Wednesday, May 1, 2019

FANG Stocks

So if you like the stock market, you've probably heard about the stocks known
by the acronym: FANG
which represents, if i am correct....

Facebook  (FB)
Apple        (AAPL)
Netflix       (NFLX)
Google       (GOOG)(GOOGL)

What do you think of each item on that list?
One thought I had today, is that which would you describe as predominantly an "app"?
If I really reduce each stock down to it's bare bones, I think that yes, three of the above on the list
began their economic journey's as App-based companies.... yes, software based entities.

The only company on this list that is not known predominantly as an "app" is  the company
known as "Apple". (AAPL)
Apple's brand is associated with its hardware even more than it is known for it's software. It has a beautiful blend of both in it's unique  niche market. I find it amazing to note that as of today's market close, Apple's market cap was at $946.2 billion dollars. That's almost a trillion dollar valuation. Wow.
All four companies on FANG list have multi billion dollar market caps. Incredible chunks of the worldwide economy. It is not only Americans who have vested interest in these enormous economic they are a global phenomenon.

Well that's all for now. I do so enjoy just thinking aloud with you.