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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Those Extreme Cheapskates like Victoria Hunt have Missed an Opportunity

It's been several years now since TLC first featured that now infamous
series called "Extreme Cheapskates".

I must admit, my dutch inclinations were quite intrigued by some of the shows.

However, I just wanted to make one clear comment. TLC has made tons of money ( in my opinion) from airing and re-running the most infamous episodes of these series. But where are the guests that made the show now? Have any of them figured out how to capitalize on their new found fame?

I've done several on line searches to see if any of them have published anything after they were featured on TLC and only two of them are easily searchable and have creatively profited from the time they spent on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates....and those two names would be Jeff Yeager 
who has written books and continues to offer his advice at a profit with his own youtube channel


And The other one is a feisty clever red headed gal by the name of Aimee Elizabeth
(http://www.aimeeelizabeth.net/ )

Aimee has capitalized on her fame and if you see her website above, you can see that her book
 "Poverty Sucks" is still for sale.

Aimee and Jeff both exemplify entrepreneurial "chutzpah" and have not relied on their "cheapskate" ways to simply lower their living costs. They have profitably marketed and sold their thrifty expertise to earn even more income ! My hat's off to both of you.

If most of the other guests who appeared on TLC's Extreme cheapskates realized how easy it would have been to make money off their new found fame, they would have been delighted with the extra sources of income.  For example, there was one millionaire cheapskate by the name of Victoria Hunt whose extreme thriftiness both intrigued and disgusted viewers. However, I would like to say that Victoria Hunt is missing out by not writing a simple e-book featuring her money saving methods. It doesn't cost anything to publish an e-book with Kindle other than your time. Book royalties are a prime method to create new passive income streams from new fame.
What is your opinion? Would you buy a book or go out of your way to find a book written by one of TLC's Extreme Cheapskates?
You probably know my answer, because I've already read both Jeff Yeager's book as well as Aimee Elizabeth's book.
Fame can be brief. One needs to know when an opportunity presents itself and ca-ching....
cash in on the opportunity!

Peacefully productive.

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