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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why Are You Ignoring Garlic?

Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to blog a wee bit before the Christmas rush overtakes me. I know that with the advent of the chilly weather in many northern parts of the world, there is a rush to start stocking up on many cold and flu remedies. I see long line ups at the store for folks trying to get their hands on so many "over the counter" cold remedies and items to soothe their coughs and colds.

What I am not seeing is an embracing of my dear old friend...."raw garlic". Yes, my friend is a smelly but powerful natural wonder.  I'm not advocating that you take raw garlic when you are about to go out on a date or when you have any public social activities to engage in . I am advocating that you consider getting into the habit of taking one raw peeled/chopped garlic clover per day/night when you know you won't be in close contact with anyone for at least a five hour period.

So now that we've dealt with the pungent odor of garlic issue, let's celebrate all the good things that garlic will do for many of us humans. One of my most popular blog posts is about how the government of Japan officially recognized raw garlic as a potent aid to lower blood pressure. It has been proven.
If you have ever tuned into your own body just 10 minutes after you have ingested a clove of chopped raw garlic, you will notice that a certain calmness pervades the inner workings of your body.

So what else does garlic do? It fights germs and bacteria. I have even read about a study done in which they measured a certain number of bacteria in an open petri dish. Then they put crushed raw garlic near, but not in, the petri dish. To their great surprise, the bacteria that was NEAR the raw crushed garlic actually started to die! Very cool indeed. So, the innate natural germ fighting qualities of raw garlic are not be ignored or downplayed as "old wives tales". There is much scientific evidence of the efficacy of a raw garlic health regimen. If you want to learn more from someone "professional" just take a gander at some of Dr. Stephen Fulder's books such as "The Garlic Book".

Garlic is no longer just an "old fashioned homemade remedy"... It has come into the limelight for it's powerful properties to help fight illness, and boost immunity. Raw garlic has another wonderful side effect, and that is namely that it provides and almost instant boost of internal energy. So if you are feeling sluggish and lethargic, you may want to investigate raw garlic's ability to give you a boost of inspiration.

Peace and good will.

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