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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Heating Your Home With A Magnifying Glass-ish Roof

Ok, friends if you're getting used to some of my more quirky yet inventive ideas....prepare yourself for another doozy.

Ok, permit me to think aloud here.... In Arizona and other hot spots in America, there are massive solar farms that use focused sunlight to produce heated oil/steam in order to operate generators that produce electricity.

Now, what if the roof of a house was built out of small yet very thick glass bricks that were concave or convex only to a certain degree. Remember how we used to see how one could use a simple magnifying glass to start a fire on a hot summer day? All you needed was a hot sunny day, a magnifying glass and something like dry dry tiny bits of wood and in no time the whole bits would start to smoke and eventually catch flame.

Well, what if the whole roof of a home was outfitted in very thick glass brick "magnifying glasses" ?
The designers would study just how to tweak the convex/concave dimensions of the bricks just so that these
brick "lenses" focused just enough sunlight to produce a warm beam of light flow directly into the home. The beam could not be focused too sharply or else it would produce a dangerous amount of fire-provoking light/heat streaming into the home. But the architects/designers/scientists could work on just that precise issue to regulate the streaming strength of the focused light beams.

What I'm talking about is directly heating a home in this manner, NOT by using the sun to produce solar energy to be converted into electricity. I'm  talking about warming your home in the same way that a cat loves to bask in the sunlight that streams in through the windows on a sunny day.

So permit me to put this out to you? Do you think this would work? Would it not be possible to
create roof top glass bricks that transposed sunlight into direct heat pouring into our homes through our roofs? To my limited scientific mind, it surely sounds possible. The focused beams of light would heat the air and the floors as the beams of light stream down from the transparent glass roof. I'm not talking about one large piece of glass as a roof, but rather....many hundreds of convex/concave thick yet transparent glass bricks joined together to form a heat generating roof. I'm guessing that the bricks would not need to be more than maybe 7 inches by 7 inches in size.

Your comments and thoughts are most welcome. My readers are a vital part of this blogging phenom.


Disclaimer: There is a fire hazard when working with magnifying glasses.Please don't try this at home unless you are using a qualified professional for supervision/design. Parents, don't permit your children to use magnifying glasses without adequate supervision. This blog is intended for conversational purposes only. The author of this blog as well as it's publisher do not accept any liability for the ideas discussed in this post or any other post on this blog. Thank you for your time.

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