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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Now's the Time to Buy Canadian Oil Stocks

Time to do some bargain shopping on the TSX if you like  oil stocks. You know that they aren't going to stay at these battered down prices for long. If "peak oil" is real and there is a measurable and decreasing worldwide stock pile of oil available in our globe, then most certainly, oil will demand a premium price as the stock pile dwindles down over the next decades.

Yes, I'm not talking about quick money. I'm talking about buying low now and holding them for the long term....like at least 5-10 years.

What are some names? Well how about Suncor? It's an integrated oil and gas company that has a corner, not only on the recovery of oil from the ground, but also on refining and it's retail operations through Petro Canada stations. It's priced as of 12/12/2014 at only $32.07 per share.
Back in November 21 2014 Suncor on the TSX was trading at a healthy 40$ per share of common stock.

And that is just one oil company...one of the better and more solid oil companies in Canada. Warren Buffet chose Suncor for significant chunks of Berkshire's cash over the past couple years. If it's good enough for Warren.....

Peace and prosperity.

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