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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One of the Worst MISTAKES the GLUTEN FREE Movement is Making

I'm so happy to see, yet again, that BIGGER and BIGGER corporations are jumping onto the Gluten free
Bandwagon and serving consumers like myself who are trying their best to live a Gluten FREE lifestyle.

Companies like General Mills are spending millions of good bucks to ensure that their
Cheerios cereals are 100% gluten free. Kudos! AND the Big BONUS is that they
NOT CHARGING EXTRA for the fact that they are making their products certified GLUTEN FREE.

But what disturbs me as a person, as a consumer and as a mother.....is this.
SOME companies are trying to flood the gluten free  market place with
  VERY HIGH PRICEDGOURMET gluten free items.

Eh.....err...that kinda just ticks me off! In my mind, if someone is going to "go gluten free", then they are going to have to adopt a lifestyle where  ALL their food items are certified gluten free.
 They DON'T want to just adopt ONE expensive gluten free DISH per month. 

News flash!....WE, the GLUTEN FREE NATION, eat THREE meals a day....plus snacks. Therefore, we need the marketplace to provide products for ALL OUR GLUTEN FREE MEALS and SNACK TIMES.

Therefore, i believe that the "gluten free high end high priced gourmet product" promoters
are taking the wrong tack on this movement!

As a gluten intolerant person, finding gluten free stuff to eat all day and every day is a CONSTANT struggle.
Therefore, when I bump into beautiful gluten free foods that are priced out of the stratosphere, I think
"Sigh....they just don't get it."  

NOBODY wants to pay GOURMET prices for the regular foods they eat every day. We want to pay as close as possible the SAME prices that regular foods cost, but in a "gluten free certified" kinda way.

Do you hear me? Do you feel my pain?

Thank you :) Point made.


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  1. BTW, still looking for a good source of gluten free gravy powder, as well as a plain ole can of gluten free mushroom soup....if you know of some....do tell :)


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