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Thursday, January 5, 2017

What does President Elect Donald Trump and Bernard Kelly have in Common?

There are some practices and/or daily habits that successful people have in common .....because
as Tony Robbins says "Success leaves clues".

So are you curious? Bernard Kelly, by the way, just in case you don't recognize the name is the gent who has spent all of his working life working for McDonalds and amassed a fortune and wrote the book
entitled " Flipping Burgers to Flipping Millions".

On page 64 of the above named book, Kelly describes a daily success habit
"Every day I read the financial pages of at least one major newspaper".

I have read and/or skimmed through a couple of books that Donald Trump has written and I apologize for not knowing which precise book/paragraph to quote, but I recall specifically enjoying reading about how
President Elect Donald Trump actually has made a determined point of reading major newspapers on a daily basis, and if my memory serves, i believe he was referring to consuming up to 10 major newspapers on a daily basis.

Why do i like writing about this? Because Tony was right. Success does leave clues. What works for
President Elect Donald Trump and Bernard Kelly will work for you.

And yes, you may have to stand alone. I am the only woman I know who goes out of her way to find and read a current copy of the GlobeN Mail. Which section do i gravitate to? The business section.
Why? Because, again it must be said that "Success leaves clues" and to quote an another oldy but goody
"Knowledge is power". If you make it a habit to seek out accurate and current knowledge you will see that you become more empowered to succeed.

What we read is CRUCIAL in determining what we become and what we will possess. 

Peacefully productive,

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