Thursday, June 9, 2016

3 Easy Steps to Chop $ FAST OFF your Household Bills

This is gonna be a REALLY short pay attention.
If you implement only these 3 EASY Steps, you will IMMEDIATELY start saving money OFF your household bills:
 Start doing ALL your laundry in COLD water. Not cool water, not warm water...but COLD WATER.
This will immediate start saving you money on whatever your home uses to heat your hot water.
If using COLD water to do your laundry makes you uncomfortable, I would encourage you to run a personal experiment and do one full day of laundry using ONLY COLD water and see if you can notice and lowering in the quality of your laundry. I dare ya! Most most most people can not notice ANY difference at all in the quality of their laundry after switching to washing in cold water!


 Unplug STUFF that you don't use on a daily basis. What kinda stuff you may ask?
Well, stuff like your electric blender or your DVD player. Why? Because when electrical items are plugged in, even if the power button is "off", still drain a small electric current from your outlets ....and that constant tiny drain of electrical current is called "PHANTOM" power.
PHANTOM POWER costs you MONEY! So, anything that you don't utilize personally on a daily basis can be happily unplugged RIGHT NOW and only plugged back in WHEN YOU NEED IT.
Stroll through your home and see what items are plugged into EACH electrical outlet in your home. Is there a lamp that no one uses? UNPLUG IT! 


Start super duper shopping and stocking up on the LOCAL LOSS LEADERS. What is that you say?
LOCAL LOSS LEADERS are items that grocery chains and department stores sell "BELOW COST" in order to draw customers into their stores. They don't make money from selling those items, but they use them as a very effective method of getting more humans into their stores. The stores know that once someone is physically present in their stores, the odds of them buying ONLY the loss leader items is very the know that  the customers will wind up buying at least several other items while they are in the store. The stores know that they will earn a profit from these other items, even if they lose money from the "LOSS LEADER" items.
So what, in your local stores are the LOSS LEADERS? For us, it is totally BANANAS. Literally, bananas are a very effective high volume sales item that almost EVERY large grocery store and/or department store in my city carries. The prices are literally ROCK BOTTOM and there is even a price war going on to reach the lowest of the lowest LOSS LEADER PRICES.

So, in closing, stock up on these items...whatever they may be in your city.....
( some plentiful and very low priced well stocked items) and use them to keep your pantry full. Your family will thank you for it and your wallet will too :)

Peacefully productive,

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Is Gluten Free Fast Food an Oxymoron?

It's coming...whether you are ready or not....the GLUTEN FREE apocalypse...
Ok, ok, I'm being rather dramatic....but in all seriousness, if you or someone you love is working in the food industry and has not accommodated the GLUTEN FREE market...
....then a dramatic U-TURN is required.

Gluten FREE foods are not only a legitimate food category, it is now becoming a MASSIVE GROWTH opportunity to build up market share for those who DO NOT have a MEDICAL reason for eating a gluten free diet.
Are you shocked???

You shouldn't be. More books and research has been done lately on the benefits for
"REGULAR" consumers to adopt a gluten free diet because it simply

Why? Gluten is a complex "hard to digest" molecule that even "regular" folks can have a hard time digesting.
Therefore, when  ANYONE adopts a gluten free diet, they may begin to notice changes and improvements on many levels of human functioning.

 These improvements may include:

  • less mood swings
  • more emotional stability
  • more energy
  • Less abdominal bloating, and gas 
  • more predictable digestion and elimination
  • less constipation
  • improvements in complexion of the skin

Need I go on ? But don't take my ideas as truth....just try it for yourself and see what your results  may be.....
Only YOU can discover if a GLUTEN free diet can help you live better.

Let me know how gluten free food makes you feel in the comments below

Peacefully yours,

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Disclaimer: This blog is not intended as medical advice. The author and publisher of this blog does not accept any legal responsibility or liability for any of the ideas discussed in this blog post or any other post on this blog. Medical advice should always be obtained from a licensed medical practitioner.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Banana Wars

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that there has erupted a rather CUTE banana price war in my neck of the woods.

I suppose one might be able to trace it back to Walmart...who seemed to be the last one who sold their bananas at the juicy retail price of 57 cents per lb for the last several years.
But lo and behold, it seems that Zehrs... ( the high end banner of Weston stores)
has caught the "low price bug" and decided to join the the banana price war.

Zehrs has for many years been targeting the more "well heeled"  and higher end shoppers, but perhaps methinks that they are rethinking their strategy to match a more "realistic" shopping scenario for most
Ontario, Canada shoppers. So they've created a new and competitively priced genre of fresh produce products that can match---  if not BEAT-- the juicy low prices of the box stores.

So, for the humble bananas that they used to charge 99 cents a LB for, they are now charging only
57 cents a LB.

The "Real Canadian Wholesale Club" which markets to shop owners and restaurateurs is also in on the game and was last seen selling their bananas for only 56 cents per lb. I can only applaud.

Zehrs'  competitive pricing strategy includes juicy new pricing for English Cucumbers as well as
fresh Red Tomatoes.

Competition is ALWAYS a good thing, at least in this regard.
Thank you big huge grocery chains for helping big families shop smart.