Wednesday, April 24, 2019

White Noise Works for People Like Me

Other than an irritating ad at the start of the video.....I really do love this kind of white noise.

It is for my ears, what a "fidget" is for my hands.

I don't understand the science behind it. All i know is that my mind feels more peaceful, yet occupied and when I am listening with headphones to this white noise, I feel better able to focus on my task of choice.

What kind of audio really helps you achieve maximum output when your mind feels distracted for no reason?

Do tell,

Sunday, April 21, 2019

what Do I like?

I've officially reached middle age this year....and sorry I'm not gonna tell you just precisely what my age is. But with this season of life comes a need to clarify just who and what I am all about.
I have discovered that I like certain things and that also seems to deeply affect what kind of tv I watch.

I've noticed that I seem to always be attracted to big fish gleaning operations. I don't really much appreciate seeing folks catch fish for sport or even one at a time for eating.. No way....I like to watch fish being caught by the hundreds in nets or fish wheels. Sometimes I wish I was native so that I could legally use nets locally to catch fish in big numbers. A white chick like me can only legally catch fish with a rod. Sigh...

I like seeing people process huge quantities of fish...and string them up in smoke houses or drying racks. I think of the legendary Verna Oller, who was a kind of "undercover millionaire" stock market investor who made an hourly wage by filleting fish up to her 70s. ( for a glimpse of her story see : )

   I just like seeing people store up food for the year ahead. I like seeing people being able to feed themselves or their pets with food they caught or trapped or canned. Many years ago, when I was newly married, we had an Italian neighbor who canned tomatoes in the summer. She would grind the tomatoes in a gadget in her garage. I was transfixed.

I love watching how Andy Bassich, from the show "Life Below Zero", even learned how to make his own bullets in order to lower the cost of hunting even further. He showed how he uses a gadget to fill the bullets and bend them into shape. Then he uses his homemade bullets as he hunts for dinner....for pennies.

So, I suppose it goes without saying that I adore the series now featured on Cottage Life channel
by the name of "Life Below Zero."

I like seeing people hunt down a moose or caribou that will feed their family for months. I even admire the somewhat gory task of how they clean and tan the hides ...the raw animal skins left over once they process the meat. The skins are used for clothing for vests, or blankets or rugs or for trading or earning cash on the side.
I like hearing people talk about how they love providing for their families. Humans take great pride in providing well for the needs of their loved ones. I love seeing how folks use the skills they learned from friends and family to hunt down nature's bounty and use that bounty to feed themselves without needing much for money for raw materials or supplies.

I love seeing people happy and productive and being social without a smart phone glued to their cheek. I love seeing people being patient and gentle ....taking the time, however long it may take to teach the ones they love a skill that can be passed onto the next generation.

For the very first time in my life, last year, I bought a fishing license. I caught one a whole year. Was it a bargain......nope....but it was worth every penny because I lived to tell the tail that is.

What is it about catching a fish that so compels me? Is it a weird fear of hunger that makes me want to be able to catch dinner at a local dock? Is it my inner "coupon queen cheapskate" that feels I've won an award when I figure out how to find cheap or free food? Perhaps....but I've decided I shall not over analyze this zealotry.

It is a joy. Perhaps this year I shall buy myself a brand new fishing rod. Perhaps I will catch a shark....hmmm.... methinks that sharks don't inhabit Canadian lakes. But hey.....
a gal can dream.

Dream on kids, dream on.