Saturday, March 7, 2020

More Time Indoors

yes, i do believe this season of virus is temporary....but in the mean time, what to do when
you or your family is cocooning indoors?

  • Books,
  • audio books,
  • Scrabble anyone?
  • painting the interior of your home....a clean coat of paint lifts everyone's spirits eh.
  • talking to one another
  • more laundry then you ever thought possible
  • youtube has a huge volume of valuable sources of information which can be selected based upon  your field of interest. M.I,T has free online courseware with top notch professors and classes.
Wishing you a blessed productive time while you may be in seclusion.


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Corona Sites

For the past few days I have been hunting for the best websites to determine what is currently updating in the "corona virus" world.

Here are the links to the two that I have viewed most recently.

I hope you that you all will do your own due diligence to find those sources of factual intelligence and updates that are most relevant for your particular location.


For Ontario, Canada only:

Wishing you wisdom and grace as we humans make our way through this global health struggle with God's help.