Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Boredom Speaks

Boredom Speaks....she is rude and lacks conviction.

When a person is bored of the reasons may be because you have forgotten those inspiring spiritual instructions that were intended to spur you forward.

Riding a wild horse is a scary thought. That's what it's like to venture into the unknown....even if you are convinced that this is God's will.

But if you are probably haven't pushed far enough friends. Give yourself a new chance to find excitement by doing or researching something you have never considered before.

Is there a dream you have neglected for years? Was there something that you know you were meant to do....but you forgot about it in the midst of busyness?

Your dreams and inspirations are vital in keeping you moving toward God's best life for you. Risk one step forward.



Monday, August 3, 2020

Whose words light up your Brain?

hat old book can u just not get enough of?
Which author sets your brain on fire?

Yes food, yes ....wear clean clothes....and if u want to...put on some makeup. But don't forget about the food that feeds your mind.

Warren Buffett admonishes his students to acknowledge that we only have one mind to take with us through life. So, he says that we need to take care of our minds as a precious lifelong gift. He makes an excellent point.

Not every author is "wrong"....but few are wise. Too many books do not warrant the paper used to print them. Too many books add confusion rather than clarity.

Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich" is a treasured paper back in many homes. The Bible is a book unlike any that i notice that the more i read it...the more i realize how great it's depths are. It has a limitless well of thought provoking and mind clarifying power. No need to be modest about such a majestic book.

Anywho, what are you reading today? Anything that inspires or intrigues your love  for a great challenge?

I've never really cared for folks who declare loudly that they just "tell it like it is". They lack the art of being able to draw someone into a mystery. Life is a wonderous mystery....with twists and turns and riddles and poems. 

No boxes here. Just compelleing thoughts, dynamic teachers and thinkers and entrepreneurs who aren't afraid of the unknown.

Peace out...a book is calling.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Retail Respect

There is one action .....a concrete example of excellent customer service i have noticed lately.

I have experienced this numerous times from a certain financial services company. I won't mention their name because that is not my purpose today. Whenever i call this company with a question or request ...i notice that when the conversation is over...they wait for me to hang up the phone first. They literally never end the call first. That may sound like a very small gesture...
but it speaks volumes of  respect for their clientelle. 
Does your business serve the public? Are your staff closing the door hastily when the sale is complete? Or is there a more gracious exit that says to a person that you respect them as a person and not just their wallet?

peace out,