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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Top 10 Natural Digestion Aids

Top 10 Natural Digestion Aids

  1. A good strong cup o' Coffee
  2. I liter of clean water per day minimum. ( room temp or cold is ok)
  3. Walk round the block.
  4. Chewable Vitamin C ( ask your licensed medical practitioner for recommended amount)
  5. Raw Garlic ( peel and finely chop one clove per day.( take in the evenings before bed..if you can handle swallowing the small bits with liquids.)
  6. Fresh Homemade Carrot Juice
  7. Probiotics... in capsule form or in foods that have been enhanced with probiotics such as yogurt.
  8. Berries and grapes
  9. Vitamin D--ask your licensed medical practitioner for recommended portions.
  10. Some form of healthy fats/oils such as first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil used normally with cooking

Note : Disclaimer: The above list is not intended to treat, cure or prevent illness and is intended for conversational purposes only. The producer of this blog as well as it's author take absolutely no liability for any ideas presented in this post and the entirety of this blog. Medical advice should always be obtained from a licensed medical practitioner.


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