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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

There's Never Been A Better Time to Be a Writer.....

It used to be an exclusive club....something for college professors in corduroy blazers with fashionable patches on the elbows....to be able to say that they are an "author".

But the inner self of Indie Artists of today won't stay for that obligatory purgatory any more. They simply must write, in any form and fashion they want to....and write they will.

It's not that suddenly it has become ultra lucrative to be a writer, more so than before, it's just that the
opportunity to be heard in a multitude of different platforms has exploded.

Yes, after reading Stephen Baker's book "The Numerati" I realize that many of the content farms of the net, are simply being used by bigger forces to gather data, precious consumer and personal data that will be shaped and molded into something that can be sold to a bank or an ISP or credit card company.

But after all the worries about Big Brother fade away, there still remains my joyful conclusion
that it's simply the very best time in humanity to be a writer. Write on!

Choose any platform and choose your focus.... blog with Wordpress or Blogger, make elaborate Facebooks pages for your field, and carve out a niche with your Twitter account. If you are really obsessive about it, you might even start writing socially for Hub Pages, Helium or Bubblews.

The world is your oyster folks. Be discerning. Be discriminating. Let your platform reflect a part of what you want to say. But please don't ever be silent again. The human race is awakening..... awakening to the power of their own words .....and I for one, couldn't be happier.

Write on, dear friends....write on.

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