Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Basic Human Wage?

There is a work among us humans...a force or persuasion which dictates that there must be a better way for folks to have enough money to live on without being forced or expected to do jobs they hate.

I don't recall really the name of this movement, but it sounds something like this:
a "basic human wage" which we would merely receive because we are human. No other requirement...just our humanity.

I was watching some kind of film about UFO's and aliens on Netflix today and the film spoke about how much of Nikola Tesla's work has been forever lost because for the simple reason that he was in financial straits once he died, and those who were owed money took his stuff....lots of very valuable research and writings and discoveries. All that valuable stuff that those people took from his "estate"
was stuff that could have been useful for humanity.

Money issues rob people of more than just their can steal the very gifts that they are trying to give to humankind.

What would you give to the earth or humanity if money was no option?
What would you sing?
What would you create?
What would you give?

I pray that money will never be an obstacle in your life and that you will always have enough money to fulfill God's beautiful will for the incredible gift of life that is yours, in Jesus's Name . Amen.