T EVER STOP .!
Admit to yourself that you are on a learning curve and on this curve you are going to force yourself to
 KEEP your LESS THAN perfect work alive on the net....while you learn and keep growing. Keep those scrappy self published titles alive on line. Keep your blogs open....worts and all. Keep that tacky youtube channel open.
Then....after you have caught your breath and survived your own ruthless quality check.......................................................
 start writing again the very next day.

Which Choice you make is yours.....but if you choose that first option....please don't cry to me in 20 years that you wished you hadn't given up so soon. Your breakthrough moment may be just round the bend.

Not all of us will have award winning blogs, or be able to quit our day jobs to pursue a full time
youtube career....but ALL of us, can keep writing and sharing what God has given to us.
Your impressions of life, your reflection of life itself is raw and pure.

I'm going to end with a quote from the epic Tim Ferris:

"If you start out bad but are incrementally improving towards 

awesome, that’s totally fine. If you’re half-assing it and 

coasting, find something else you can whole-ass." 


We treasure your honesty. Write on my brother.....we hear you sister.


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