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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another Possible Reason for the Recent Low Low Gas Prices

Just thinking aloud once again....no need to overeact...in fact by about now you should be getting used to my random musings.

But ok, this is the first time, I have ever experienced a really radical low descent of publicly available gas prices. Therefore, it has been refreshing, as I mentioned some days ago, that market forces are actually directly affecting the end user prices for us "lowly" consumers. I had almost given up hope that market capitalism could ever actually work in our favor, but then BAM! a beautiful gift of low priced gas for Christmas was just what the doctor ordered.

Ok, so onto my point for today. We all know that the "green tech revolution" is building up steam worldwide. Some countries use so many sustainable and renewable energies that their dependence on fossil fuels has decreased by over 50% in the past 10 years. It is a revolution indeed.

But remember, my friends, that the world is not just run, on fuel, but on funding. Oil and gas money has propped up economies for so many decades that many of the "old rich" can not imagine relying on any other industry to continue to deliver them and their families wealth into their retirement years and beyond.

So, with the incredible monetary pressure of the oil and gas industry at stake, do you think perhaps that these low gas prices have orchestrated so that we won't jump ship on fossil fuels just yet?
Remember, when the price of gas was really high and seemed to climb another ten cents every couple of months, the sound of wind/solar/bio-desiel and other renewable energies started sounding really good, because frankly the pricing strategy of gas was getting to hard to swallow.

Sooooo, perhaps the oil and gas industry has orchestrated this massive "gas" discount sale, in order to convince the court of public opinion that ordinary fossil fuels are still the "only" preferable way to fuel our cars and heat our homes. Let me put it another blunt way......if you knew that fueling your car on regular gas would cost 10 times less than fueling it with bio-desiel, which would you choose?
Let's face it, most of us are still bargain hunters, but we do have good intentions. We want a green revolution, but only if it doesn't hurt our pocket books.

Any thoughts? Any comments? Do tell....

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