Friday, August 14, 2020

Differences in Christian Music

I enjoy great Christian music. Such a blessing.

I've noticed over the years and just wanted to put into words a subtle difference between two different types of Christian music.

There is one kind of Christian music that is rock like. It doesn't change much. It stands solid over time and often has scripture woven right into the verses. This kind of music is not affected much by how or why the singer or musicians are performing it. It holds it's own. I feel that the lyrics please God and that they encourage the Believer because the words echo the truths hidden in God's word.....the Bible.

The second kind of Christian music is much more emotional. It seems to change over time and depends on who is performing it. It seems to blow with the wind and it's delivery is very much dependent on who is singing it and who the instrumentalists are. It also seems to be much concerned by the wardrobe or "stylishness" of the person or persons performing the song. There may be a light show going on during the performance, to add a somewhat "disco" type of flair to the performance. There is more of an emphasis on the "show business" side of the song. 

It is the second kind of music that sometimes worries me....why? Because God is rock like. He does not change. His Word stands strong matter what is going on around me or around the world. Sometimes the second type of music brings glory to a human being instead of to God.

So sometimes you may want to be discerning about what kind of music you rest your ear upon. What you listen to may affect how you look at life. I prefer to look at life in a straight forward and yet creative way. I may dance through life, but I need God to be that solid rock that never moves. Sometimes it really helps to have music that echoes that solidity.

Do you hear what I'm trying to say?


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Knowing How to Be Well

It would seem like a "loud" and very obvious gift....a skill that folks would name and carry around as a label. But I seem to notice that those who know how to be "well" live rather quietly. They rarely boast about their exploits. They rarely boast about how few meds they take and how they have cured or prevented major illnesses in their own lives and those they love. They know the herbs, they touch the soil..

Do you know how to "be well"? Just curious. If you do, you are truly a blessed person. You respect that "sanctuary" in which you live....your human body. 

Perhaps you have figured out how to use certain strategies to maintain your wellness. When perhaps you feel a little cold or something odd coming round the bend towards your wellness, you know what quiet and unobtrusive steps to take to recover, prevent severe illness and finally......present wellness.

You see, our bodies are somewhat artistic....they do not shout their message in neon lights or flashy signposts. No, our bodies sometimes wrap our symptoms in riddles and mysteries, so that only those who can be trusted with the answers, can sniff out the remedy. But our bodies do speak....volumes. Sometimes we listen....sometimes we try to silence the order to get some things done, no matter what we are feeling. I understand....I know that modern life can be demanding.

But know that your body will speak to you, and you must respect your body's voice. Slow down....walk slowly ...listen to the birds chirp...appreciate the whiff of summer trees swirling in the breeze. Calmness, quietness.... a gentle smiling sigh.

Please be patient....and yourself.

Peace out,