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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Update on Soylent

I blogged some months ago about the creation of a new
food replacement system named "Soylent" which was invented by Rob Rhinehart.
I'm still intrigued, but must admit I haven't yet tried it out.
Perhaps I'm waiting for it's big release into Canada.
That's the big new update. Soylent is going to soon be available in Canada according to the latest gossip.

So that's good.
There's something so wonderfully geeky and straight forward, to be able to cut out at least one meal a day and replace it with something chemically designed to replace all the major food groups.

Now, since I am a natural girl and prefer earthy whole foods, one might be thinking....why on earth would someone like me be attracted to a powdery chemically blended product such as Soylent?
Well, as much as I am a gluten free granola, organic, wild berry picking cotton wearing earth loving gal, I also happen to be a bit of science geek,and proudly so.

What is equally as interesting as the product Soylent, is the story of it's development by a twenty something start up who raised much of his over million bucks via crowdfunding online and started mixing it up
in a nondescript warehouse straight from the bags of supplies he ordered online. It is truly synonymous with every other geeky breakthrough in that the creator, Rob Rhinehart, just went ahead and did it, without waiting for permission and without asking everyone and their cousin for their approval of his grand idea.

Perhaps there's a wee bit of computer nerd in all of us, that prefers to chill infront of our laptops and sip a meal in a bottle instead of cooking up yet another uninspiring meal.

Well, nuff about me. What do y'all think about Soylent?
To glean more data straight from the horse's mouth click here straight to Soylent's website: http://www.soylent.me

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