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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bio Fuels here we come!

Since I was a wee  one, I've had an interest in sources of energy. My highschool had me touring a nuclear plant....yes, a real one. It was most compelling and educational.
Now, I take it upon myself to learn about the new forms of sustainable energy that are being created at a heightened speed.
I just recently learned about Jatropha oil. It is a large plant that will grow easily in even poor soil, and it produces very large seeds that contain up to 40% oil! That large oil percentage is what can be readily turned into bio-diesel and mixed half and half with regular diesel can be utilized  easily in a high perfomance diesel engine.
Then, there is the interesting new technique of taking discarded fallen coconuts from the ground of a tropical zone  and expelling oil from the coconut's to produce environmentally friendly coconut oil. It is a beautiful sight to see. I recommend an introductory entry level documentary entitled
 "Green MATTERS, what in the world is going on? BIO FUELS" created  by www.filmideas.com

Then there are the modern mavericks who rig up an old bus that has a diesel engine and travel across North America using only recycled restaurant grease to power their bus. They mastered the technique of purifying
a variety of  "used" cooking oils such as Soy, fish oil, and palm oil and simply pour the filtered oils into their bus's diesel tank.

How wonderful. Wouldn't it be great if some day we will drive up to our local fueling center, and similar to a drive-thru, be able to choose our "favorite" fuel flavor for the day as easily as choosing our favorite ice cream cone?

Then there is the idea of hydrogen fuel cells that have zero emissions and can create fuel out of simply air and water. Biomass is also a compelling idea, with the availability of using almost any waste product as a fuel source with which to produce electricity for the masses.

It is truly an awesome time and season to be alive. Inventors and scientists, I salute you, and encourage you.... we are soooo close to a radical paradigm shift in the society of modern man.

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