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Monday, January 19, 2015

"Whatever you Focus On...."

Tony Robbins said in one of his 2014 seminars
"Whatever you focus on you're going to feel".

I would tend to agree with his statement. Those who choose to focus on bad news, always find more....
Those who deliberately choose an optimistic world view, always find those hidden beauties in life that many others miss. Choosing to believe that God loves you, directs your mind and heart and emotions to seek out those proofs in the world around you that confirm and illustrate His love for us.

Be conscious of what you have chosen to believe about life. It is most certainly possible to
retrain and re-program a sullied mind, so that it thinks in new ways.
People's minds can change, when they take the time to immerse themselves in experiences and listening to cd's and speeches etc, that focus on the positive and empowering aspects of modern life.

And in case, you're rolling your eyes just about now, thinking that I am just someone with rose colored glasses....think again. I'm a realist too. But I know that from many many years of experience that I myself can choose what to focus on, what to believe and this ultimately and very effectively determines what I accept and expect to occur in  my life.

I expect good things to happen in my life....a very long and gushing gurgling rapids to burst forth.
Why? Because I have fed my heart mind and soul with God's word as well as the empowering words of thoughtful and intelligent and successful people.

Peace, productivity and prosperity.

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