Saturday, April 4, 2020

I Would Trust Them More if They DID THIS

yes, yes, I was ranting a bit yesterday....but hey's my blog and I can rant if I want to.

So, today is a new day and I am still processing this new "reality" that is afoot in my beloved country.

Is capitalism going to die in Ontario for the next 18 months?

Are all kids in Ontario going to learn online for the next 18 months?

Are all government and health care workers going to get paid even if the institutions they work for are shut down for the same 18 months?

I notice that most, if not all Ontario local parks and national parks are closing. Are all those parks and rec employees going to be paid while the parks are shut down?

Is the government going to turn all these fine hard working Ontarians into               "government handout beggars"?

The conclusion I came to yesterday, is that I would profoundly trust the politicians and health "experts" who are shutting down workers and businesses in this province if they Offered to do this one thing....WHAT ONE THING?  If they offered to go without out pay until every single business was allowed to reopen in Ontario. Why? Because only then would they begin to feel the same sense of dread that the rest of Ontarians feel when faced with this wacky provincial shut down that is being forced upon us.

Yes, that is ALL that it would take to even out the playing field. You wanna shut down capitalism in Ontario for the next 18 months?? Well, go right ahead, BUT then you must surrender your government and/or health "expert" paychque until we as a whole province re-open for business.

You politicians and health "experts" can live off your investments and savings or wind up accepting government handouts in the same manner that you are telling the rest of Ontario to do.

The CERB pays 2000 cdn dollars per month to those who lost their employment due to the virus.
 That money is not a gift. It is an apology.

Why do people apologize? Because they know that they are doing something that is going to hurt....a lot of people.


Monday, March 30, 2020

Another Word on Garlic

Those who are wary of garlic will for sure not even bother to continue to investigate it's properties and heroic powers. But those who find it's simplicity and strength compelling....please do read on.

Today I was reading once again from Stephen Fulder PhD's and John Blackwood's book entitled
"Garlic.... Nature's Original Remedy".

Specifically I am going to quote directly word for word from Pg 30 the first paragraph:

"Yet, if one examines them carefully, a pattern does emerge. Firstly, garlic helps digestion and elimination. Edema and swellings are caused by poor functioning of the kidneys, or by poor blood circulation, which garlic also helps ("it clears the arteries"). It acts against various kinds of inflammations and infections, including ciughs, respiratory problems, and even tuberculosis ("spitting of blood or pus"). It is an anti-toxin for poisonous bites and stings and it kills internal parasites. It gives energy; we have already seen that the Greeks and Romans regarded it as a general tonic. "

Soooo... there you have my friends and colleagues. Written from the lips of a doctor.

I highly recommend his little book "Garlic.... Nature's Original Remedy"    so that you can explore the different thoughts the two authors have and all the vast research they divulge in such a tiny book.

As I've mentioned before, it was easy to order online....just google it.
Kind Regards,

Sunday, March 29, 2020

This Works For Me

Big Fat Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am not qualified in any way to give any kind of medical advice. Please get medical advice from licensed medical professionals. This blog post is just for conversational purposes and is not intended as any kind of advice or recommendation.

Now you understand that I am not liable for speaking what works for me:)
 Permit me to share what has always, for the past ten years, worked for me in strengthening my immune response to illnesses that were trying to slow me down. The simple item that I take often, is just one raw clove of garlic, taken after socializing (yes the scent is unpleasant)  with water.                ( of course I peel the skin from the clove first before chewing it). Truth be told, sometimes swallowing the garlic is so unpleasant that I shudder grimacing from the "ick" factor, and gulping cool water as quickly as i can.
By the next morning, the scent of the garlic will have abated and the raw garlic will have done some work. It seems to strengthen me, reduce puffiness in my face, and help me combat whatever illnesses are stalking me at the moment. I have also noticed that certain skin blemishes have healed over several weeks or even months of regular raw garlic intake.  The energy boost is quite quick for me, but the blemishes heal gradually over time.
I can not count how many times I have used this simple trick. And yes, raw garlic is a feisty item. If I get a piece of raw garlic trapped in my teeth, it can actually feel like it is burning the inner cheek. But, since I am not allergic to garlic and can handle the somewhat unpleasant experience of chewing one raw clove of garlic at night, I can handle this method. It works for me.

The bonus, is that the cost of raw garlic is currently between one to three Canadian dollars at any local grocery store. If I want to spend a bit more then I splurge on some organic garlic bulbs.

From what I have read, there are certain chemicals that are released when garlic is chewed or crushed, that are NOT available in cooked or fried garlic.

I have also taken to talking to my relatives about my experience with it and even bought a book about garlic to give a fresh"outsider's" perspective on it. It is named "Garlic ...Nature's Original Remedy" written by Stephen Fulder, PhD and John Blackwood.
You can find that book for sale online.

Well, that's all for now, have a good day,