Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Up Your Stamina with Cold Exposure

Ok, ok, now don't jump to conclusions. I am not a fan of frost bite or anything like that.

But lately I've been pondering Tim Ferriss' and Tony Robbins praises of "cold plunges" followed by "hot/warm plunges"....Both Tim and Tony are motivational "Type A" men
and they are BOTH HUGE fans of cold plunges. They use cold plunges into icy waters to "reset" something within themselves.( see Tony's blurb about the power of cold plunges HERE.)
( see Wikipedia's description of Contrast Bath Therapy HERE as Tim Ferris podcast suggests on his
("The Random Show")

So, since we are still in the thick of our wonderfully convenient CHILLY Ontario, Canada winter, I've decided to give my two cents about my experience with similar phenomena.

For the record, I have not yet done a professional "cold plunge" into icy water.
And No, I have not gone to the store to buy ice and thrown it into my bathtub to create my own indoor "cold plunge tank".

But what I have done, is simply RELAX more as I do force myself to go out for 20 minutes walks into the chilly winter air that currently surrounds my home.I used to hate the cold, and blamed my middle age on my lack of "cold tolerance". But lately I've been tweaking my perspective. Cold can be good. Cold can help me live better and feel better. 

So, before I go outside I bundle up; I wear a fab coat with excellent winter protection. Occasionally I wear a hat or hood  to combat falling/blowing snow, because there are some days that are just sooo cold that my big hair no longer is sufficient to insulate my head ....lol.

Growing up in Ontario, tobogganing and building snowmen was part and parcel of being a kid.
My recent ponderings of "pro cold plunges" brought back to my remembrance how I felt when I would come back home from a raucous afternoon of tobogganing.
 I remember rozy red cheeks.... feeling pumped and on top of the world. Perhaps there was some kind of internal "resetting" going on then too.
I recall feeling so refreshed and energized. I recall icy blue skies and seeing our breaths as we plodded back home dragging whatever was left of our dented toboggans. Back then, we actually had a steel toboggan. I don't think I've ever seen a steel toboggan since I was a kid.

So what's my point? Maybe Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins are simply restating an obvious fact that I did know experientially to be true. I experience it again, whenever I do force myself to go outside for a very chilly winter walk. After only 20 minutes of walking in the frigid winter outdoor air I come inside and find myself feeling renewed, refreshed and yes, a definitely delightful boost of stamina and exhilaration.

Is that adrenaline? Is that my body's response to the outdoor air's attempt to lower my body temp?
Is that simply the affect of fresher outdoor air replacing stale indoor air in my lungs?
I have no idea.

All  I know, is that, being out in the cold even for a brief 20 minute walk, while fully dressed in winter garb, gives my stamina a great kick in the pants. I simply feel better.

Thank you to Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss for making it "cool" to get cold ")

How 'bout you? What gets you feeling better in the winter months?


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