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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Are they Going to Let the Consumer Win???

I am rather over-confident that a plethora of green energy technologies are soon going to explode upon our horizon here in North America as well as around the globe. There are already many countries that are quickly adapting their nations to utilizing solar, wind, wave, and thermal energy in a multitude of efficient strategies....

To be truthful, I have absolutely NO worries at all about the technology mankind needs to go beyond using fossil fuels for our own energy sources. In fact, I believe that the best green technology already exists.
And no I am not going to say which one I think it is or will be.
The question that will need to be addressed, is how it will be introduced into the modern marketplace and who will be allowed to win?

For example.... with today's deliciously low gas prices....today I only paid 86 point something cents per liter
for unleaded regular gasoline. This is in effect ALLOWING consumers to win for a change.

We praise the Lord for this wonderful breakthrough. Consumers have needed a cut in the daily cost of living for many years. WE finally got our Christmas present. Thank you OIL AND GAS industry!

But back to my topic. When the new greener and more sustainable energies come to the foreground and the national government is emotionally and financially ready to roll them out....who will they allow to win?
If wind energy becomes so efficient that we can power our homes on $5 per week, will they allow us to win in that way? Or will they over price the wind energy so as not to upset the lucrative apple cart that is the
"utility" industry?

You see, the stock market is proving to be quite tumultuous. Most investors are looking for a "sure thing".
Even Warren Buffet has been topping up on utility stocks, because, I would assume, they have a measure of stability because they are supported by taxes and local governments. But, I really wonder, will they ever permit real and pure MARKET forces to ultimately determine the price structure of these new green energies?

To the Powers that Be in Canada: Please consider letting the Canadian consumer win in this arena.
Let the Canadian consumers, who are overtaxed and overstressed, win in this new and upcoming green tech challenge. You can let foreign investors pay a higher price for our green energy....but please let us wonderful Canucks pay a juicy low price ok?

Ask and you shall receive ")

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