Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Does your Neighbor Qualify?

We all have neighbors. They may live down the street, across the hall, across the fence, down the path or up the hill.

Near or far, we all have neighbors.

What I wanted to talk to you about today is this. If you have a life goal.... are you protecting what you are trying to do from the prying eyes and ears of unqualified neighbors? Do you feel the need to share with all your neighbors all current updates on your steps to accomplish your goals? Why?
Why do you feel obligated to tell folks anything that does not concern them?

Just because someone happens to live near you, does not mean that they are entitled to access a live stream of your life. You are in charge of your life. Your goals are set by you. You decide who has or gains access to your life.

 I hope that you test people before you give them the privilege of access. People need to qualify for your friendship. Being discerning about who you permit into your confidence is going to help you build a healthy fence around your life. Those kind of fences are necessary.....they keep the good in....and the bad out.

Please be careful and guard your heart, your ears, your mind....and yes, your mouth from those who do not qualify for access to your life.

I am not suggesting in any way, that you should be rude or unkind to your neighbors. No .
In fact, the bible advises us to live peacefully with our neighbors because they live near us.

But living peacefully with your neighbors does not mean you need to give them a key to your home or to your life. Protect your privacy. Protect your goals.

There may be seasons of life during which you need to withdraw from certain social circles, so that you can accomplish your self-set life goals. Don't lose your focus for any reason. If folks think you are a snob because of your extreme focus.....who cares? Focus is not something that you can afford to let go of.

You will only retain your focus if you protect your life from those who do not qualify to share it.

Peace out,