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Monday, January 19, 2015

80.9 Just 10 points to go...

And it's going .....going....going....
Please make it to the 70's that's what I'm asking for this week.
Just a bit of gas in the 70's range for this week....Even 79.9999 cents per liter will do.

It will symbolize for me that the "Joie de Vivre" of the 70's is back to stay.

Even if just for one measly day....it is a symbolic gesture.....yes indeedy.
One that I will trumpet with great aplomb.

Hmmm ...I was thinking last week about approximately how often gas stations actually have their tanks refilled ...
Because the price they refill the gas stations' tanks would be one set price. So then it must be sheer
commercial appeal which manipulates the daily and intra-day price fluctuations.
In our region there is a local huddle of gas stations and Costco shines with it's ultra low pricing strategy. Therefore all the other stations around it, try to compete for the other customer base who can't be bothered to wait at the "members only:" gas kiosks at Costco.
Even the really low bargain basement gas stations are posting prices at par with Esso.

I must say friends, that it is so refreshing to see pure market forces at work. It had appeared to me that with all the corporate price manipulation that ordinary consumers were consistently getting the short end of the stick. Thank You God for showing us that market forces such as 48 dollar barrels of oil can actually be passed down to us......increasing our bottom line.
Now, if I could see market forces affect a lot of the other staples of modern day life, then it would truly be a new day in Canada. How about Taxi rides? Or the price of milk? Or Grade A beef?
Competition is good. Capitalism rocks the house sometimes.


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