Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Tree-planting drones hope to fight deforestation

Shucks....I thought I had come up with this idea...but looks like many many other humans

already thought of combining the cool utility of free flying remote controlled drones, and the ultimate

green "fan" practice of tree planting.

From the looks of the several youtube vids that are easy to find on youtube already created for your viewing looks like the "tree planting drone" industry is well on it's way.

It won't be long before the whole technology will be maxed out in terms of precision and effectiveness and cost cutting measures.... Do you agree?

So, since I can't lay claim to any of the glory of marvelous green invention...I want to propose a few questions to the companies and individuals who are currently  working on tree planting drones for commercial, humanitarian, or personal reasons.

Words are free....sort of.. So I might as well spill a few.

A few questions:

1/If tree planting drones are flying around remote locations "shooting" tree bullets straight into the ground, can the drone ensure that these virtual tree "bullets" are not hitting humans or live animals on the way down?

2/ This question is inspired by some of the youtube comments I have been reading on the various

tree planting drone videos. What is the success percentage of these "tree bullets" actually surviving

out in the "wild" without any kind of supplemental irrigation of fertilizer?

3/ I heard that the cost per "tree bullet" can be as low as 30 cents U.S.

    Does that include a "natural" brand of tree seedling that is selected  based on it's natural habitat?

Or is it a possible "danger" of tree planting drones, that far too many tree seedlings of  just one kind of tree "such as a red maple" will proliferate through large swaths of the earth, thus crowding out the natural biodiversity that is "normal" in most forested areas?

4/ Will the companies that are planting trees in such a "cool....yet stealthy" manner.....are they going to obtain the proper permissions and licenses to plant these trees when it  may be difficult to enforce or trace the source of certain seedlings? Would some nefarious tree planting drones (operated by malicious humans) use these tree planting drones to, for example, plant an agressive invasive tree species into a highly prized "haute couture" crop field? Wouldn't a farmer be so distraught to find some large trees that he never personally planted suddenly popping up and taking over his dragon fruit or avocado orchards??

5/ Can we protect the 'tree planting " drone industry from those GMO seed companies that may try to monopolize this new technology for their own financial gain? Is it too late?

Well now that's enough questions for tonight. Thanks for listening by the fire.

Peace out,