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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gluten Free At Starbucks

I must admit, I do like the occasional cafe from Starbucks. Yup, the prices are high, but the ambience, not to mention the unlimited wifi, are great perks. We have a couple of Starbucks that have been built in my city over the past couple years and I couldn't be happier.

So, back to gluten free items at Starbucks. So far, I have discovered two items which are usually in stock at Starbucks which are gluten free: Peanut butter cups and Kind Bars. Make sure to verify that these are the 100% gluten free ones. I do so enjoy the really dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Rich and delish!

I also just discovered today that Starbucks is rolling out a new gluten free breakfast sandwich, which I don't know if they are rolling it out to all their locations, but I certainly hope so!
Here's a description of it's unveiling :Starbucks new Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich

Bon Appetito, my gluten free friends!


Ps, If you want to contact Starbucks directly to verify which gluten free items are available in your area....here is their  Canadian website:  Starbucks Canada

On their USA website there is a toll free customer service number
displayed on the right hand side of their website: Starbucks USA



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