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Friday, February 8, 2013

Old Fashioned phones...NO BATTERIES!

I was looking into the availability of old fashioned CORDED phones. Yes, I did say "Corded"!
Oh the horror!
But seriously, in the event of a power outage it makes sense to have an old fashioned phone available to plug into your regular home phone line, that does NOT require electricity or batteries to function.
Yes it will be ugly, and yes it won't be cool, but it just may save the day when your batteries die or you have an electrical outage in your area.

Walmart in Canada carries these kind of simple phones from between $12.99- 17.99.
If you are tired of spending too much money on rechargeable batteries, or tired of searching endlessly for a misplaced cordless phone, I'd suggest considering the old fashioned route. Note of course, that without batteries you won't have call display and other fancy features , but it will give you communication with the outside world in an emergency.
The manufacturers of the phones I looked at on the Walmart websites state that these phones will run well during a power outage because they utilize the limited power that runs through normal phone lines. How cool!
Uniden makes a very affordable one that was selling through Walmart stores.

Sometimes there is peace and joy in simplicity and cost control :)

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