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Monday, December 8, 2014

Hold The Bun Please--- Gluten Free Dining

Well I suppose, it's not unlike any other health concern, when one has something that requires changing your lifestyle, it is assumed that the individual is going to cherish their own health to the degree that they are willing to overcome whatever shyness they might have in creating a healthier lifestyle.

Therefore, I just wanted to say, that if you intend on living a gluten free lifestyle, you are going to have to get over the shyness you may feel about requesting gluten free foods when you dine out.....as well as requesting that restaurants "hold the bun" when you are ordering a "bun-less" burger or a breakfast meal without toast.

It's about deciding to honor your own self- care even if you might face a few confused stares and raised eyebrows or rolled eyes along the way. Yes, for the record, eating a gluten free lifestyle is certainly going to inconvenience a few folks along the way. But yes, you are worth it.

Get over that shyness and the temptation to "just have what everyone else is having" and determine that you will still socialize but on your own dietary terms. If friends tend to avoid going out with you because they
don't know how to deal with your dietary restrictions, then they really aren't worthy of your own social time...are they?

Be blessed this day, my gluten free friends, in all you do and in all you eat.

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