Saturday, January 25, 2020

Harnessing your Atmospheric Memory

When I was probably 12 years old or somewhere around that age, I recall spending a youthful moment skipping rope in my driveway with a friend. i remember what I was wearing. I remember the feeling of the weather and the sound that the skipping rope made when it hit the driveway.

It's amazing the memory power that we humans have.
Sometimes we need to harness that innate memory power and put it to work to support our life goals.

For example, let's say you have a goal to accomplish in the field of science and it would really help you to be able to recall from memory the entire periodic table of the elements , complete with the atomic number, mass etc.  Well, you could find an audio recording of the periodic table somewhere online or perhaps create your own manual recording on your smart phone of the facts and figures that you are trying to commit to memory.

Then what you do, is put that audio recording onto a loop and listen to it, as background sound throughout your day whenever possible. With today's wireless headphones, it is virtually limitless as to when and where you can listen to audio recordings. By simple "mindless" repetition of the data you want to import into your brain, you are taking full advantage of  your atomospheric memory. You will learn without any effort on your part, other than the effort of the decision it takes to press "play" on your audio device. Yes, it may also take some time to find the right recording of the data that you are trying to impart to your brain, but that is part of the cool challenge. Hack your brain.....take that part  of you which doesn't want to learn anything new, and set it on "auto pilot mode' through simple auditory repetition. Try it and  see how well it works for you.

With this method, you will commit to memory large sums of knowledge. This is one way to overcome your "monkey brain" as Tim Ferriss calls it.
May God bless your life goals, and empower you to maximize your potential to learn in this season of your life, \Peace out,

PS. By the way, Youtube also has a function through which you can easily set a video onto a loop, so that you can listen over and over to the same video through your day. Apparently this tool doesn't work on a smart phone, but it does work on a laptop or PC. Simply go to the video that you want to set on a loop, and skip through any ads that appear...and then simply right click on your mouse and a menu that contains a few choices will appear on your screen. "Loop" will be in the drop down list. Simply click on it and voila, your video is now on a loop.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Invention Inspired by my late Mom

My late mother used to have  a certain style of magnetic soap holders hanging in the family bathroom. I am pretty sure that she bought them in Europe. Basically, Mom's version consisted of a metal prongy thing to insert into your fave bar of bath soap, which you could then hang from a magnet that was attached via a plastic holder onto the shower wall.

So, I thought, why don't I try to make one myself? So, with only a magnet and some Gorilla brand construction adhesive and a bottle cap squished into a bar of bath soap.....Voila! I created a DIY copy of what my mom used to be able to buy somewhere across the pond.

This is a very inexpensive home project you can make yourself. The only thing, is that you want to be sure that the bottle cap does not wind up in the hands or mouths of children, as it is a choking and/or scratching hazard.

All you need is the following list of simple items and soon you will be able to hang your soap up and away from the sink, so that it can dry properly between uses, instead of melting in a messy glop on your counter top or sink rim.
  • magnet from the hardware store (note: the magnet doesn't need to be really strong, as it will only be holding up a bar of soap, so stick with smaller size rectangular magnets that are no more than 1-2 inches long and no more than 1 inch wide)
  • metal bottle cap from your fave glass bottle.....squish the bottle cap firmly into the topside of your fave bar of soap
  • some kind of adhesive that you can use to glue your magnet to the underside of a cabinet.

Note the reason why the bottle cap has green painters tape on because I don't yet fully grasp copyright law when it comes to displaying branded company logos.  Note that when you actually start to hang up your soap onto the magnet, there shouldn't be anything obstructing the contact between the metal bottle cap and your magnet. Therefore, the painter's tape is coming off as soon as this blog post is complete. I hope you get a kick out of  making this DIY gadget as much as I did.\Peace out,\