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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What do They Mean by QUALITY Content?

Browsing through my fave Bloggers' posts and some Youtubers who earn a full time income from their Youtube spawned income, all have one of the same themes.

That theme is that they all preach the power of "Quality Content".

So.....what's that? I used to think that "Quality Content" meant it was essentially "non-fiction"
material that had been adequately researched and provable as reliable information....complete with as many bibliographical footnotes and recommended reading sections as possible. But alas, dear Carla was wrong.

This "thing" or state of being called the "net" is not a university and does not operate according to scientific formulas. But no.....what "Quality" means in terms of the internet and it's fickle affections....is a whole 'nother beast.

If modern newscasts are any indication of the current state of affairs on the net, it seems to be that
 "Quality Content" is merely anything that gets the MOST VIEWS....in a nutshell. It may not even be true or factual....but as long as it gains popularly and may go "viral"....then as far as the Net is concerned....it is high five certified "Quality Content".

I kinda wish that folks were asking for my/our opinion on this state of affairs, but sadly, that is not the
case. There is an insatiable appetite for "pop" pieces on the net and that is what gets the most views. It's like junk food for the mind. No need to hire a "fact checker" or research team. If it sounds good.....go for it. If it sells like a tabloid newspaper....then you're on the way to the races.

Hmmmmm....does this make you as sad as it makes me to type it??

Thinkfully yours,

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