Friday, September 27, 2019

Why Would Humans Want a Recession?

I find it bizarre, how humans sometimes crave bad things, in the same way that they like to watch a horror movie.

Why does it feel like some folks actually want the economy to fail? Is there a clandestine conspiracy carving out a market for a recession that they can financially profit from ?
Hmmm. Yes, there are short sellers. They are poised and waiting for the proverbial snit to hit the fan.

Yes, and then there are the political big wigs that just like to watch a political figure fall in the midst of an economic recession so that they can blame the recession on him or her.

What are your thoughts? Warren Buffett speaks well of recessions to a certain point, because his company is able to purchase more quality companies at bargain prices in an extended bear market.

How about you? Are you indifferent about the economy? Or are you relishing the tragic film noir that is an official "Economic Recession" so that you can buy  investments for cheaper prices or do some skillful short selling? Perhaps you have already predicted the next recession and already hedged against it or invested to profit from dropping share prices or rising bond rates.

Oh vey, I must admit, I find the whole unfolding drama that is our markets and economic climate to be quite compelling education and entertainment...all at once.

Well, my dear readers, be well, be well prepared, and kick up some good profits this week.