Saturday, July 20, 2019

Extreme Fat Farm 2

If the regular "watch your diet and exercise"theme song worked for most folks, all of us would be fit and trim as star athletes. We wouldn't be running around in oversized stretch pants and XXL tshirts.
We wouldn't be hiding from bathing suits and swimming pools and muttering about the folks who actually feel good about their bodies and have good energy.

But methinks that many of us, need an Extreme Jolt to get our bodies in motion again.

Jumping in the lake...yes literally.....provides that extreme jolt and then some. The cold wakes up, and
cleanses out the cosmic dust of the day. The natural aspects are just fun distractions from the sand that clings to everyone and everything.

The other day I saw a seagull fly with a live wiggling fish in it's beak ....the sideshow was the entourage of other gulls that came to poach his dinner.  I swoosh away the floating flying ants that dot the translucent green lake path. I try not to step on anything that doesn't look like sand.

So, what's the progress so far with the fat farm?

No weight loss yet. Like as in NONE.

I told you there were no guarantees.

But here's the good part, the good and noticeable improvements:

Accumulation of new muscle tone and noticeable firming of abdominal and leg muscle area. Skin is smoother as these muscles are being used in the water in a gentle and persistent transition. Starting to feel more "put together". Energy lasts longer throughout the day with fewer energy drops in late afternoon.What was 4 lengths is now 6 lengths of the buoyed off area. There is now Less morning stiffness of both leg and feet joints.

A "high" similar to what is called "runner's high" kicks in a few hours after the lake walks.
The positive mental and physical mega boost affects everything.....the ability to problem solve,
optimism towards life and one's own physical future. An ability to handle a little bit less sleep.

The lake drops our inner core temperature to a wonderful new low. It's like a huge RESET button is hit to the metabolism. The modern motivators Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss both are great fans
 of  dunking into freezing cold water. They loudly laud the positive effects of this temp "RESET".

Tim Ferris, if I am to understand his podcasts accurately, has installed an ice making machine in his home in order to be able to have icebaths whenever he needs that kind of "RESET". Tony Robbins jumps into very chilly water before he starts off his day to conduct one of his high powered motivational conferences.

Temperature jolts are  a new tool in my creative tool box. I  recall how being outside in winter weather often provided that jolt that created a positive mental stream, but I had really forgotten what it felt like to be in the lake and really enjoy myself.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on the names of "Kim Swims" as well as  "The Iron Cowboy".

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I Operate an Extreme Fat Farm

I operate an Extreme Fat Farm.

These are the excuses that float or don't. You decide.

Goal: To walk four lengths of the swimming area roped off by buoys in the local lake.

Excuse: It's too cold.

Answer: That's the point.

Excuse: I can't get there.

Answer: Uber, taxi, city bus, walk, push your car downhill until it starts and jump in.

Excuse: I don't have anything to wear. I haven't worn a bathing suit in years.

Answer: here's a scissors and bring a pair of your old jeans.

Excuse: I can't swim in cut offs.

Answer: We aren't swimming yet. Just walking in water. You can do that in cutoffs and an old tshirt.

Excuse: My legs are hairy and I don't have a razor to shave with.

Answer: the Fish don't mind.

Excuse: The Fish????!

Answer: They haven't bothered me yet.

Excuse: I don't have lake shoes.

Answer:Neither do most folks around here.

Excuse: But you don't guarantee weight loss.

Answer: That's correct.

Excuse: What if I catch a cold from being wet and cold so much?

Answer: You might.

Excuse: What will people think of me jumping in the lake with my clothes on.

Answer: Good entertainment.

The sometimes the beginning.


P.S. If you're looking for some entertainment that will also double as a motivational speech, try the two following biographical flicks currently on the names of "Kim Swims" and "The Iron Cowboy".

Monday, July 15, 2019

Look Out! Mom's In the Lake!

I said I would do it and I did it.

I began working on my water fitness goal.

Today was a perfect day...

So I toted along my water shoes (see photo on the left) and dry bag from MEC and my trusty sunglasses
and away I went to waddle through four lengths of the swimming area roped off in my lake..

Was I shy? Yup. Was I the only one to be walking the length back and forth....ugh..yuppers.

But if you can't stand alone to start achieving your own vital goals, who do you think is going to
want to listen to what you have to say?

When you're a kid you can get away with being needy. But when you're middle's downright
disgraceful not to be able to do stuff on your own two feet.

And so, today was the first day I walked four lengths in a  row of the roped off swimming area of the lake. I don't actually know how many  meters or feet it is...but perhaps I will measure it some day...or ask someone.

What excuses do you have to overcome before you take a few steps to achieving your goals?

My biggest obstacle....was what do I do with  my wallet when I am in the water?
So MEC had the answer.
MEC has a great assortment of "dry bags" which are super lightweight and waterproof.
I've only used it once so far....but yet it did keep my stuff dry and was very easy to tote around while playing in the lake.

Do you have a goal you have been postponing because of one small excuse?
Write down what that small obstacle is. Pray to God to show you the answer.
He always knows.

In Peaceful productivity,